~Love demands nothing and has absolutely no desire or intent to be controlling~ Saul

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~Love demands nothing and has absolutely no desire or intent to be controlling~

04~06~2011 by LOVE REPORTER John Smallman

When humanity awakens into Reality the joy in Heaven will be ecstatic because all in the spiritual realms are looking forward with enormous enthusiasm to the moment when your suffering ceases and you once again experience life as God intends. He created you in Love for an eternal existence with Him in a state in which your every wish was instantly granted. He gave you everything because His Love for you is infinite and Love demands nothing and has absolutely no desire or intent to be controlling. Heaven is filled with the perfection of His divine Love in which there can only be joy, and you are eternally free to use His gifts in any way you choose.

You asked yourself “What if there was somewhere else, somewhere completely different?” And the illusion came instantly into being. You were captivated by what you appeared to have created – an environment completely separate from your Father in which you could play eternally. And so you let your imagination run wild, pouring into your illusion an enormous multitude of unconnected ideas to surprise and amaze you. Every time you thought “What if?” something else was added to the illusion, and your ideas flowed spontaneously but chaotically into it, and chaos developed. From the chaos grew conflict and disharmony in great profusion, until all memory of your divine nature escaped you, and your apparent separation from God became increasingly convincing.

When this happened fear came into being because it seemed that you had been lost and abandoned in an environment that was confusing and loveless. It seemed that your existence was severely threatened and that there was danger in every direction you looked – hidden in the shadows beyond the range of your vision – which could attack and destroy you at any moment. The illusion you had built had become terrifyingly real and unaccepting of you, and you began to build fortifications to keep these frightening shadows at bay, further intensifying your sense of separation and abandonment.

Eons passed, misery and suffering became endemic, and it seemed to you that your continued existence was extremely precarious, and could only be assured by the destruction of others – those hidden in the shadows – but there were no others! However, your fear was so great that you had to imagine them into existence to give you someone real that you could attack and destroy to assure your own survival. And so it seemed that there were countless numbers of you at war with each other, with death and destruction continuously threatening your lives. Life had indeed become an interminable struggle for survival, and that survival was fraught with anxiety and confusion to such an extent that you began to wonder if life had any point at all. So you invented gods to whom you prayed and offered sacrifices in your desperate search for happiness and meaning, but to no avail.

Some of you, just a few, started searching within for answers, and shared what they found – that love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness are the only attitudes, the only way of living that brings peace. The wisdom of this discovery is now spreading. It is the eternal flame burning within each one of you, placed there by your Father at the moment of separation, and it is utterly inextinguishable. This is the Light that no one is without. It will lead you out of the darkness of the nightmare that is the illusion, into the brilliant all-encompassing Love of God your divine Father. More and more of you are becoming aware of this divine Truth within yourselves and are starting to share it. It is going to spread like wildfire because complete and utter disillusionment with the illusion and all the pain and suffering it contains is spreading.

You were not left lost and abandoned by your Father, because He provided you with the means to awaken into Reality, and you are finally realizing this. You are now permitting yourselves to become aware of the insanity of the illusion and of the Reality of God’s Love for you. Consequently you cannot fail to awaken into the awareness that you are indeed One with Him and with each other in the ecstasy of perfect divine and eternal harmony; a state in which bliss is the only experience available or possible.

With so very much love, Saul.