Message from the Ashtar Command 6/20/12 ‘2012: Opportunity Through Challenge’

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There will be more proof provided to you that we are working with you at this time and as we move ahead together. It is at this time that we would like to explain further to you what our mission entails. Our mission entails a collaboration with you, our brothers and sisters of your planet, who we feel can benefit from our assistance in many ways and in some areas that we see as vitally important to the health and the welfare of your planet and your people. There will come a day in your near future where your planet will experience events that can be described as somewhat tumultuous, events that will present challenges for your people to overcome.




You may wish not to view this as a pure act of nature, of accident, but instead choose to view this as an event that is being presented to you in order for you as individuals and as a collective to find the resolve within you to overcome this obstacle placed before you by the hands of divinity that love you and wish for you to seek out and discover your higher selves, higher good and higher purpose. Do you see this through different eyes now? Do you see that what will present itself to you is not an unfortunate act of an uncontrollable nature, but an event carefully designed and orchestrated for your greater good? This is how we would prefer you to view the days up ahead that you will experience, but we will leave it up to you to choose for yourselves how you wish to see and how you wish to experience these days.  




We, your higher dimensional friends and family from the Ashtar Command, speak to you at this time in love and in service to our Creator of this glorious universe. We do not speak to you at this time for our own purposes, only to serve our Creator and to serve you, our brothers and sisters. What we receive from all of this is to discover for ourselves just what we are made of and what we are capable of accomplishing when we together set out to achieve certain goals and certain results through the manifestation of our creative thoughts and creative efforts. This is what lies at the heart of this entire enterprise and why we are all here at this time on this small planet far from the central sun of this galaxy which is far from the central sun of this universe.




We have all come here on this field trip together, and it is our plan to leave here all together when our work here is done. There will be those who remain here to call this planet their home, though there are many of our teammates who will be returning to where it is they call home with us. Before this day arrives however, we have work to do. We have devised for ourselves, which includes you of course, challenges, obstacles and lessons to learn from here in this world, and we fully intend to utilize this incredible multifaceted opportunity to its greatest potential before this window of opportunity closes for us all.




For us to use our powers to step in and end all this for you would also be to end all this for us, and to waste this opportunity for all of us to grow and to strengthen our being and strengthen our bonds together. Why would we do this? Why would we step in at any time before we had to and destroy in any way this opportunity for us all that has been created by us all so many eons ago? We do not wish to do this, and we would not understand if there would be those of you who would wish to do this if you fully understood what this divine mission is all about and why it has been created in the first place. Try to understand this, and try to understand that we also cannot divulge all that it is not the time for you to learn about everything concerning our project here. Trust in the universe, trust in your Creator and trust in your higher dimensional family members and friends that it is better for you and will lead to many more opportunities and many more rewards for you if you did not know all what it is some of you have been trying so hard to figure out.




These, what we shall refer to as secrets for the time being, are not necessary for you to carry out what it is you have come here to accomplish, and in many cases, learning these secrets prematurely would be detrimental to your mission and to your opportunities here. We wish for you, our loved ones, to receive all that you can from this glorious opportunity here on the planet you call Earth, and we wish to do all we can to see to it you do just that and reap the benefits and receive all the rewards from all your hard work through the planning stages and through the implementation stages of our divine mission in service to our Creator and to each other.




There will come a day, and it will not be long now especially in light of how long you all have been on your particular journeys, that all the secrets and all the particulars of our purpose for being here will be fully revealed to you, and then there will come a day when you will fully remember that it was you and it was we together who planned everything that you are currently experiencing, whether it be a positive or negative experience, as all experience will bring about for you lessons that will help you discover your higher purpose and your higher self, and that is the ultimate goal of your mission, to discover who it is you truly are and what lies at the heart of the being you have always been.




This is a glorious time, this is a beautiful time, this is a challenging time, this is in some ways a painful time, but it is in all ways a time to work together, to resist all temptation to quit, and to seek and to find methods and ways and avenues to defeat and conquer all challenges, obstacles and difficulties before us. This is what it is the time for, and it is not the time for anything else but this. Please understand this, and please keep this in mind each and every moment of each and every day, as these days are very, very short and very, very few for you at this time, and as many of you have detected, these days are passing by at a faster and faster pace. You will not be presented with an opportunity such as this for many long years, if ever again, in this universe, and you only owe it to yourself to squeeze from this every drop of this delicious nectar of opportunity.




We are here with you, we have always been here with you, although as part of our mission we have purposely remained hidden from view from you, but this is changing a little at a time, one step at a time, as we reintroduce ourselves to you, our friends and our family from long ago. We look so forward to our reunion with you dear brothers and dear sisters and remind you that you do not have many steps to take before you reach the threshold of all it is that you have come here to discover, to reach, to hold and to make your own. Do not give up now. Do not allow your light to dim, not now after you have come so very far and have so few steps remaining to cross through that door that at one time was so very far from you and some thought that you would never reach, but this day is coming and do not let anything stop you from seeing with your own eyes the dawning of that glorious morning.




We say to you to take this time and spend it wisely and begin to prepare yourselves and to prepare your brothers and sisters around you for these eventualities that will bring to you challenges for you to overcome in the days ahead. By challenges we refer to global wide Earth changes that will create earthquakes that will result in rising sea levels that will cause flooding in several coastal areas around your planet. This is nothing that many of your world have not already experienced and even have become accustomed to. These individuals have, through experience, honed their skills to deal with such adversity.




What we would like to see of many more of you is to develop some sort of skills and devise some kind of plan to deal with what we see now as inevitable Earth changes, and better prepare yourselves by following some simple rules such as not panicking, not running away or fleeing from this situation, not blaming others for the root cause of this situation, and not leaving it up to others to clean up this mess for you. These are some of the methods many of you have dealt with problems and obstacles before in your past history, and you have come here to this world to learn to more effectively deal with difficulties that come your way.




For us to step in and fully eradicate these circumstances from your experience would be taking away from you the reason why some of you have come here in the first place. It has been no easy task for you to come here through the method of physical incarnation. This has been a great endeavor for many of you, simply to be here living and breathing on this planet at this time, and the creation of this scenario for you was an even greater challenge and was only achieved through the tremendous efforts of so many individuals and collectives throughout the many dimensions of this universe.  Spend your remaining moments here wisely, and use this time to accomplish what it is you have come here to accomplish and nothing else, as nothing else is of any importance to you at this time. There will be plenty of time after your experience here has come to a close to partake in the many arts, hobbies, leisures and past times that some of you are currently involved in, and we say to you those interests are not important at this time and are not what you have come here to experience.




We see for you wonderful new adventures and experiences once you clear away the current obstacles that are now in place before you, and do not ever lose sight of this, as through the darkness there is light and it shines bright and will lead you through on your way to your new beginning.




We are your Family of Light from the stars.








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