Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/23/12 ‘Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins’

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Of the many projects needed to be tackled here in your world are the many projects concerning the cleanup, the removal and the purification of pollutants and toxins that have been littered and stored, many times improperly, all over and within your planet. What we must accomplish together with you is to locate all of this waste product and find a suitable means to dispose of it properly, which means not to throw it or store it someplace on or within your planet, but to find a way to purify it so that its energetic properties are reinvested into the energy of our universe.


This is how waste is properly disposed of in more advanced worlds of your universe. The means of your current waste disposal systems are archaic and should never have been devised in the first place, as dumping garbage into your oceans and into landfills is not conducive for a healthy planet or a healthy you. We have teams that specialize in this field and who are eager to share with you their wisdom and experience on the proper methods of waste purification and recycling management of the toxins and pollutants that litter your world. There are at this time many avenues of choice to rid your world of these pollutants and we will discuss these choices with you and choose a suitable means to accomplish this chore with you. We will supply you all the tools that you will need, as well as all the expertise we can share with you and all the supervision you may require to get this job done, but we wish to make it clear it will be you who  gets these jobs done and not us, as it is not our planet and it is not our responsibility but yours to keep your planet clean, healthy and beautiful for all future generations to enjoy, to prosper and to experience what life can be like on the physical plateau.


We would like to take this time to discuss with you a suitable means to rid your planet of all pollutants, which includes a great deal of nuclear and radioactive waste. This radioactive waste must be removed from your world with extreme care, as the dangers it poses are beyond your current understandings of physics and the structural makeup of your universal dimensions. Radioactive fallout can slice through dimensions into higher dimensions above you and lower dimensions below you and open up wormholes that will allow destructive forces to enter areas they should not be and are not welcome. Do you understand the picture we are painting here? What we are describing for you is a mess that borders on nightmare, as ghosts and ghouls, goblins and apparitions, spirits, elementals and all kinds of shadowy figures of wickedness can enter dimensional areas where they are not permitted as they do not possess the vibrations high enough and pure enough to permit them in such areas, yet this is precisely what has happened here on your Earth that at one time was a beautiful wonderland of higher dimensional paradise.


Your Earth was not always a lower 3rd dimensional world. It was at one time a much higher dimensional place to journey to and to call home for many higher dimensional beings. It was a beautiful planet, it was a majestic planet set in a gorgeous tiara that was this beautiful star system you know as the Sole Star System. Your entire solar system has fallen on hard times and it plummeted through the floors of the lower dimensions while at the same time allowing beings and entities that existed below to thrive and take hold of this little, beautiful, blue marble that floats so majestically in space. This is one of our purposes here in your world at this time. One of our missions is to purify your world of all these unwanted and unwelcome spirits, entities, ET's, and all kinds of inter-dimensional beings who have not earned the right to be here through spiritual development and understanding and the purification of the heart chakra necessary for one to properly gain access to certain dimensions.


This is how this universe has been designed. Your Creator has designed for you and for all of us a safety lock system where only beings of the purest heart and intent can ride the escalator into the higher realms of existence. Your world was no different. It was not designed without these lock systems that have proven effective throughout this entire universe for many millions of years. What happened here can be considered an accident, though in a higher sense there are no accidents, but events that unfold due to the choices of those responsible for these events to manifest. What in essence happened here was the locks on this system were broken by carelessness and greed of a few. What followed was an evaporative effect where leaks in this ‘air-tight’ vacuum sealed system purged and beings were sucked up into the dimension where your beautiful planet Earth rested. This was a time of great chaos, confusion and fear for the inhabitants of this planet, and this only led to a further falling of the vibrational frequency of this world and of the people within it, and she fell further through the floors of the dimensions that were seated below hers.


What resulted is what you now are experiencing. A world where there is war so commonplace that when a new one is declared hardly an eyebrow is lifted by any number of your populace, a place where murders and crimes against each other are as common as a smile shared between one another, a place where children and adults alike go to sleep at night hungry and shivering from the cold of their homelessness. What we wish to do is change all that. What we wish to do is first purify your world of all the rogue elements that dwell in each and every land all around your planet. We wish to round them up and escort them out of here where they never belonged. This is who many of these individuals are that inhabit your world and in many cases run your world from behind and even in front of the scenes. Are you now getting a better idea of who these individuals are and why their thought processes are so different from yours?


Are you beginning to grasp the seriousness of this situation and are you beginning to understand the magnitude of the mission that we are all a part of and why we say to you it is so important for you to drop all your distractions and get serious and man your positions and do what it is you promised you would do when you got here? This is your call to action and you now have been given a little more insight into the serious nature of our mission here, a mission that encompasses you as an integral member of this entire operation, and without you this operation cannot be completed satisfactorily or successfully. It is time for you, all of you reading these words to drop whatever it is that is leading you to distraction and keeping you from fulfilling your solemn oath of your mission and getting the jobs done that you have come here to do. We cannot make ourselves any clearer than this. It is time to rid this planet of those beings, entities, spirits, ghosts, spooks, goblins, demons and every kind of disembodied spirit entity that does not belong here and has not earned the right to call this beautiful planet their home.


Help us now accomplish this task. There are representatives from star systems throughout this entire universe here to assist you in this great task that has been decreed by none other than our Creator, your Creator, the Creator of this entire universe. It is time, the day has come, there is no tomorrow to get these jobs done, there is only today. Let us get busy and let us focus on only each and every task that will, step-by-step, see to the successful resolve of our mission and the purification of this beautiful, blue- marbled gem and replace her in the headpiece that will be your new gorgeous and brilliantly shining star system.


We are your universal brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light.





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Thanks again Greg for this

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Thanks again Greg for this eye opener...I'm a little confused though because I heard the other day on a radio broadcast from Drake, that he has available to him a microbe that will eat radiation and pollutants from the air...What was that about? He said he has communication with our Galactic family about this, so, I'm wondering about that microbe and other promised solutions to cleaning up this planet. Did I misunderstand something in that broadcast?


It certainy would be Divine to finally be rid of all the unwanted ghosties, ghoulies and rogue elements in every land that many have had horrendous encounters with...


No one on this earth should have to go hungry or without clothing and shelter. It would be a dream come true if everyone on beautiful planet earth had a clean house to live in with the necessities and comforts everyone deserves, with healthy food to eat, a warm bed to sleep in and ample time to be connected to Source and nature and get to know their neighbors and give a helping hand to whatever needed to be done to live in true LOVE for one another and Mother Earth..Sign me up to help in any way I can...Much Peace, Joy, Light and Love to You and to ALL! NOW! :) <3