Mary Magdalene, Unicorns, Scotland……Magic is Afoot

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Mary Magdalene, Unicorns, Scotland……Magic is Afoot

Posted on April 4, 2013
Time to unlock the handcuffs and allow ourselves to truly blossom in all of our beauty!

Time to unlock the handcuffs and allow ourselves to truly blossom in all of our beauty!

So much has happened in the last few days that my heart is soaring. I have had months of stillness and comfort, being rooted in a home, all my needs met within a few steps……the simple joy of having a kitchen, zen like nature filled backyard, hot tub to soak in, couch to lie on, fireplace to warm me.  I have savored these moments after the years of moving about in my car with short stays with others or alone in my tent. I felt the winds of movement begin to blow in early February, knowing my task of healing the family unit, had been completed. My former hubby and I have come back to love, respecting and honoring one another for all the parts we have played over the years, with and for one another. Such gratitude for this!

My mind wanted to engage with the “Where next?” idea but my heart said, “Wait. Allow it to come to you.” Allow myself to be moved rather than thrusting out in action. March came and went with no message. I sat or mostly lie, on the couch or the lawn and felt the earth in her movements, matching my heartbeat to hers. I traversed inner worlds that deepened my capacity for stillness and found my catching my breath in awe. Other moments, I felt flat, finished, not understanding this holding pattern I was in. As if I were in a plane, forced to circle again and again, waiting for the fog to lift so that I could touch down. Easter brought the clearing, the opening through the mist and I am ready to land myself in a new landscape. I have been watching Scottish movies, reading books set in the Irish or Scottish landscape of mists, cliffs, winds and ocean waves. Avalon has risen once again in signs all about me. Yesterday, I booked my ticket, leaving in two weeks in answer to a call for a soul group who carries the grail codes to assemble and anchor these energies anew in the earth in Scotland. Friends of the heart have come forward to welcome me in Scotland through the gift of facebook. I know that I am to meet many of my soul family there. My beloved is overjoyed that I am going and has a gift awaiting me. Three signs given of a white dress, a Scottish isle and a wedding. My heart trembles with this knowing, not allowing my mind to go into expectation mode, rather breathing in the knowing of his presence and that he will soon take form. Trusting, surrendering to divine timing. The old me would have been holding mental images of all the possibilities, the new me, sitting in my heart with his, in a state of calm. Wonder!

These blank canvases side by side spoke to my heart. I loved how the florist used the flowering branches to unite them. I felt my beloved standing next to me as our love flowers, closing the gap between us.

These blank canvases side by side spoke to my heart. I loved how the florist used the flowering branches to unite them. I felt my beloved standing next to me as our love flowers, closing the gap between us.

Mary Magdalene has brought her presence so close to mine that I can feel her heartbeat. She has told me that the Magdalenes are on the earth once again to bring forth the love and she is summoning us to remembrance. At a sound circle gathering of women, Mary Magdalene’s portrait was directly across from the seat that I chose. As she came to me at the close of the evening, asking me to get the rose perfume from my purse (of late I carry it with me as I have responded to the need to smell roses at all times) and to use it to anoint all gathered in the Order of the Rose. When I took my seat, I noticed her for the first time all evening, and her glance penetrated me fully as she directed me to anoint myself in her name. The next day in a conversation with a friend, she felt the anointing come through to her. She noticed the license plate, Avalon on the car next to her as we spoke. Oh, time and space are truly dissolving as we feel one another and recognize our oneness.

During the sound circle, one of the women brought out a wand of crystal that spiraled. I commented that it was a unicorn horn and asked her to place it on my third eye so that I could feel my unicorn, Jake’s presence. As she did so, the group began to gasp. I asked, “What?” They were seeing me as a white unicorn! One of my friends was even petting my hindquarters….the air behind me as I stood. Amazing as I felt his presence so strongly, especially how the horn felt on his third eye. At the close of the evening, they asked me to do it once again, and it happened as before. Magic! One of the women called me two days later to tell me of her sense of an affinity between the energies of a young woman and myself. The young woman and I had noted this when we had met earlier. This woman had brought the healing energies of the unicorn in, through toning. As this was relayed to me, I could feel Jake’s excitement as he said that he would sing through my voice and that the sound would be gentle and powerful. This young woman and I shared this ability to allow the unicorns to participate with us. What a gift!

A friend had given me a message from my beloved that was repeated almost word for word by two others. Two connecting in from New Zealand, from women I had not had contact with since my trip last September. Out of the blue, the messages came to awaken me to this next step. I have been working with my beloved on the inner planes and other dimensions on bringing through divine love. My beloved is a master and in accepting this knowing, I more fully embrace my own. I was told that many masters were learning from us as we explored the realms of love. We are all masters, the memories coming in now. Each of us has a gift to give, to bring forth from our hearts. The ascended masters are preparing to take form, to come in and walk this earth with us. I can see my beloved’s eyes and know that I will know him in an instant as his energy is already filling my field. We have merged our light bodies preparing for the physical reunion. The mystery of it all fills my heart.

If all of this can happen in the space of three days in my world, I sense that the outer world is about to explode in ways we cannot imagine. Breathe into your avatar heart and know yourself as a master. Allow the memories room to come in and watch the magic unfold.

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Hello Linda, I am quite aware and very connected to Mary Magdelene. I also have a connection to Scotland and Camelot. I do not know what is going to happen but I suspect it's going to be a biggie.

thank you James

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Dear James,


How lovely to meet a man connected to the Magdalene energies. We share many of the same connections, with the Camelot times also. Yes, I can feel the energy building and my heart is being expanded by Yeshua and Mary Magdalene to hold what is coming. 

Thank you for tuning in and offering that. I feel it is happening for all of us, such love is moving in right now that I have to simply lie here and breathe, allowing my heart to be enlarged. 

Many blessings on your path. I am grateful for your heart light shining on this earth.

Peace, Linda