~The Love presently enveloping Planet Earth is the key to your awakening~

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~The Love presently enveloping Planet Earth is the key to your awakening~

  LOVE REPORTER John Smallman WITH SAUL | 04/10/2011 at 6:14 am

You are all following your divine path, the one you chose, with divine guidance and approval, before you incarnated as humans.  You are doing what you chose to do to learn the lessons that life in your illusory reality present to you, moment by moment, and of course the only meaningful life path for you to follow is one of love.  Love includes acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, healing, and respect for one another as perfect divine beings who are children of God.  Being divine you seek only to experience God’s Love for you, His perfect eternal creations, and share it with one another.  You were created by Him to enjoy infinite bliss, but your awareness of this has become dimmed.

Every one of God’s creations is perfect as is He Himself. However, your experience of existence as humans most certainly does not measure up to this.  You built an illusory environment in which it is possible to judge your sisters and brothers as far less than perfect beings, as you focus on their bodies (part of the illusion) instead of on the divine Love from which they were all created.  As your capabilities for true awareness within the illusion are severely restricted you see one another as separate individuals who must be either friends or enemies, instead of as you truly are – sisters and brothers who are eternally one with each other and with God.  Because of your apparent separation from your Creator it is almost impossible for you to be aware that you are eternally one with Him.

In your condition as humans in the illusion it is very difficult for you get an impression of divine Love in action.  And yet, God’s Love is all that exists; anything else is illusory.  The intensity of your sense of the reality of the illusion demonstrates quite clearly a need for awakening.  But as humans you imagine that you are awake as you see your reality filled with oceans, deserts, mountains, and land masses that seem completely solid, touchable, and measurable, while God and Heaven seem to many humans like the unreal imaginings of small children.

The Love presently enveloping Planet Earth, and intensifying, is the key to your awakening.  It enables the divine Flame within you all to start burning more brightly, and this is seen in your increasing understanding of the worldwide need to offer compassion kindness, and assistance to the multitudes living in grinding poverty, whatever may be the apparent cause of that unhappy condition.  Never before have so many been truly concerned about the needs of those with whom it seems they have no connection, and for whom they have no direct sense of responsibility.  All over the world people are coming to realize that just one person behaving kindly and compassionately can make a difference.  This is an effect of the divine energy field which surrounds you.

Its influence will continue to become more and more pervasive, and those of you at war – with yourselves, your loved ones, your neighbors, your governments, or other nations – will find the fear and anger that drives you towards this behavior pattern weakening and dissipating.  You will start to wonder how you could have felt this strong need to attack others in order to defend yourselves, and the insanity of the attitudes that led you to do this will dawn on you, allowing you to lay them aside.  You will finally realize that they serve no useful purpose because they only bring you into conflict with others of like mind.  When you release them your stress levels fall, and it becomes possible for you to accept situations just as they are, instead of railing angrily against them if you judge them to be unacceptable for any reason.  When this awareness unfolds within you it becomes possible for you to see the world through new eyes and engage with it compassionately and lovingly.  This raises your level of consciousness, enabling you to engage more and more positively with all with whom you interact, allowing solutions to seemingly insoluble problems to present themselves to you in most unexpected ways.

Truly the planetary problems with which so many are extremely concerned can and will be solved.  The groundwork is being laid that will encourage and enable open, intelligent discussion leading to practical solutions to problems that previously got bogged down in vociferous and belligerent disagreements as people sought personally satisfying solutions regardless of the valid needs and desires of others.  It is very clear that the old ways have not worked, and frequently it has been apparent that you were basically shooting yourselves in the foot as misguided and self-centered agendas were pursued.  This mode of behavior is coming to an end as compassionate and intelligent cooperation worldwide starts to become the norm, and the need to find enemies to condemn and attack dissolves in the divine energy field embracing you all.  The changes that you need and desire are occurring, and all over the planet signs of this are becoming increasingly apparent.  By looking for them, finding them, and drawing them to the attention of others you ensure that this divine momentum is maintained.

With so very much love, Saul.