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Message from El Morya. By Mark Stearn.

22nd February, 2011.

From El Morya:

Greetings my friends,

Adonai in the light. We have great regard as we witness each one of you adapting to the incredible changes now happening across the earth. We admire your resourcefulness. You are proving how you are emerging better all the time now for the powerful growth that you are experiencing as your individual IAM presence becomes ever more an aspect of your day to day ventures in earthly life. The galaxy is expanding. Earth is being activated into her fifth dimensional light field.

All of these incredible changes fully alters your consciousness all the time. You are growing in harmony with the earth as she accepts the new earth into her bosom. The Earth is calling for healing at this time and her ongoing shifts and adjustments are becoming ever more immediate. Soon you will find yourselves at a point of no return. Earth is fully integrating her higher light body and she is empowered through her various supportive grids.

The Earth has now entered the fifth light. This is what I mean by the point of no return. We have so much compassion for those who are awakening at this time and we know that you also share this gift of compassion for those who are now beginning to find their way in the new exciting galactic neighbourhood. As we have said so many times before and as you have heard numerous times you are in a world now that is never the same again. We think you are doing so well as you shift and adjust with your changes and ride the wave of ever expanding change.

A new bridge has been constructed between the new earth and this earth. It is being grounded through the light fields of all on earth through the intercession of the collective IAM presence of humanity. Many are simply aware of being in a process while are unable to put a name or a word on what it is that they are experiencing. Earth has now entered this bridge and her many galactic bodies are fragile at this time as she adjusts to the higher frequencies.

This is the point of no return. Do not worry i shall not repeat this again. The third dimension is breaking down. It can no longer hold together as it's old hollow shell of forgotten dreams. For those who are awakening now the shift is most uncomfortable as we move beyond comfort zones. There is a yearning to play out the old habits while forever knowing that they no longer work. Earth will continue to travel into the higher dimensions where all is well. We cannot say how long this shift will take we are simply glad to be able to tell you that there is much support that can open for the changing earth through being more in the vibrations of the great multidimensional neighbourhood.

Remember that yes these are challenging times. Do not forget to keep it light. This is most vital. As a result of this outlook you feel more connected and it is when we are connected that the heart feels most content to simply rest and play. So there you have it blessed friends. There is much in this message that is being reported on also by other sources and you already know all that IAM saying here however it is nice as you no doubt agree to have a reminder. I love you all in the highest esteem for your ongoing bravery and commitment. Adonai to your hearts.

In love, I Am yours,

El Morya.

Blessings, Mark.