Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/6/12

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The Pleiadians are a group of entities that are here at this time assisting your planet and your people in your time of ascension, and have been here assisting your world for many years leading up to this point in your history. There are many different groups of entities here at this time, and all of the groups that are here now are here for the better welfare of your planet and your people. There are no longer any other groups of entities that are here for any other purposes.


It is true that at certain points throughout the period of your history there were other groups that were here and not for your better interest but for their own interests, and the better welfare of your planet and your people did not enter into their politics or their agendas. This is no longer the case, and it is very important for the people of your world who have begun to read articles and messages from certain sources of information about these other beings and of their agendas to understand that what they are reading is either untruths, disinformation, outright lies or fabrications, or pieces of the history of your planet that are no longer contributing factors to your daily proceedings and of your future.


There are many different reasons why some of these individuals are choosing to write articles and relay information concerning negative entities and negative forces at this time. Some of these individuals are simply sharing reflections of their own fears and insecurities, and some of them are channeling information that is very old and very outdated and no longer has any place in what is transpiring at this time.


There are many ways to channel information, and some of these methods concern piping into information that is available because it has been recorded in the annals of time. It would be as if someone of your world today drilled into the side of a great library and began to extract information randomly from beginnings of books, ends of books, and many different books all at once and in no particular order. This is what is happening today in your world as there are certain members of your society that are tapping into these various sources of information and releasing this information as if it is newly manifested messages being sent to them from a conscious and higher dimensional being who is working in service to the light. Again, this is not the case, as these individuals of your world are only tapping into records stored within libraries of recorded information that exist throughout this universe and throughout the many dimensions.


To attempt in any way to extract information from these libraries in this way would be akin to you walking in to a main library branch in a major city and randomly selecting any section of the library, any aisle of the library, any book, then any line from that book, recording that information and then closing that book to begin once again a random search for a another book in this library. You would then repeat this process, extracting a few words or a few sentences from each book and then sharing the information that has been collected in this manner with others as if it is not only current information, but accurate information. This is what is going on here today in your world, as there are channels that are not highly skilled in this procedure of tapping into higher dimensional energies and knowledge and accurately extracting it to share with others.


In the days ahead when we can work with you more personally, we will demonstrate for you how to accurately connect to and extract information from the great halls of knowledge that exist within this universe. We will fully educate you and train you on the proper methods of tapping into these energies and how to properly and accurately extract and correlate the information gained in this manner.


At this time in your history, there are many of you who are learning perhaps for the first time how to channel energies from within your current dimension and even from higher dimensions, and we are very pleased to see so many of you giving your sincerest efforts to learn this art and work on perfecting your abilities. We say to you though at this time that most of you who are attempting to channel information in this way are still at a beginner level and have very much to learn and much experience yet to gain before you begin to share this information with others as if it is factual, accurate, and being shared with you from a conscious, higher dimensional being who has your best interest in mind.


At this time, there are those of you who are receiving information that indeed derives from a fully conscious, higher dimensional being who does have the better welfare of the channel, your planet and your people as the reason for, and motivation for, the work that they are doing. There are not as many of you who are receiving this kind of information in this manner than may appear, and we wish we could supply you with a list of those whose work is worthy of reading and those whose work is not, but at this time we wish for you to better utilize your powers of intuition and self discernment to come to your own conclusions and choose for yourselves which messages you will follow and allow to guide you through the days ahead.


There are many ways we feel you can accomplish this task and gain clearer and more accurate insights into who's messages are deriving from a fully conscious, higher dimensional being of light, and who's messages are random pieces of scattered information from various sources throughout this universe. We feel this is a talent worth learning and worth pursuing, and we encourage all of you to feel the vibration of the words singularly and in their entirety that you are reading. Allow these words, sentences, phrases and the overall feeling of the message to caress the heartstrings within you, and listen and feel for the notes and melodies being played. Are you feeling a beautiful melody, rich in its uplifting textures of love and light, or are sour notes being plucked out of rhythm and filling the concert hall of your being with disharmony and discord?


We say to you to listen to this concert being played within you while you are reading the words before you and make a conscious choice to believe these words as truth or see them for what they are. If you feel moved emotionally and spiritually as only a beautifully conceived and performed concerto or opera can move you, then we say to you an orchestra of higher dimensional beings of love and light are performing for you. We say to you to enjoy these performances for they are gifts of love for you, and let the music being played for you lift you and carry you away in gorgeous harmony.


We are the Galactic Federation of Light.







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Message from the Pleadians

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"As below as above" -- An address to the Galactic Federation of Light from planet Earth.


While I would like to think that there are beings here to "help" us -- I just cannot think about how much we should just do this ourselves.  We have been "helped" all along by all these "benevolent" "higher" beings, BUT the TRUTH is -- we are all equal.  This planet is the planet for HUMAN BEINGS, we know this place best as we have come from its source.  Let us alone, stop giving us messages that you think will "help" or are "relevant" to us and our development.  We've been helped to the brink of death and destruction -- let us do what we know we need to do now -- alone.  If we need your help, we will ask for it.  Do not suppose you know what we need, you know very little about our experience and what we need -- you only THINK you know better (and in that you need to check your own reality first!). 


So as above, so as below -- if it were peachy and wonderful everywhere in the cosmos except earth, than that "truth" cannot be.  I like to think it is, and we are all reflecting one another, so you who claim to be a part of the galactic federation of light -- have enough of your own stuff to get in order rather than interfere and bring your chaos and disorder here.  I realize that is NOT your intention, but that is the result -- very similar to the operations of the US and NATO on our planet. 


Like I said, if we need your specific help, we will seek it out.  But for now, we human beings must take dominion and have some real work to do that only we can do.  Your unsolicited help is confusing many people, and is simply no longer helpful.   You have given us the same information over and over again, and those of us with ears have heard and understand what needs to happen next -- but the TRUTH is, this struggle is OUR's and humans won't do it if they think someone else is going to do it for them.  That seems to be our nature.  I hope you appreciate my words and their intentions.  Thank you for listening.

What kill each other other

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What kill each other other off in this selfish greedy world, i am one to say it is time for change and the change is ascension as its been long over due and is our destiny.

Love & Light.