How to Hear God for Yourself - Heavenletters

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God said:

You are always close to Me, as close as close can be. Only in the world can it seem to you that We are closer or further apart. How you feel makes all the difference in the world to your life. Of course, if you feel abandoned, that doesn’t feel good. It feels much better when you sense Our closeness. Even if you don’t believe in Me, and you doubt Me, don’t think well of Me, would there not be something for you to gain in coming closer to Me?
If We were talking about chocolate or cherries, wouldn’t you prefer to have chocolates or cherries close by, available to you?
Look at the new equipment that the world has given you so you can talk to those who are on the other corners of the Earth. Think of all the ways you now have to communicate. Of course, you have to purchase them as tools. With Me, there is no need for purchase. I am free. You might say that I come with the territory.
Born to Earth means We, you and I,  are automatically connected. We don’t need a hook-up. We are already hooked up. Our communing does rely on your ears. You can imagine putting a little ear phone in your ear or a snazzy big one if you like, or, even, one of those old-fashioned big horns. Of course, you need nothing, yet, if you want, you can think of receiving My thoughts magnified a thousandfold via a loudspeaker. What ultimately works is your pressing your heart to Mine. In truth, Our hearts are conjoined.
It is no big deal for you to hear Me. If you can breathe without thought about it, you can hear Me without effort. The only way you can hear Me directly is without any effort. Nature does not struggle for a branch to bear a leaf, does it not?
A rose bush doesn’t exert itself to bear roses. A toe wiggles without strain. Life is self-propelled. As a child, you grew an inch without exerting any effort. Think of all the processes that your body takes care of without your putting forth any effort or thought. You do not grit your teeth in order for your platelets to renew your blood or to have your natural hair-color to be what it is. And if your hair is to become gray, it does it by itself.
There are not just certain occasions when I speak. Consider My speaking like a hum. I am humming all the time. You can pick up My undifferentiated hum at a subtle level and grasp it into the differentiated sounds that you know as language. You can pick up a sense of My love as well. The hum I hum is of love, and you can know My love first-hand.
Beloveds, even if you are an atheist, you recognize the word God, and you have an inkling of a God Presence. You could not renounce God unless you had something to renounce!
In life, you make motions. I am always at your side, and I can be heard. You can hear Me. No matter who you are and what you consciously may think, pro or con, there is a yearning to hear Me. Hear Me then. Only you cannot tell Me what to say. Hearing Me isn’t deliberating what I say. Listening is listening. You can at the very least hear a rumble of what I say. My vibration is love. And you can well vibrate to the twang of My love. You can be a clear slate who hears an echo of My love even when you don’t catch every word. I am such a familiar hum that you may overlook Me. You have always been in earshot of Me.