Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3/15/12

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The number 144 has been spoken of on many occasions, and we at this time would like to clarify the properties of this energy. The number 144 denotes energy properties of a higher structural frequency. This number is the building block for higher dimensional structure and form, and based upon this number, your new home will be designed and constructed.


Much of this universe has been created through mathematical systems, and your world today is no different. Your world today is a product of a lower dimensional mathematical formula, and your experiences here are a direct result of this equation. The mathematical structure of your world is now changing, breaking down and being reconstructed through the use of a greater mathematical formula. The result will be that you will begin to experience higher dimensional states and experiences, and these will be based on the number and its accompanying energies of 144. This is why you are seeing this number often at this time, and seeing and recognizing this number will assist in your restructuring process.


There are many numbers that many of you are beginning to take notice of throughout your awakening, and the number 144 is but one of them. Each number that you are taking notice of possesses a unique frequency and therefore unique essences, characteristics, and powers. Each number has been purposely placed within your individual and collective realities to act as triggering devices to cater to your upliftment, restructuring, and your return to full consciousness. These numbers have been strategically placed to allow a great number of you to see them and reap the greatest benefits of them at this important period in your history. These numbers will assist you, to mold yourselves and your new world to take the shape of what it is you as an individual, and as a collective desire.


These mathematical formulas are ancient and they are sacred, as they are the building blocks of form and structure and can be used to create universes, as well as individual souls. The knowledge of these sacred numbers are possessed by several of your planet’s sacred, as well as secret societies, and these numbers can often be found hidden within ancient, and even  modern, archaeological structures. The secrets of these monuments and structures, as well as all the knowledge of these sacred numbers, will be revealed to you in the coming days ahead as there will be no more secrets kept from you and all the knowledge you wish to possess will be made available to you. This is part of the new mathematical structure of your existence. All will be made available to you, and no longer will you suffer at the hands of the limiting qualities of your current mathematical structure.


Your new mathematical design will be a home of incredible beauty, freedom and prosperity, and your new bodies will be tools of perfection, enabling you to experience your new creation unencumbered by the limitations and constraints of your current physical vessels. Your new bodies will not break down due to age, and they will remain free of illness and disease, giving you the freedom to experience your new home with no limitations. You will be instructed on how to properly maintain your new higher dimensional vessels, and advanced technologies will be introduced to you to allow you to fully maintain your new bodies in pristine condition and perfect functionality.


Your new bodies are to be yours as gifts from the Creator, and we look so forward to assisting in their presentation to you. As we have said, all the gifts you are to receive are not gifts from us, but gifts from your Creator, and by decree, we of the higher realms are assisting in our own way make all this possible. These gifts have been bestowed on us in our past, and they were presented to us by others who assisted in creation in this way. Allow us to share these blessings with you just as they have been shared with us, for this is the manner in which this universe has been designed, never ending in its vastness, its beauty, and its abundance.


No matter how high in the skies we are we will always be close to you, guiding you, and protecting you. You have never been alone on your journeys, no matter how long they have been and what you have had to endure for your advancement. We come to you now in reunion; we are not meeting you for the first time. Please do what you can to allow others to see this, as this will make it much easier for them to overcome their fear of us and accept us. We are your families, we are not strangers. We are your friends, not your enemies. We are here to help you and not to conquer. All will see this, and all will learn that their fears were unfounded. This is the way it will be, as it must for your benefit.


It is very important for those of your world to accept us. We come on a mission to assist you through this period in your history that will be very challenging. We know what is ahead for you. Many of you do not see this yet what we see clearly. We know what needs to be done, and we have the tools and experience to complete these tasks. Allow us to share what we have with you. Overcoming your fears of us and allowing us to assist you will benefit all of your world greatly, and we are eager and happy to be of service in this way.


The time is drawing near for us to make our introductions to you. We must begin soon our many projects, and some of them are quite entailed and complex. These projects need to be completed by the time of your ascension, and as time is rapidly compressing as you move forward, the time available to get our work done is running very short. Once we can get underway we will be working very quickly as there will be no time available to waste sitting idly.


We will recruit as many of you as needed to assist in these great tasks, and your training sessions will also move ahead at a brisk pace. This is why we ask you to remain sharp and remain focused. It will be soon that you will be called upon in service, and you will be expected to bring your best with you and reach your greatest potential as a member of the Galactic Federation of Light.



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Our future work

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I am waiting for your call. I have been waiting for a long time.


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it is still the same moment for them!

Always now

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Yes, I agree it's always NOW, but I've already mentioned to our Star Family the importance of making us think by there words they will land next Sunday shortly afternoon and "no show" again and again???


However, it looks to me NOW that due to our "timeline," you know, the one "they" don't comply with very well?? But if they wish for the lagest number of us posible to ascend then they know as well as any of us that we must move on this soon as we are down to just over 9 moinths to get'er done!!!


What they are emphasizing seems to me now that they know they must move on this and not much later down the road. 


So all do you part to get this idea as a fact that we have company coming to visit. 




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Ive been waiting, sitting, looking up, asking for your appearance. I keep seeing objects in the sky, I'm not sure if its you guys or not. Please I am ready, come down & visit us soon in our earth time. We welcome you in open arms, star brothers and sisters. With love from us!