Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans Summer Session Schedule

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To register, please visit http://flyingrainbowlasagne.com/online-course.html



June 17 class begins

week one: Lesson 1 The Chakras

Lesson 2 The Shape (of everything…) The torus and its significance

Lesson 3 Time A multidimensional perspective of time

Lesson 4 Organic and Inorganic Beings


June 24 week two: Lesson 5 Mastering the Mind (with meditation)

How to Die Well

Lesson 6 The Inner and Outer Worlds

Lesson 7 The Rainbow


June 29 first videoconference

July 1 week three: Lesson 8 The Singularity

Lesson 9 non-Religious Christ Consciousness

Lesson 10 The Flying Rainbow Lasagne and DNA


July 8 Week four:  Lesson 11 The Merkaba, Flower of Life, and Flying Rainbow Lasagne

Lesson 12 Energetic Anatomy and The Sun

Lesson 13 Sungazing, Kundalini, and intentional timeline shifting


July 13 second videoconference

July 15 Week five :Lesson 14 Ascension

Lesson 15 Intentional use of Energy

Lesson 16 The Death Journey

Lesson 17 DMT and Cannabis


July 22 Week six: Lesson 18 Galactic History and

Nonphysical self defense

Lesson 19 Resolving Duality

Lesson 20 The Future and Beyond


Final videoconference July 28


Please note: videoconferences may be rescheduled in order to accommodate the maximum number of students to participate, so the dates are open to change; additional conferences may be scheduled dependent upon student interest



The first semester of Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans was a great success, so I am presenting the same course again as a six week summer session.


Students of the course shared a journey of expanded understanding, which led to various experiences: for one student, it was an awakening to her star heritage, for another, the information in the course prepared him for an ayahuasca ceremony, and for another student, it was gaining empowerment in the struggle with negative thought entities. 


As a teacher, I had the experience of watching how people's viewpoints can shift in response to new information, and formed truly valuable connections to fellow travelers on the path of soul evolution.


So, it is with joy and great enthusiasm that I again send out this invitation to the cosmic ball where you will learn how to dance like a Flying Rainbow Lasagne!


The summer semester will be comprised of intense information blasts of several recorded one hour lessons each week, interspersed with several live videoconferences, and with continued feedback and support in the online Q&A.

Please see the schedule for the exact details.