Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/19/12

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Allow each successive leadership role to come naturally and come often to you, as there are many tasks needed to be accomplished and many leaders needed to step up and take charge of these projects. The time has come for those of you with a purpose to step to the forefront of your fellow man and do what it is you came here to accomplish. Many of you have goals that you have set out for yourselves to reach, and we see that the time has come for many of you to become more involved in the important matters that are shaping your world at this time.


There exist in your world many distractions and many time spenders, but the time has come for you to see these activities for what they are and dispense of them and ignore their calls for your attention, your energy and your time away from the tasks that really matter and the jobs that you have come here to complete. Ignore these calls like the voices of the Sirens that lure your ship to the rocks. Listen instead for the call that will lead you to the missions you have agreed to undertake here on this planet which may be far away from the world that you call home. It will be soon that many of you shuttle back to your home worlds, and we say to you there will be plenty of time once you are there to re-envelope yourselves in your passions, your arts and your leisure.


Today is the time for something else. Today it is time to get the job done that millions of beings have come here to accomplish. This is no small affair, as there are many worlds from throughout so many star systems that have aligned their talents and their gifts to make a difference here and do something that has never before been accomplished anywhere in this universe. The scope of what you together are manifesting is beyond comprehension to you at this time, but we tell you it is universal in size, and this is not a mere metaphor. Holding some of you back are habits and tendencies and old patterns that no longer have a place for you here in this world. Belittling your time with these pursuits is not in your best interest, and it is not in the best interest of the star system you call home or the galaxy you call home or the universe we all call home. It is time now to put aside these lower dimensional distractions and heed your call of duty and complete the assignments that you have agreed to carry out at specific intervals of time.


Time is running short. Time is a luxury you no longer enjoy. Time as you know it has now become an enemy to your mission here. There is no more time to waste. Do you now understand this? Do you now see that every minute of every day of every week that lines the path from this moment to the end of your assignment needs to be filled with a certain level of urgency and needs to see steps taken towards the successful conclusion of each and every task you have been assigned to and have agreed to undertake?


You can do it, we know you can. You would not have been selected to travel here through the form of incarnation if it were not decided by a council of higher dimensional beings in charge of the recruitment process for this great mission that you were a being that possessed the talents necessary for such an assignment. Do you sense what kind of faith and confidence has been placed in you? Do you understand that your past history and your records of achievements and abilities were carefully studied, and that a decision was made that it was you that were better qualified for this assignment than so many countless others who wished to participate in this mission that has been highly regarded by so many beings throughout this vast universe for many eons of time?


It is up to you how you choose to proceed. It is up to you if you wish to toil the few remaining moments of your incarnations on matters that will not interest you in the slightest once you and your ship pull away from the dock that is this planet. These time spenders that you are wrapped up and so involved in today are pursuits that for the most part do not even exist in your home worlds, as they are deemed so trivial there is no support system for them and therefore cannot be found throughout many of the cultures throughout this universe. Here in your world today some of these distractions are not only regarded with high levels of interest, but some of them have been put on such a pedestal that they are seen as pinnacles of your vast societies.


We, from our vantage point, have trouble understanding this, and we are studying this development and working on finding ways to release the holds that some of these distractions have upon you, our team members in the field. The time has long come to pry your attention and your addictions from these debilitating hobbies and interests and find a way to allow you to focus greater on the only thing that counts at this time for you, your team members, the world you have come from and the universe we all share. Up to this point, finding this means to allow you to refocus your energy has not been an easy task. We have shared with you glimpses into how important and how vast this mission that you are involved in is, with the hopes that this and this alone would allow you to see the great importance of what you are involved in and give you the motivation to drop what it is that envelopes you so in their meanings and their value, what little value they hold.


Help us to see clearer why so many of you cannot seem to find a way to loosen your grip on these 3rd dimensional distractions, and we will do what we can to assist you, if this is what you choose, to break free of these bonds that today are causing you to whittle away your depleting resource of time and the energy that you can be spending on the important matters at hand and the mission you have agreed to undertake here in this world. Together we can do this. Together we can find a way to allow you to disregard all these distractions and give all your attention to your individual and collective mission here. There is still time to get each and every job done that needs to be accomplished, and there are at this time enough of you to bring about satisfactorily results in each area of our overall operation. We will continue our efforts to awaken as many of you as we can, and we ask you to continue to assist us also in this effort.


