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April 8, 2011

Here comes the April (4) 11-11 portal. Are you ready for it this month? Are you ready for it America? Are you ready for the 4-11-11 portal to help humanity and Earth make another incremental positive step out of polarity madness? Or do you and your Emotional Body prefer being addicted to (out of sheer habit) juicy lower frequency fear and chaos energies and the people who perpetuate and dispense high-drama and fear?

One thing everyone has to keep in mind/heart is that the world reality and Earth we’ve lived in our entire lives up to this point must also live the Ascension Process just as we and our physical bodies have been. The external world and reality has reached the point where this Process has accelerated in every way and the old reality and its systems, plus Earth, and each of us are in great and highly accelerated transition. That’s what 2011 is all about; great accelerated transitions everywhere for everyone every few days and weeks month after month this entire year.

This of course doesn’t mean it’s going to be a carefree walk in the park, nor does it mean it’s the end of the world. See how polarized those two extreme ways of thinking and consciousness are? Unity or High Heart consciousness knows there’s a higher integrated third point, Way, and consciousness (because it’s increasingly existing in that higher space and consciousness) that’s integrated the two polarized levels and because of that has birthed something NEW that contains much more than its integrated parts. So even though things look and seem and are unpleasant and intense now doesn’t mean everything is as dark as they may first appear. There’s a higher unfolding happening and it is profoundly positive despite current appearances.

On April 9, 2011—4-9-11—Pluto in Capricorn goes retrograde (there’s the 9 energy activating this month), which means we’ll enter a six month-long phase of go back, go inward, go down deep inside ourselves and honestly review, rethink, rework, clear, release and re-landscape both our deep inner-selves, plus actual physical reality. This Pluto retrograde period lasts from April 9, 2011 through Sept. 16, 2011 and is here now to assist us (and the American government) in further transmuting and releasing more things that need to go now—including the tenth anniversary of  “9/11″—before we reach the 2011 fall Equinox. It also means that the 2011 summer Solstice will again have Pluto in opposition to it…the deep cleaning process continues for everyone on multiple levels of consciousness and being and for Earth too.

On April 11, 2011—4-11-11—there’s another intense astrological transit—Mars (in fiery Aries) squares Pluto (in earthy Capricorn). Does this mean all-hell will break loose? No but it will produce more Musical Chairs game-play shifting within the collapsing patriarchal government systems with the USA having to make more big changes on numerous levels. And/or Earth may have  another explosive Hot Flash and/or muscle spasm somewhere as She  too further transmutes and removes more asinine patriarchal actions, consciousness and energies. Actual physical reality and mass consciousness is changing rapidly now and this phase of the Process won’t always be comfortable, easy, or pain-free. We’ve reached the point where these Ascension-related changes are very obviously happening in our country and like I said in January, February, and March, it’s going to play out differently here in the USA  than it’s been elsewhere in the world so far, and like I said, it’s going to be about money here. Relax, breath, and roll with the punches and changes as we pass through another 9 and another 11-11 portal/gate during this (4) month.


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