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This Leo Full Moon …is a very active Full Moon.  It is very intense with a hint of chaos, anger and LOVE!

As we all know…the energies right now are very urgent, intense, chaotic, a bit volatile, and disruptive. And they have been intensifying over the last several months…activating changes/transformations in both ourselves, the collective, and governments throughout the World.  During these turbulent times… people are a little on edge, anxieties are flaring, and most of us feel like we are totally exhausted….even when we have had plenty of sleep.  Our bodies are trying to incorporate all these unusual energies…..at times bringing in the feeling of being over whelmed.   Notice how these energies are playing out in “real life”…your own life…the political “life” and the World “life”.  Even after the election…..there still isn’t a lot of solid ground to stand on.  Many People in the United States (and all over the world) are still creating or absorbing the energies of division, hate, anger, chaos etc. and in order to heal ourselves, our communities and humanity…we need to start defusing these energies.  We need to watch the energy we surround our words and actions with and concentrate on the energies of calm, peace, unity, Love….all while smiling. This Leo Full Moon is perfect for the energies that we are currently in and to help move us all into the higher energies.  This Leo Full moon is about Love and about coming from the Heart and thinking with the Heart!!  We need to concentrate on this.  It is time to start lightening up and play!

The gift of this Full Moon in Leo is that the energy of Leo is about coming from our Hearts,  having fun, enjoying  yourself, being creative, laughing, playing, honoring the child within……. regardless of the changes  that are happening  around you.  These energies are revolutionary (Aquarius Sun,) and transformative (Pluto in Capricorn) but they are also about Love (Leo)!    We are still in the “Shift”…..in times of great change…and everyone can feel it!  There could be added drama, or added love…especially in all relationships!! These changes and Transformations are actually helping us and all humanity to evolve….make sure you are in and sending out the energies of Love. 

FULL MOONS ARE WHEN  the tides are high, and feelings are flowing. Full Moons are known to be time periods of climax….when we decide that enough is enough!  Full Moons are a time of releasing. It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working.  Go deep into yourself, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you…..especially in the areas of Love and all types of relationships.  What and who are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating?  What blockages have you put up that you need to release…..so you can be in a positive relationship.  What relationships (romantic, work, family, friends, groups) are no longer working for you? What do you need let go of?   Release!!

THIS FULL MOON IN LEO IS ABOUT   love, play, creativity, and the ability to come from the Heart.  It is about self-empowerment, appearing as “the big Heart”, having fun, and being sparkly while becoming the Shining Star!   It is about putting our Heart into our passions and becoming the Leader that has a big heart!  Thinking with the Heart!  This Full Leo Moon is all about relationships….there could be major developments in all relationships!  For some it could be the beginning of a new relationship.  For others it could bring about the ending of a relationship.  For some it could be a Mother/Child type of relationship, or relationships within groups, work, governments, and structures.  All relationships will be touched by this Leo Full Moon!

WHEN THE FULL MOON IS IN LEO…THE SUN WOULD BE IN AQUARIUS   as all Full moons have the Sun and Moon opposing each other and right now we have 4 planets in Aquarius and at the end of the week…Venus is going to move into Aquarius!  That is a lot of Aquarius to go along with this Leo Full Moon.  It is a time when we can feel a push and pull type of energy as the two opposing signs (Leo and Aquarius) try to move more into balance.  Balancing the Me with the We!  Especially around Love and the Heart!  This current World is so out of balance…..

With the Aquarius Sun we have the energies of group consciousness, our tribe, community, humanity, futuristic thinking, etc….shining brightly.  This Full Moon is also about integration of higher consciousness (Aquarius) into your daily life (Leo) and how you have an impact on all humanity (Aquarius and Leo). Leo is the sign of the individual and Aquarius is the sign of the tribe, community and humanity.   The universe is accenting the fact that everyone is equal (Aquarius) and no one person is better than anyone else (Leo). Leo is about romance and love within a relationship and Aquarius loves all in the community/humanity….and honors their individuality.  The Aquarius Sun is asking us to share that Love/Heart energy with our tribe, our community and humanity.  We all have gifts (Aquarius) and no one’s gifts are better than anyone else’s (Leo)…..and when you respect everyone’s gifts, even if you don’t resonate with them……we become a highly intelligent community that honors all humanity!

