Message from the Galactic Federation 1/15/12

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Code of Conduct.


Wherein no affiliate or member of the Galactic Federation shall engage in the slander or abuse, either physical or verbal, of another, and shall at all times refrain from altercations on any level with another. At all times shall a member of the Galactic Federation respect and honor all other’s views and opinions and refrain from disrespecting another in any way. Violation of these said rules shall remove the violator from any consideration of becoming a member in full standing or working with the Galactic Federation on any level, either personally or indirectly.


Further rule states that no person working either directly or indirectly with the Galactic Federation partake in the use of mind altering substances as this can, and does, interfere with the optimum function and performance of the individual and this cannot be tolerated at this level of commitment in service to our mission and to others. Please understand we do not wish to force our views on anyone. We must, however, strive to offer our best efforts and purest commitment to the mission we have agreed to undertake as per decree of our Creator. Only those prepared to give their sincerest efforts and full attention in this regard will be considered for posts within the Galactic Federation, and only those who adhere to these guidelines will continue their service with us.


Please be advised that other rules do apply, and at the time of our initial orientation with those deemed qualified for a position with us, these rules will be fully explained to each of you. There are many benefits to working with us, and although some release of habits or tendencies you may have become accustomed may be required of you, in the long run you will receive far more than you are asked to contribute.


We, the Galactic Federation, deem ourselves capable of such missions to restore worlds to their pristine conditions, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, due to our steadfast commitment to reach the full potential of ourselves as individual members of our organization and as an organization as a whole. Many planetary societies depend on our existence and our assistance to help lift them out of the darkness that has befallen them, and we make every effort possible and carry out our duties with honor, integrity, and absolute commitment to see to it that all those in need of our services receive the highest quality of assistance from highly trained personnel who have made the commitment in their lives to reach their highest potential and use their talents in service to others, to assist all others on their journey.


There are a multitude of pleasurable experiences that one can enjoy while a member of the Galactic Federation, and we are confident many of you will not miss for one moment some of the lower dimensional diversions that you have become accustomed. We are excited and eager to show you just how much there is to enjoy and experience once a member of our team, and we look so forward to meeting so many of you personally in the days ahead when we can get to know each other better and discuss your opportunities and future with us. Until then, persevere to reach your utmost potential in the 3D physical world as the bar is soon to be raised quite high for you, and your possibilities will be virtually limitless.


We are your Family of Light from the stars.


As channeled through Greg Giles




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 Does that include natural canabis or ceromonial mushrooms?

I don't speak for Greg, but

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I don't speak for Greg, but I've found cannabis to be very helpful on my journey. It assists with the expansion of Consciousness, helps one to get a larger picture and makes one's worries seem insignificant. It's too bad there's so much negative propaganda spread about a simple plant, though I do understand the current system of corruption is threatened by it.

The same with me, I was an

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The same with me, I was an atheist until a night when I was using cannabis recreationally and had a few visions regarding our Father and when I came back to reality, I randomly felt I had a full belief and a full connection with our Father again. Amazing how a plant can help wake up an atheist who was deadset to there being nothing after death. Cannabis has greatly helped me with meditation as I find it hard to clear my mind on my own (I have ADD and ADHD).  :)


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Part of the brains function is to create chemical compounds that have the ability of altering our minds. So, are we not allowed to utilize our own mind altering substances created within our selves? I question the validity of this post and am curious as to what the real intentions behind this post are.


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in readding this last post i do want to be concidered as a possiable contact as some of your goles and desires are of importance to me as well and have felt this is my mission in life .

Yes Highly Recommend Ganga

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We feel Greg is not speaking here about natural medicines, but those hard drugs that were created to enslave Humanity, keep them addicted and Keep them from awakening. Those being such like herion, or cocaine, and even all presribed medications. These drugs do lead you along a dark path. Ganga was put here specifically for Humanity's Awakening Home~ It opens the Pineal Gland and assists you in this Realm to Stay into the Higher Vibrations. The Other Natural Medicane you can use in replace of prescription drugs is collidial silver~ WE Love You~ The Only Choice for ascension is Simply Love, and through this Choice YOU ARE IN~ Love Mother and Father God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff~

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!