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You are continuing to move forward towards your moment of awakening, and on inner levels you know this, which gives you the strength and determination to keep doing so despite your doubts and anxieties.  Your Father’s Will is that you awaken into the divine splendor of Reality — your eternal Home — and there is no other will because all life, in all its myriad forms, is one with Him and shares His Will.  The only difference is that in your separated state you are unable to see the whole picture, and it seems to you that there is a multitude of conflicting wills out there causing fear and mayhem.  Have faith in your knowledge that in the illusion all is most definitely not as it seems: you are journeying Home, and nothing can prevent or delay your arrival.

Put your attention on your desire and intention to awaken.  You know deep within yourselves — where you remain eternally at one with each other and with your infinitely loving Creator — that everyone is maintaining that same intention because no other is possible.  As you intensify that focus you begin to catch glimpses, albeit brief ones, of the loving intent that others are holding, even though their actions and attitudes as humans living in the illusion may appear to be completely at variance with that intention.  What you see and generally experience is not Reality.

Reality awaits your awakening expectantly and with complete confidence.  As you struggle to wake up, the illusion continues to distract you with pain and suffering, and the traumatic experiences this supplies causes your doubts about your Father’s Love and Will for you to return to disturb you again and again. Each human, living egotistically (as most of you do) in the illusory reality in which you have these experiences, desires at the deepest level of her being to return to the blissful peace that is Oneness with God.  Every one of you has that heartfelt desire, and the intent that goes with it, and supports it. However, the egotistical state that you have made and are experiencing in the illusion seems to demonstrate to you that you are each separate, individual beings, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

For eons this illusory state of being has convinced you that you all have different desires, abilities, and agendas, and that consequently you cannot and should not trust one another.  This has led to interminable disagreements between you and to the resultant wars in which you attempt to achieve your conflicting aims.  The illusion has succeeded extremely well in proving to you that that no one is worthy of your trust.  Nevertheless, over the last few hundred years more and more enlightened ones have taken human form to show you that these attitudes are untenable and can never lead to the peace that you all so desperately desire.  And over the last fifty years very many of you have come to understand this, enabling much more compassionate attitudes towards one another to be developed and demonstrated all across the planet.  Despite the betrayal, deceit, and corruption which remains endemic worldwide, and on which your media constantly attempts to focus your attention, enormous changes are taking place that will bring this state of affairs swiftly to an end.

These changes have been divinely ordained to ensure that you awaken from your illusory and unhappy nightmare into the glory of Reality — the state in which you were so lovingly created and in which you have always existed despite appearances to the contrary.  You were created to enjoy eternal bliss, and you have very briefly explored living in an imaginary and non-existent state where all that God has given you has been hidden from you and been replaced by separation, suffering, and confusion.  It truly is an imaginary non-existent state that serves no useful purpose because it effectively denies the existence of Love which is the divine state, the only state in which all that has been created can and does exist.

Illusory non-existent realities cannot be maintained, and this is being constantly demonstrated to you by the ever-present growth continually turning to decay all around you.  The illusion is to end; you have exhausted yourselves supporting and maintaining it, and your exhilaration when it dissolves, permanently, will be eternal.

With so very much love, Saul.