This Leo Full Moon – Aquarius Sun is emphasizing…Love (Leo)…and Community (Aquarius)!  Love of community/humanity….that includes all people, regardless of what group they might be affiliated with, what nationality they are, what religion they are, what government party they may follow the most (in any country), etc. etc.  In other words when you say something, that isn’t actually coming from the heart (negative/hurtful), and you direct it at a certain group of people…..then you are actually sending that energy to every single person in that group (men, woman, children), even the ones that don’t take part, or don’t deserve it!  The Energy in our words (our Words with energy attached to them) is very strong….and when you say “all or everyone” of a certain race or religion or political party etc …you are sending that energy to all of them…even the innocent ones that don’t deserve to have negative energy sent to them.   That is activating/magnifying the energies throughout the World…making them even more chaotic and volatile then they need to be and putting people into fear!.  This Full Moon in Leo (Sun in Aquarius) is saying that we need to watch how we speak to others (individuals and groups) and what energies we are sending.  Because coming from the Heart with Love needs to be sent to everyone!  We need to shift this energy from hate, anger, etc….to Love… for Everyone and All Humanity….or the World may never recover!  We can voice our opinion in good energy and then honor everyone else’s opinions and surround them all in high energies.  This is a hard concept to achieve….but we are being given all the help we need at this Full Leo Moon (and beyond)….we just need to ask!   Meditate on what you need to release….and then Manifest how you can help bring about the high energies of Love to Everyone…throughout the World.

A LEO FULL MOON IS ALSO A TIME to play and have some fun……enjoy yourself!  It is a time to surround yourself with loving people and ways in which you can share your love.  Leo brings out the divine child in all of us.  This is a time to be with friends…. or become involved in a creative project that brings you joy.   This Full Moon can be powerful and illuminating.  Stand in your own bright light, go into your heart and radiate joy!!

Leo is “happy” energy, and it is about the “Big Heart”.   The Heart, which is the new mind…..thinking with the Heart!   The Heart is about Love.  Leo is warm and generous…and those who embody the higher energies of Leo, come from the Heart.  Spiritually, Leo is about living from one’s center, one’s Heart

Leo energy is also about creating……and your ability to create your future. We are in the process of co-creating the “New”, and this Full Leo Moon is giving us the extra energy to focus on releasing all the old (rather we like it or not), so that we can build the “New” on a more solid platform.  This is not easy work and can be a little scary and chaotic at times.  Watching the old fall and leave…. is part of what happens when you are co-creating a “New” world, and a “New” you!!   Meditate on this and ask what your part is in it.  Ask your guidance to guide you in co-creating the “New” you and the “New” world.   Ask your guidance to surround Humanity and the World with Peace and Love, as the “New” is being created!

Remember that creativity isn’t just about art…we can create in many different ways…art is only one of those ways.  Creating a memory…creating fun…using your innocence and curiosity to create joy! Creativity thrives on love and comes from our Heart. Leo energy can also take us on a journey of “Self Discovery”. Watch out for the grayer energies of Leo….those of entitlement, greatness, being a leader that has no Heart, not sharing their goods, and out of bounds ego. Use the positive and inspiring energies of Leo, to bring about more love and creativity. Remember…Leo is also about the simplicity of childhood….honoring the child within you.  It is time to play, have fun, be spontaneous, and fall in love all over again. Listen to the wisdom of the child within you.

AT THIS FULL LEO MOON WE HAVE AN INTENSE FIXED T-SQUARE WITH…The Aquarian Sun sitting with Saturn and Jupiter….opposing the Leo Full Moon…and both are squaring (friction and stress energies) Uranus/Mars/Black Moon Lilith in Taurus!!  Fixed energy is a little stubborn, unresponsive and not wanting change!  Then put the energy of the individual planets in this energy and you have quit an intense situation that can become a little volatile at times.  I will try to briefly explain each group’s energies below.

  1. The conjunction of Saturn/the Aquarius Sun/Jupiter! The intensity is not only strong leading up to this Full Moon, but the days following will be even more intense and amplified by Jupiter. JUPITER (master teachers, higher learning and higher spiritual learning, travel, gypsy energy, joy, expansion and international things)..is sitting next to the Aquarius SUN (our life force, ego, our core energy and where we shine bright)…and SATURN (rules Capricorn, integrity, no lies or secrets, government, corporate, father figure, discipline, structures) they are saying:… Saturn is saying that we need to follow some rule and a few things need upgraded.  It is saying that we need integrity and respect around our structures and make sure the focus is on the people!…..  Jupiter wants to expand the good, and bring in the higher knowledge and some joy…with a focus on International things and wisdoms, philosophies and optimism…and the Aquarius Sun is emphasizing the People again!  It is also emphasizing thinking outside the box for new and exciting things, seeing the big picture and how that looks for all humanity…


  1. Then we have the conjunction Uranus (the tribe, community, humanity, thinking outside the box, constant of change, sudden things happening) and Mars (the warrior, the pioneer, staring things, passion, anger) both in Taurus.(beauty, creative, stubborn, money, home/land). They are both squaring (friction/stress) the Aquarian planets talked about above.   They are saying: this is like adding fuel to the fire!  Mars can trigger events and Uranus is famous for things happening out of left field… in unusual ways and suddenly! 


