~Keep Calm~ Solar Wind at 745 Wow New year Engeries Com'n at ya 12 January 2014

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Mostly noticing the elevator effect. Lots of vibrating. Some energetic hooks trying to play dramas and personalities off kilter. The funny thing is I saw them coming. Stay calm that was the message!
Got the Buddha Belly going on and way too tired to exercise. New energies in the solar plex going on.
Like a "Kryon" video someone posted where he said lock in me in the closet, and slip the food under the door so funny but true statement that is what it has felt like.
The Northerners are in their caves this time of year anyways. I want to do something more fun than shovel snow! Hah!
Keep Calm Mantra of the day~

http://lightworkers.org/blog/194701/keep-calm-solar-wind-675-wow-new-year-engeries-comn-ya  Updated Wind Speed Applied