Hillary Clinton Thinks You're A Moron

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If you listen to Hillary Clinton's words, she's a friend of the "little guy" and an enemy of those big mean pharmaceutical companies and banks. Yes, that's right, this woman who was paid $250,000 to speak at an event for one of the major pharmaceutical organizations is apparently an enemy of the pharmaceutical industry! Not only that, she's the #1 presidential choice of the pharmaceutical industry and the big banks too. I could use some "enemies" like that...

I wont beat around the bush, she's lying, and that should be obvious to anybody with half a brain. Now what kind of person boldly tells lies to millions of people? We normally call them politicians, but there's a better word for them, psychopaths. Out of the millions of people in the US who are eligible for presidency, Hillary Clinton is one of the absolute worst choices. If we were even close to a democracy, she wouldn't even be running, she would be in jail.

Then there's this idea that since she's a woman, women should vote for her. That's literally sexism, that's prejudice based upon sex. I'm all for a woman president, but we should have one that actually embodies feminine principles, you shouldn't just elect someone because they're a woman. That's just as sexist as voting for a male president because they're a man.

Because of the painfully obvious hypocrisy of the mainstream candidates, people are now becoming interested in the so-called "outliers", primarily Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Now Trump is a billionaire celebrity who became famous largely by acting like an egotistical buffoon. He's just like Clinton in the fact that his words and his actions are two entirely different things. Apparently though, there's plenty of people who believe this guy who got rich by doing things like outsourcing jobs to Mexico and China, is now going to fight for what's best for the "average American". There's another thing that should be a huge red flag for everyone, he's blaming a minority population for the country's problems. Does that sound familiar? It should, it's a standard manipulation tactic of fascists everywhere.

Then there's Bernie Sanders, whose words and his actions at least appear to be aligned. However, he's a socialist and he makes no secret of the fact. Now your government is almost always the greatest threat to your own freedom, and socialism gives the government even more power. See the problem? If you actually have a government that's "of the people, by the people, for the people" that's not such a bad thing, but that's not the government we have, and I'm very cautious about Sanders, even if he does have a history of opposing the banks. As screwed up as capitalism is, there's plenty of example of socialism being far worse.

So, like every year, there isn't a single candidate that really represents the American people and there's people hard at work making sure it stays that way. You have the choice between various rich elites... and a socialist. There's hundreds of people who would make far better presidents, but you will never even hear their names mentioned. Hopefully that changes soon, as people's dependence upon the old media fades and people realize what a powerful tool for change the Internet can be.


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Bernie is a DEMOCRATIC socialist.

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You missed the Democratic part of Bernie's platform. The exact same system as Denmark, Holland, Norway, etc, Scandinavian countries, & much of Europe.
Scandinavian countries are the happiest, most satisfied countries in the world. It is not a political system, but economic.
Please check it out, it is a very important difference. And, if you do, please amend this article to reflect the real system.Sanders supports.
Great article otherwise.
Thank you.

I don't understand why people

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I don't understand why people take offense at calling Sanders a socialist, he certainly makes no secret of the fact. Democratic socialism is socialism, it's not some new thing. It's what socialists, apart from the Marxists, have long advocated for.

I don't think it's Sanders himself, but the people who support Sanders who are trying to re-brand socialism in a way that's more appealing to the American people. Of course, there's plenty of Americans who think socialism is the same thing as communism, so maybe the fact that most forms of socialism are democratic in nature is some big revelation...