  1. Then group #1 is opposing (balance) and #2 is squaring the Full Leo Moon…the Moon being in Leo and trying to bring in the Heart Energy.  I talked a lot about both Leo and Aquarius energies and meanings above…..  Remember though that the planets sitting with the Sun and squaring the Taurus planets can bring about a challenge to that Leo Moon!!    Leo…Me having fun!  Aquarius the group having fun! 


WE ALSO HAVE A CARDINAL SQUARE AT THIS POWER FULL LEO MOON    Below I am going to briefly describe the Cardinal Square (which consist of Pluto/Venus squaring Eris)….so you will have a better understanding of the energies.   The Square energies are about friction and stress….these planets are not getting along very well!  They are about transformation….and transformation isn’t easy…if it is easy…then you’re not doing the work

  1. PLUTO (transformation, evolution, natural shamanism, Earth Spirituality, sex, death) in Capricorn (government, structures, corporate, CEO’s, military, integrity, no lies).  Then sitting with VENUS (love, attraction, money, beauty, creativity, sensuality our values)!  This indicates that there could be some passionate changes for the good of humanity…for the good of the Government/corporate America etc.  with Venus in the picture…it could have to with changes in love relationships…very passionate love or passionate break ups,    They are saying:… that the accent is on the transformation of your Soul and the Soul of the Earth and all humanity,  Pluto does not care about Ego, what kind of car you drive, how much money you make etc., it only cares about your Soul, and it demands integrity and respect for all. Venus is focusing on relationships ALL relationships.  Also on our Values and the Value systems having to do with our land and the government. Then put in the big picture that these 2 plates are squaring Eris!


  1. ERIS (chaos, discord, jealousy, wild card energy) in Aries (the warrior, crusader, the initiator, action, the pioneer, ego).  Squaring Pluto and Venus …. So Eris is in Aries and is saying… that we need to make some changes now. We need to have courage and be the pioneer that will take action.  This energy can be a little volatile at times that can contributes to collective chaos. 

STAY OUT OF THE FEAR....and panic so we don’t intensify these already very powerful energies.  Focus on higher energies, more calm and peaceful energies.  Try and defuse the chaotic, fear, stressful energies that these powerful aspects are and will continue to make over the next several months.  We are strong…we can do this!

MERCURY IS SLOWING DOWN AS IT GETS READY TO RETROGRADE.  Mercury is also in Aquarius and is slowing down for its first retrograde period of 2021. It will encourage us to re-think what it is that we are speaking, writing, thinking and what the energy is that we are surrounding our words in!    Take it slow when communicating on all levels.  The energies will be very strong during this Mercury retrograde!

IT IS TIME WE REALIZE THAT WE ARE NOW ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN  a collective shift….much larger then we realized.  We each have a role in this collective shift…..Meditate and ask….what your role is… not only in your own personal shift…..but the shift of the collective.

We are being given a lot of Love at this Leo Full Moon…lots of ways to use it and to release the “old” ways of love that no longer work.  We are being given a lot of Love because it will take an unusually lot of good love to shift things right now.

The Universe has given us everything we need…… and tells us everything we need to know to be able to use these wisdoms…..for all humanity…..if we will listen!   It is time for us to share what we know….no one is better than anyone else and we all have something important and transforming to share with someone!  Listen and share with compassion!

 It is a time of things being put right in our faces….right in our faces when it comes to communicating and sharing our knowledge……while we demand integrity and respect for what we share! 

There are lots of energies to work with at this Leo Full Moon…. as we continue moving forward in our Evolution and the “new” that we are co-creating!  Remember…Growth is rarely easy and creativity is born out of Chaos! 

AT THIS FULL LEO MOON.… we also have the theme of seeking Freedom and independence

 (Aquarius Sun)…..in both how we express ourselves creatively (Leo Moon) and through our work situations.  Or you may be trying to avoid controlling situations….so you can see situations that don’t vibrate where you vibrate.   You may find yourself doing some “shadow” work during this Leo Full moon with the powerful Cardinal & Fixed Squares as the back drop!  Except it….and know that you are now strong enough to face those “Shadows” and begin to “heal” them!

This Full Moon is focusing on the power of Unity.  We are learning to balance community (Aquarius) with individuality (Leo).  Being and honoring Community……while honoring our individuality.   We are all One……it is time to embody this message!!!  It is time to unite instead of divide.   It is time to bring a balance between speaking our truth about our needs and priorities…..while honoring in an effective and loving way the same in others.

During this Full Moon release what is no longer working.   Release the old to make way for the new.  Think and meditate on everything the Universe has given you, all the knowledge and the nudges…listen!  Ask for guidance on what you should release.  Focus on coming from the Heart at all times.  The “new” is about thinking with the Heart !   Take time to play and be happy.  Party….have some fun and romance.  Find the child within you and spread the Joy!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. 

 the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 
Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2021 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.

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