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In the EARTHSTAR PEACE CALENDAR, we are still in the WHALE MOON, and we are in the last part of the fourth week of it. During the fourth week of a Moon, we pray with the GAPIPILLA OYATE, the ASCENDED MASTERS. ASCENDED MASTER, MAITREYA, "oversees" this fourth week of the Whale Moon, and STEADIES EVOLUTION THROUGH GRACE AND STRENGTH with the UNIVERSAL LAW OF MOVEMENT AND BALANCE, and "CONSIDERING IT ALL," MAITREYA's MESSAGE is being brought forth here:

"COMPASSION is the power which will bring Humanity to steady movement in Sacred Balance again. COMPASSION is the Life Force which feeds your very cells (selves). To be alive in the true sense of Life, you must FEEL the communion of all, you must give to the benefit of one another. It is for this reason that I have sent forth the directive: ALL PEOPLES MUST BE FED, CLOTHED, AND SHELTERED. This action of humanity is the BEGINNING PLACE OF COMPASSION. This great victory for human kind is more than possible now. It has been possible all along. This action in itself, to provide for the needs of the People, will steady human evolution and awaken that destiny in the Glory of Creator’s Light...........PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE. GIVE THE PEOPLE THE TOUCH OF HEALING. BE THE EXAMPLE OF PURITY. Express your gifts and know that your small part will unfold greater and greater COMPASSION.....HEAL the wounds of racism, WIPE AWAY the scars of war, CRY the tears of abandonment, and RELEASE these forever......EVERYONE, "PRAY!" "HEAL!" AND TEACH US WHAT IT MEANS TO BE PURE! These practices are the very ones which steady your growth and give you the key to doors of adventure. The gates will open to you and paradise will be yours." [Read more here:http://goo.gl/yPM0mV starts on page 64] #MAITREYA #EARTHSTAR#PEACE #CALENDAR #YES    

ART: THE LOVE KEY and the STAR CODE for ASCENDED MASTER, MAITREYA, in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF MOVEMENT & BALANCE. To activate it, draw it & circle it. https://goo.gl/Ss2T1Z