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MESSAGE FROM AN EARTH GUARDIAN YOUTH LEADER, TO THE RAINBOW TRIBE: "Rainbow Tribe- Maybe the thousands of people that spent thousand on tickets to Burning Man, who are now packing up to leave, should detour their vehicles and Caravan up to Standing Rock? If you say you are about building a new society and a new world instead of building a city in the middle of the desert for a week and spending thousands of dollars to demonstrate a sustainable pop up city, Go and support for real defending our Earth, and take action in creating the world you want to see, In a real pop-up sustainable City with thousands of people who are fighting to defend water.

I see a lot of pics from burning man on my feed with a lot of people wearing feathers and dressing like natives, saying they are the Rainbow Tribe and so on... so please go stand with the Native people.... you will make a much bigger difference in the world at Standing Rock then you will at Burning Man.

Some people might get irritated at this post but that's okay I'm just saying, building a new world is not glamorous or a party in the desert., it requires all of us doing something, to make our stand in our spiritual beliefs, for me doing my part, I'm 16 and suing 600 oil companies and the federal government. So I'm asking all the people I know who went to burning man what are you doing to save our future generations and be the earth tribe rainbow warrior you portray on your social media? Ask yourself seriously if you are willing to really be the Rainbow Tribe? Because that is a serious prophecy and if you claim it you need to do it!!!

#RainbowTribe" -Mani Wanji Zephier

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It isn't often a young person puts into motion ideas with good intents. This activity of yours would certainly have to have the full support of your family/guardians/teachers/mentors. Either way, I appreciate your efforts. On the burning man phenom'. I wouldn't expect any attendees to take the long way home thru No Dak unless that is their home. A physical presence isn't required. Unawakened rich kids might just cause more problems by way of their lack of respect and understanding of the First Nations people. A chicken feather in their hair does not make their blood red. This is an amazing event in the gathering of 100 tribes or more. I have never seen such solidarity among First Nations in my 60 years. Only recently I discovered there is a percentage of Red blood flowing thru me. Untraceable to any specific tribe. Don't matter. I have always had respect. The vast majority of my mentors have been Medicine Men and Women. There is one thing we all may do. Simply be conscious and promote a fair and equal outcome for the long abused. Perception of outcome is the key to success. Keep a steady focus. Share what you know freely. Be compassionate towards yourself, the earth and in the way you live. This is the Light which draws seekers. More Light   more better.....