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March 27, 2011
Hello everyone!

During this unprecedented time of finally moving forward, yet another update is warranted, as we are almost anchored into the new and still in transition so to speak.  Although my prior work is now over, this recent validation to our experience I felt was again warranted, as this is a very special time and we are almost near a pivotal point of new and eagerly awaited change in many of our lives.
During periods of equinox alignments, the days and nights are of equal length.  I can remember standing on specially designated points at ancient ruins during this day, seeing the sun on my left and the moon on my right, both at the same points in the sky.  The experience of balance and neutrality was indescribable.  It is during an equinox then, that energies can "cross over" and move about, as there is no uphill or blockage prohibiting this movement, but only a straight and flat road.

The equinox of March 20th did indeed create this experience.  And as always, there is a window before and after when this movement begins.  We may have suddenly felt waves of creativity, where we had so many ideas that we could not possibly imagine implementing them all.  This is common during an equinox, and know that these ideas were not all meant to be implemented .. they are arriving simply because the energy is moving.  We may also have found all kinds of things suddenly in our space .. from the past as well as the future .. as much of everything was able to move about freely during this time.
We may have experienced insomnia, as we were about to cross over into a new space, and for various reasons, before we do, it is very common to lay awake during a large portion of the night.  After we land, we may then experience the opposite .. which is a strong desire to sleep while we are rebooting and integrating.
The equinox was meant to create the movement.  But the arrival of new light is something entirely different.  And as always, things are moving right on track.  Recent earthquakes are arriving in order to re-align the earth so that it will be poised to receive this light.  These earthquakes began a year prior, but because there was still so much fear and strange ego and arrogant based behavior with the inhabitants of the earth, this process was stopped until things could be re-examined in order to provide a new plan that would hopefully remedy this situation.  Ultimately, because so many 'lightworkers' said they had indeed had enough, along with the many attempted 'fixes' not generating their desired outcome, we are once again moving forward no matter what is occurring on the planet at this time.
So then, these recent earthquakes and earth movements or openings, are arriving so that the earth will be poised to accept the new light that is due to arrive in April.  In small increments, we are indeed finally experiencing change.  We may find ourselves being supported where we had been left dangling before .. all in an attempt to make sure we are right where we need to be when the light arrives .. and as always, we are divinely protected at all times even though it may not have remotely felt like it in recent years and months.
Heart pain, lung ailments, esophagus, and upper back pain are our own individual experiences of readying to receive this light .. just as the earth is having her own readying experience.  As our hearts open then, they break apart and move old energy out, thus creating inflammation around our heart area.  And this is what manifests as unusual pain in these areas.  But as always, it is best to consult a professional health care practitioner if one is experiencing a health problem, as not everything can be attributed to our spiritual evolutionary process.
Experiencing great loss also creates a heart opening, along with a new residence into a higher vibrating reality, and as promised, this is what my new book is all about (making progress, but delayed from the transition brain fog!  Will notify everyone on the elist when it is indeed ready.  If you wish to sign up, kindly write to me at the address below).
Although the recent earthquakes are occurring as preparation for the new light (and moving us on our axis is part of this preparation), they have important lower level by products as well.  When a soul leaves the earth through the physical death process, many times it will set up quite a scenario upon parting, so that there will follow its passing, an opportunity for change.  For instance, a soul might be ready to depart and decide to leave via a drunk driver related auto accident so that attention can then be given to drunk driving and all related to it.  The nuclear situation then, in relation to the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami, is a similar example of this.  This intent is to draw attention to alternative forms of energy, as the Gulf Oil spill failed to do.  It seems that human beings must be affected, or rather that this planet must be hit more directly where it hurts, before change can occur.  But this is why many of us have now been set free, as we now watch the end times from the sidelines (a lot about this in the book as well).
In April then, more abundance will come for many of us, as we will be showered with higher vibrating experiences and much goodness when this new light arrives.  And for those who have retired to the sidelines, our magical lives will indeed begin to manifest in ways we have waited for, for far too long.
Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life during these miraculous times,
Karen Bishop
P. O. Box 15196, Rio Rancho, NM 87174
www.gamabooks.com  (currently under construction)