A Light in the Darkness, Part 1: Caroline Aguiar

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By Caroline Aguiar

Since March of 2013, after a tangle with an unfriendly energy, I’ve experienced a great change in my overall perception of the world around me, and especially in the unseen realms.

My greatest obstacle in moving forward after I was clear of the attached energy was fear.  Little did I know then, I had opened a door which was not destined to open as soon as it did.  It was the door to my true path, only it opened prematurely.  Unfortunately, I was not ready for this in reference to my level of spiritual maturity, and knowledge.  At first,  I suddenly felt as if I was thrown into a pack of ravenous wolves, unti I realized nobody did anything to me of the sort.  It was I, who threw myself in.

As a result, for many months I lived in fear of everything.  Night time was the hardest, and I remember many times when I lay in bed, crying into my pillow while completely frozen in fear.  My incessant need to control my every thought, and to analyze everything I experienced of a spiritual nature only brought forth more confusion, distorted beliefs, and more fear.   For a while I held onto the belief I could climb out of the dark hole by analyzing everything when actually, I was only digging myself in deeper.

Every day, I prayed for assistance.  I asked my Compassionate Allies to show me how to help myself, without being at the mercy of fear; my ego mind.  It was then through Theta Healing with Jennifer Farley, that I began to openly communicate with my Feminine Soul Self.   As some of you have read here on this blog, this is the same girl who showed me the visions.

She showed me many other things as well, much of which I haven’t written about until now such as where she’s from (my true origins) or the topics of our frequent discussions during the night, and well into the early morning hours.

My Feminine Soul Self consistently helped me become more aware of my actions, many of which I was oblivious to before.  This included taking better care of my physical body, which also houses our soul body.  The food I ate became a top priority for me especially when it came to eating too much red meat, and not enough fresh fruits, and vegetables.  My daily intake of water increased dramatically, because water cleanses, and replenish our physical body, which allows it to release toxins, and impurities which are harmful when accumulated.

My awareness of Gaia, and what she truly represents increased as well.  It’s one thing to say, Gaia represents all life, and she lives inside every living creäture.  Yes, this is true, but when we experience this knowing, and incorporate it into our daily lives, everything takes on new meaning especially when we become acutely aware that everything we receive from her provides us with all we need to live, and to thrive.

My Feminine Soul Self helped me realize this, and more.  Every single morsel of food we put in our mouths, whether it’s a tiny peanut, or a juicy T-Bone steak, Gaia provided because these things were born from her. They grew from her whom, and we must show our gratitude for the life-sustaining gifts we receive from her everyday.  That said, I now give heart-felt thanks to Gaia, and bless my food before I eat, or drink anything.  I’m also a vegetarian, and I’m moving forward with every effort to take better care of my body.

I’ve also discovered through communications with my Feminine Soul Self that without even thinking about it, I judge people, and criticize them.  How often do we pass someone on the street, and in a fleeting moment perhaps a subtle thought passes through our mind such as, “Oh, that dress doesn’t look right on her.”, or “Wow, that guy needs to go on a diet!”

When my Feminine Soul Self calls my attention to these thoughts, I’d say to her, “But I’m not like that, I’m not a mean person.  I would never  intentionally say something to hurt or offend anyone!”  And she would give me one of her serious, “No’s”, and say, “Yes, you are like that because you thought it, and if you thought it, you said it. Therefore, you meant it.  It’s the same thing”.  I was astounded at this statement because I knew she was absolutely right.

Although we’ve read continuously about the power of our thoughts, and theoretically we understand the meaning behind it, if we’re presented with the opportunity to really learn about this subject through personal experience, I’d say jump at the chance!  I did, and immediately, I began to understand through close up, and personal experience how the intent of our thoughts, once projected at someone or at something become reality.

When we become aware of the energy behind our actions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions which we project towards others, or at our environment, its shocking when we notice many underlying issues, and false beliefs we still harbor within us.  Suddenly another wave of ‘stuff” is up for our review, and release.

As I observed my thoughts, I noticed they weren’t always of a positive nature.  They consisted of fear, criticism, and judgment of others, but mostly of myself.  We, humans tend to mirror each other, and I soon learned to catch myself immediately after the thought crossed my mind.  My Higher Self would also catch me at it, because she would send a feeling of annoyance to me in my heart chakra, and I knew I’d done it again.  I also learned this was my mind’s attempt to control my way of being as it had done so my entire life.

Fear, self judgement, and unworthiness are the mind’s mightiest weapons against us, but they are also a protection mechanism which tricks us into thinking we are safe inside our little box, and hidden away from the big, bad world.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow for the inner growth or learning we need to advance spiritually.  Therefore, if we chose to do so, we stay at a standstill, and we continue to live in fear, and confusion.

How do we control our every thought?  We can’t. Each millisecond of our day through our sensory perceptions, our thoughts, and experiences, we are constantly thinking, but, this doesn’t mean we have to continue at the mercy of our minds.  Our mind is us, and yes, if we think we it, we said it.  What cant erase our ego forever but we can dissolve our negative thoughts, and incessant mind chatter.  Our mind’s also use our imaginations to hold us down, and often through fear, our minds use this tool against us.  Remember, we are the Creator Humans, and once the thought is out there, we make it reality.

Maybe most of you know this, but I sure didn’t.  I’ve discovered, if my mind draws it sword, and a negative thought comes into my consciousness I can transmute it with love. When I do this, the intention of that thought is no longer valid.  It’s intent, and energy dissolves, and this goes for any negative thought, feeling, or emotion.

Close your eyes, and visualize who or what the negative thought was directed at, and surrounded them with bright light and love.  Send them your sincere love, and feel with all your heart the great love you have for them, and their well-being.  If you want to, reach out and hug them within the visualization as you say this.

When we take up practices such as the one described above, gradually, the mind’s persistence in controlling us will subside. It wont disappear entirely, but the constant force it has over us will diminish greatly.  I believe this is one way we can make peace with the mind, and our ego self.

To be continued in Part 2

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thank u for this. Manytimes I

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thank u for this. Manytimes I have fears and now Im thinking I have to transmute it with love, some thoughts are just scary...

Lovely thank you

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Very honest and heartful thank you I salute your self honesty and willingness to confront your shadow and demons even the tiny ones!

  I too very similarly have had a recent run in with very dark forces adn people and was robbed of a lot of money but I too saw how in some sense I robbed myself!   It's a fine line though I think we need to hold both in balance and they are like opposites at the same time to be authentic - like not this or that but this and that - that is along with forgiveness and sending light to ourselves (all forgiveness of others is forgiveness of self ultimately) I also did a ceremony whereby I consciously  delivered these entities to the fire of God to be transmuted- that is to learn their lessons and their karamas and the consequences of their actions.  Then I felt better even if these people escape earthy justice they will not escape Heavenly Justice and transmutation!

  It is like in South Africa a black lady whose son was murdered by white police and tortured could not forgive the guys who killed him as she was asked to cos ths guy was still off scot free of what he did!  I thought yeah there is truth in that too.  Forgiveness is a process allow your anger and righteous wrath too! That is also is authentic human feeling. They are also entities with their own responsibility for their actions! their own soul desitiny.