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What many people today think love is is not truly love at all. Love has no conditions, no limits, and no boundaries. Love is really all there is. Everyone loves something, whether it is a person, animal, plant, etc. Without love, there would be nothing. True love is a precious gift we have to give to ourselves. Only you can decide to be love, and choose love as the answer to all questions. Many people are looking for someone to come rescue them, but you are the only one who can rescue yourself. You must open yourself to love before it can find you. We are all beautiful, marvelous beings, and there should be no reason to think otherwise. Life is all about perspective. If you think you are beautiful, then you are, because you are the only one who can define what beautiful means in your own life. When we begin to realize that we are the creators of our own destiny, we can begin to shape our lives into the magical experience it can be. Choosing love is the ultimate decision that will enhance a person's life in so many ways. Love requires complete and total devotion. Love does not exist unless it is unconditional. Love with conditions is not even love at all. This is where many problems lie in today’s society. Love is ageless, timeless, and precious. We are so concerned about the way a person looks or how successful we think they are, when our main concern should be the happiness of the person we love. Being happy is the most amazing accomplishment today, with so many things around us trying to take it away. Love is joyous, and all the universe cheers with the existence of real, true, unconditional love. We need to love people for being who they are, not who we want them to be. When we can begin to love unconditionally, the world will be at peace. Everyone should be happy and proud of who they are, because you are all beautiful, wonderful, and strong. Look inside yourself, and try to see the beauty that I see in you, it has always been there waiting to be explored. Much love, Isis.

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we love each other

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we love each other
and there is absolutely
nothing we can do about it

thinking we do not love
dose not make it real
but it affects how we feel

in sync with reality or out of sync
flowing or strugeling

it all comes down
to our predominant navigation
heart or defined situation


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This is beautiful!  Thank you for writing this and reminding me that love is without condition and is limitless.  We naturally resist when there are any limits put on love.