Each and every task that needs to be accomplished can be accomplished far more efficiently with sufficient numbers working together. We had made sure enough of you incarnated here to see that there were enough hands available for each and every task deemed necessary towards the successful accomplishment of this mission. Although only a small fraction of you have responded to your call, we are confident enough of you are awakened and will awaken to your call of duty that will allow sufficient numbers to be available for each and every task needed to be accomplished.


We see as a substantial achievement those of you who have found a way to break away and rise above these 3rd dimensional illusions and distractions in light of how many of your brothers and sisters have yet to successfully find their way as you have. Considering how great a task it has turned out to be for so many others who have journeyed here as part of the same mission as you, we say to those of you who have responded to your call of duty congratulations on a job so far very well done. We wish to see those of you who have responded and who are taking part in our efforts to restore to this planet love and light and cohesive environmental and governmental structures continue your tremendous efforts, while at the same time being beacons of light for those newly awakening ones who are responding to their call and wish to join our efforts and fulfill their assignments they have agreed to undertake.


The recruitment process is not over as it is a continuing cycle of those who wish to join in our efforts, and there are those who have traveled here for other reasons who are now expressing an interest to be a part of our mission. We welcome them with open arms and open hearts and say to them you are a very welcomed addition to our team and we appreciate and look forward to all the contributions you are making and will continue to make towards our efforts to make this world and this universe a better place for every being that calls it their home. We thank you for your willingness and your efforts you have volunteered, and say to you “Welcome to our team”.


Administration teams make up a large part of our contingency. These administration teams are charged with the responsibility to oversee the individual assignments of our Lightworkers in the field. Their function is to report back to the higher offices as to the workloads being performed by those on the front lines in service to humanity. Our administration teams are reporting that fewer than 15 or even 10 percent of our Lightworkers have actively responded to their call of duty. This number is considerably lower than the figure we had envisioned before we set out on our mission. We would like to see this percentage climb considerably throughout the next few months of your summer. We wish to see significant rises in the levels of those not only awakened, but actively participating in the dissemination of all relevant information to others, as well as the active participation of those who are charged with the assignments of caring for other’s needs in the fields of physical, mental and emotional health.


Each assignment that each of you has been charged with is no more or no less important as any other assignment. Each and every assignment is important and vital to our overall mission here, and like carefully aligned dominoes, each of you will knock down specific areas that need attention and the chain of dominoes will fall, leading to the changes most needed in this world. Look at each job you tackle as yet another domino that has been triggered leading to a chain reaction where your one domino can result in the fall of many. Think not of the one task you complete or the one person you have helped as the end result of all your hard efforts, but see each person that you assist on their journey as one domino standing before another and another that can only fall when the one domino before you is triggered.


One step at a time is all we ask of you, our loyal team members in the field. We are not asking, nor do we expect, just one of you to complete this mission on your own, and we are not asking for even a large group of you to complete every assignment necessary in one day. We are asking for each and every one of you awakened and aligned with your mission of higher purpose to complete one assignment at a time, working on this task at a steady pace each and every day before you. This is how we, together, will complete every task necessary in the amount of time that has been allotted for the completion of this mission. This is how to trigger a long chain of dominoes; one starting point, one person, and a chain reaction will be triggered, leading to the clearing of each and every assignment that makes up our great mission.


You have the tools at your disposal. You know what needs to be done. You have support from your team members within the higher realms and you have the support of each other. There is nothing or no one that stands before you and the successful completion of your assignments but you, your own limitations that you have placed on yourself and your own fears or insecurities of what others may think of you. This is an enemy that you have conceived in your own minds, and this is an enemy that must be defeated for you to achieve a successful completion of your individual tasks.


We ask you to identify your enemy. Where is it and what is it that stands before you as an obstacle to your mission? Your enemy is not out there. He is not in space, orbiting your planet. He is not in a boardroom discussing assaults with his lieutenants. Your enemy is yourself. He is inside you, and must be removed only by you, for it is you that is the commander of your own domain. No one else has the right or the permission to enter this domain. It is your sacred space, and no one is permitted to violate it in any way. Therefore it is you that must clear the battlefield of this foe and advance on your mission towards victory.


