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All of society's problems have spiritual roots. One might think that since we have so many religions, we have plenty of spirituality, but that's far from the truth. Religions arise from a lack of spirituality, not an abundance of it. Religions put God outside of the individual instead of telling people to look within, which is the core of spirituality. Putting God without leaves a person feeling empty.

Humans are inherently spiritual beings, the emptiness doesn't feel very good so they try to fill it with the only way they've been shown, inside the churches, for a few hours, once a week. The churches perpetuate their lies as a means for their very survival. This is what happens inside systems, eventually the system becomes more important that the individuals it was created to serve. If churches taught the Truth, that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, why would anyone go to church? When people learn that God is within, there will be no more reason to search without.

The unfolding of Who You Really Are is the spiritual path. Our  society, on the other hand, is built upon keeping people's attention on outside things. Materialism is an obvious example. Our economic systems are another demonstration of what happens when a system becomes more important than the individual. Inside their materialistic illusions, people are more concerned with the capitalism vs. socialism charade than they are with preserving their own freedom and democracy.

Cars and clothes and hair-dos have become status symbols. Owning the right things is more important to our society than being true to yourself. And yet people are still spiritual beings. The system
doesn't really satisfy them, it just keeps them distracted. In their illusions they've become the very definition of shallow and they really don't want to admit that to themselves. Their lives are now just long chains of distractions that seem important in their minds, but never satisfy their souls. If they really paid attention, they'd see miracles all around them. A child understands this far better than most adults and a child only forgets after years of heavy indoctrination. And despite all this, the wonder of Life never really dies, it only lies sleeping within the human heart, eager for a chance to reawaken.

Now, I said society's problems are spiritual, that's not quite right. It's the solutions that are spiritual, the problems are illusions. That's why people feel empty inside, you can try to fill yourself with illusions all day long and you'll still have nothing. The idea that you need something outside of yourself is one of the big illusions, though not so easily recognized as such until I call it by it's other name, materialism. The Universe provides exactly what one needs to get by, though not necessarily what one wants. Want proof? You're here, now, reading this. Everything you've needed to get you to this moment has been provided. But wait, you're going to die someday right? Doesn't that mean at some point you wont get what you need? Nope, that's just the illusion that you need your physical body. Materialism at it's most debilitating, the fear of death. You are much more than your physical body, even religions teach this. Someday you will leave your body, worrying about something so inevitable is completely fruitless. But of course, doing things that don't make any sense is the nature of living inside illusion.

Something cannot be filled with nothing, that's why living in
society's illusions never satisfies the Being, but until one finds Love within themselves, that which fills the emptiness, one is living inside illusion. There's one illusion that holds the others together and makes it difficult to even notice the illusions. The illusion that the illusion is real, which is called ignorance. This is why people keep coming back for more emptiness, they think it will fill them up. This is why it's so essential to look within and be honest with what you see. Pay close attention to how you are feeling, your feelings are the Truth of your Being. One must find Truth within themselves before noticing they've been living in illusion. If any of my words ring True, it's only because it resonates with your own Truth.

The illusion of separation, the idea that we aren't all One and
connected in all ways, is another of society's most crippling
illusions. Only when people believe they are separate are wars possible. When everyone realizes they're all family, waging war on each other will be unthinkable. Things like racism, murder, and rape are impossible when people realize their Oneness with each other. And Oneness isn't just between people, it's with Everything.

The destruction of the Planet will immediately cease when people realize that they are the Planet. True Equality will be possible, in being One with another you know that cheating another is cheating yourself. Real democracy would finally work as everyone would know that it's everyone's responsibility to work together. Everyone helping everyone, one of society's grandest dreams, is only possible through spiritual Freedom.

Thousands of forms of government have been tried and none of them have worked accept those based upon equality and Oneness. The Native Americans understood their connection with Everything and lived in Peace with Nature for thousands of years. The Europeans settlers forgot their connection and have nearly destroyed the land in a few hundred years.

So humanity is stuck in illusion and in desperate need of
spirituality, what can I do about it? Well, that answer lies within, start by looking there. Many don't because they are scared of what they will find. They fear that they'll find the same emptiness they see outside of themselves. If this were true, looking within would change nothing about your experience, but it isn't true.

I'm sure everyone has experienced a self-realization that has changed their whole outlook on Life, these come when one looks within and is honest with themselves. If people only saw emptiness, looking within would do nothing, so there's obviously something in there. When one really looks deep within their Source, their Being, their Truth, is found and they're no longer controlled by illusion. This is why spirituality works, and this is what humanity needs to discover.

If you truly want to help Awaken humanity, lead by example. Face your own fears and find your own Truth. Live as if you are One with everything (because you are), let go of all your worries as if they were illusions (which they are), and share the Freedom and Love you find with everyone.

Humanity has forgotten Who They Are, they have forgotten they hold the  key to remembering Who They Are and they have forgotten that they've even forgotten Who They Are. They've put these things outside of themselves and believe that someone else is coming to save them.

Nobody's coming to save them, the whole idea that they need salvation, and outside salvation at that, is an illusion spread by religion to keep people easily controlled. It's the lie of original sin, that mankind is somehow unworthy. I tell you, Mankind is Divine, when they realize this, their perception of Everything will change. They'll stop seeing themselves as separate from God, and instead they'll realize they are Gods, who are Love, who are One. They'll stop seeing their Planet as separate from God and realize they've always lived in the Kingdom of Heaven. All this requires is people looking deep within themselves and acknowledging the Truth of their Being. In seeing miracles within, one can see them reflected Everywhere.

Magic is returning to the Planet, though it never really left. Ascended Masters walk among you in physical bodies. Beings from Awakened Planets come to visit you and are seen in your skies daily. Because people refuse their own Divinity and misunderstand what the word even means, they cannot see one of the greatest miracles now occurring, that Mother and FatherGod are on the Planet, in physical bodies. This is currently very difficult for people to accept as it calls their entire belief system into question. If Mother and FatherGod are Human, what does it mean to be Human? If they're here, with us on the Planet, where are we really? Isn't God supposed to be in some separate realm? In acknowledging that Mother and FatherGod are here, now, on the Planet, people will have to acknowledge their own Divinity and that they'realready in the Kingdom of Heaven. People would have to accept that they're worthy of Everything. For most it's still too good to be true.

They've been heavily conditioned to believe they're tiny worthless creatures living inside a cruel world that they're powerless to change. They've been taught that truth lies outside of themselves by people with a vested interest in keeping them under control. There's a tiny group that exercises enormous power and makes billions off of these lies. This is why it's so important to look within yourself for
Truth. I'm not looking to turn anybody into followers, that's the old paradigm. I'm looking to Awaken people and in that we're all Equal in Free. Only inside illusion is there any control or manipulation.

People cannot accept who Mother and FatherGod are until they find the Truth of their own Being and that's what Awakening is. It's self-discovery and you have to choose that for yourself. So, what is your choice?

Mother and FatherGod Love You. I Love You. If you want to see the Truth of this, Love Yourself, Unconditionally.