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Written July 20, 1995:




I see it on the horizon,

hiding in the sunrise,

hiding in the sunset,

every day coming

a little bit closer,

and I am so puzzled!


It is not that I didn't know,

it is not that I didn't think of it,

it is just that


if you had never seen a tiger

or a picture of a tiger

and then you saw a tiger in the garden


you might run for your camera

screaming out

that is the biggest cat I ever saw!


but if someone had told you

what a tiger looked like,

and then said, well,

the tiger will be coming soon


but you'd never SEEN one,


you might sit by the flowerbeds

watching day and night

jumping at every shadow,

only to wonder

is that the tiger coming now?


Faye Hall


                            Blessings, Astreia