We will give you every opportunity to defeat this foe before matters become too pressing and we must move on with the operation without your services. This is the way it must be, as we have a tight time schedule to adhere to as there are galactic and universal systems that tick like a finely crafted precision timepiece, and this clock waits for no man or any being from throughout this universe. We will lend you any and all assistance that you need to defeat your enemy and eradicate any obstacles that are keeping you from the successful completion of your individual assignments.


Allow us to help you. If it is inner strength that you need, you have many brothers and sisters all around you willing and eager to lend you their expertise and their wisdom with handling such debilitating emotions. You are not alone, you have never been alone and you will never be alone here or anywhere else throughout this universe. You have many friends and great extended families, and they are here, they are there and they are everywhere around you. They  offer you all the support and assistance you need to clear each and every obstacle before you, because they care about you greatly and wish for you to become all it is that you had hoped for before you set out on this assignment here in this world far beyond the center realms of this galaxy. Allow them to help you help yourself clear away what it is that is hampering you and your abilities that have been honed so sharply they are a brilliant sword in your hand to fight and defeat any enemy that stands in your path. Pull your sword and thrust it mightily before you and slay whatever it is that is stopping you from reaching the goal that you set out for yourself so long ago.


We see you completing successfully each and every task assigned to you, and we only wish for you to see this as well, for it will give you the strength and the courage to do whatever it is you have to do to conquer your fears and your insecurities. This is your mission, and it is a great part of our overall mission. Fear is your enemy; your enemy is not out there. He is not cloaked in green or gray or in armor, he is cloaked within you. Know this, challenge him, defeat him and move on towards new battles and new challenges that have been designed to bring out the best in you and allow you to become all it is that you wish to be.


Many challenges and battles have been designed to reach this end and bring out who it is you truly are deep inside. None of what is happening here today in you world is by chance. All that is happening in your world today has been designed for you, to allow you to overcome obstacles in order to better define who it is you are. Utilize this set up for everything that it is worth to you, and allow it to allow you to reach your greatest potential, as tremendous efforts have been put in to the designing and implementation of this scenario and opportunities as rich as this cannot be provided often throughout this universe.


Look at all this as your one big chance to make of it, and make of yourself, all that can be gained from this potential, as it very well may be the lone opportunity of its kind ever presented in this or any other universe. This is how valuable this period in your planet's history is to each and every one of you, and this is why we often ask you to share what you know with all your brothers and sisters who will listen, as we wish to give them every opportunity, every chance to awaken and participate in this grand endeavor, as the only losses that will be experienced here is the loss of opportunity.


There will be no losses of lives for you, as each and every one of you are eternal beings who have no end and have no enemies but the ones you conceive and create yourselves. What you choose to create is up to each and every one of you and your society as a collective whole. We cannot help you slay the enemies that you have created for yourselves, as you have created these enemies for you to battle and to defeat for your own reasons. These reasons are many and they are varied, and we will say that many of these reasons you have created these fictitious foes is due to your own fears and your own insecurities about your own universe.


We tell you there is nothing to fear in your entire universe. It is only us. It is only we that exist here and call this place our home. There is no they, there is no them, there is no other team or other side. We are all but one. Remember this the next time you feel you are creating yet another enemy for yourselves. Know this the next time you read the words of someone who believes they are channeling higher dimensional intelligences and are being advised on the long list of enemies to you and your people. Know that a true higher dimensional ascended being would not suggest to you that you have even one enemy, as you do not. There is only one, and we are this.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.





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kicks self in arse...

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You know...I saw this the other day..and kept moving along...


next time something like this comes thru PLEASE....


PM ME or something..


Its people like me that need to hear this.


(Now if i could just watch these darn videos on this limited internet pipe...ARGH!)




every task you have been

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every task you have been assigned to and have agreed to undertake?, what task or tasks are these then, I dont feel any diffrant, i dont see any difference or change around me or around the world and as much as i would like to know my purpose i dont.

So dose that mean i wont ascend or do every human being on earth will?