Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/30/12 ‘Time Conquered’

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In harmony we will rise to any challenges set before us as we together begin the renewing of our bonds, our ties, our relationships, our love and service to each other, to this universe and to our Creator, the Creator of all things that we enjoy, that we love, that we cherish, that we save within our memories that have brought us happiness, pleasure and even pain sometimes, as all our experiences have brought us closer to the oneness of it all in this universe, closer to each other, closer to our higher selves and closer to our Creator who began all this for us to enjoy, to learn, to grow, to experience existence, experience life here in his magnificent universe.


It is time to now begin the next steps on our journey together, steps that will bring you into a brand new world, a brand-new universe, for you will be leaving behind everything that you have come to know as your reality, for nothing will be the same for you once you step out through that door in the near days ahead, days that are approaching very rapidly for you as time is quickening. Can you feel this, dear ones? Can you feel that time is collapsing on itself, that it is becoming powerless against you and your will? Time is disappearing, evaporating, vanishing, and will very soon for you matter no more as time will have run out, if you will, and you will find yourself emerged in more of a ‘timeless’ state of being. This is what you have to look forward to, and we suggest to you to not count the minutes, days and hours until all of this begins for you as when you do this you are empowering time, you are giving time power, you are giving time domain over you. You are giving time a right it does not naturally possess, for time is not a governor, is not a ruler, a king, a God, a Creator. Time is but an abstract, an aspect, a product of yours and our creation.


We, the beings that inhabit this wonderful universe created time so we could experiment with it, to better experience and understand our universe, ourselves and each other. This is all time is. Time is no more than this, but it is also no less than this. We say to you do not make time more than it is. Do not believe for one moment that you cannot conquer time, for time is already conquered, as we have created it and we have never given time any powers over us in any way as this was never part of our dream and vision for this particular creation. Releasing the shackles of time will be incredibly liberating for you, for you will not age as you do at this time, you will not tire as you may at this time, you will not have certain deadlines that you struggle to meet, although you will still have remnants remaining of what you have come to know as time, we wish to be clear on this.


It is not as if you are graduating into a complete void where there are not things to do and a time and a place to do them, for their certainly are. There will always be times, dates and places to travel to that will take a certain amount of time to get there. We do not wish for you to miss understand us when we say that time will change for you, as time will still exist, it is just that the rules, the parameters, the laws that govern time will change for you. Do you understand this, dear ones? Do you understand that there will always be certain aspects of time, certain powers of time, certain laws of time, certain instances of time. Time will always exist as the concept that it is, it is just the concept itself that will experience metamorphosis for you as you exit the lower dimensions and enter the higher above you, if you will, although dimensions are not stacked on top of each other either, they are more within each other if you could imagine it in that way.


We would like to discuss with you what is you will be doing with much of your time once you exit the lives that you have grown to know so well. A new start for many of you may be rather jolting in a way, mildly shocking we can even say for some of you, as ending old ways and beginning new ways is always a challenge to be taken seriously. We wish for you, dear ones, who are following our messages to think about how it is you will handle saying goodbye to so much that you have grown so accustomed to. Will you be able to make this transition smoothly, or will you experience some bumps in your world, finding it difficult to release so much of the familiar? We will be there for you, offering our guidance and counseling for those of you who may find this transition a little challenging and could benefit from the assistance of those who have gone on before you and have experienced just what you are about to experience, not once, but even many times before.


Although this will be a glorious experience for you, an exciting experience, an adventurous and fun experience, it will also be a new, strange and mysterious and at times challenging experience for many of you. We wish you to as best as you can prepare yourselves for what will be a great change for you. It will not be a subtle change by any means, as much of what you have grown to know as the norm will dissipate, making way for many new things that you will have no or very little memory of. Do you see how this certainly can be a little bit of a mild shock for some? We certainly can understand this, and we wish to as best as we can minimize what can be an unsettling experience and allow you to proceed into your new lives as smoothly and as soundly as is possible.


To do this, we feel it is best to describe a little what it will be like for you when you exit this reality for a new one, a different one, a higher one, a freer one, a more exciting and adventurous one. One of the things you will be shedding are the constraints that have been put on you here in this dimension you call home today. There are so many constraints upon you; money, age, health, gender, discrimination, geographical considerations, your jobs, your families. These are all constraints, shackles it could even be said, although we understand how you love your families and you may love the area in which you live, this is not what we mean. What we mean is you have ties to these areas of your lives, ties that cannot easily be cut, allowing you to roam free wherever it is you would like to go and do whatever it is you would like to do. This is one aspect of your life that will surely change for you, as once you emerge into the higher realms you will have no ties they cannot be removed to allow you to soar anywhere and everywhere it is you would like to be, to see, to experience.


Yes it is true you have families on this side as well who love you very dearly, but you do not have families in the sense that you need to work every day to support them or stay home to raise them or a mix of both, as this is not part of your new reality. Many of you will also find yourselves in new careers, this is also true, but you will have plenty of time, freedom and resources to travel wherever it is you would like to and do whatever it is you wish to do as you will not be tied down to a job that commands so much of your lives as you may have today.


These are some of the considerations we would like you to think about today, for although many see this as a blessing to be able to cut ties with some of these things we have discussed, you may be surprised that there will be many of you who find letting go of all these things or some of these things a great challenge, as they have never known true freedom from these aspects of their lives that have demanded so much of their time, energy, focus and resources. We just wish you to think about this today, and think about how you will feel and how you will handle this emotionally when the ties to all that may in some way hold you down today from experiencing what it is you wish to experience and traveling to where you wish to travel are untied for you forever. Please think about this today and prepare yourselves, for although freedom is a joyous blessing and gift, true freedom can also be quite challenging for some when this gift is opened for the first time in eons, or maybe even the first time ever.


We are your free brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light. We love you all, dear ones.




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I've been retired for several years now, and it is certainly no picnic. I'm already in the process of getting rid of almost everything I own in order to move into assisted living, because I feel so awkward in my body and can't seem to do things in the physical anymore - driving, cooking, even going for walks are all difficult for me now. I don't know if this is due to illness or to beginning stages of ascension. I will be very happy to leave time behind (although where I am going to live soon I will need to notice time in order to be there when the food is served, LOL) - - - and I hope that there is some sort of work for me when we get there, because being totally retired is absolutely the pits. I've been quite able to adapt in the past, and I hope that my age and my health will not pose problems in ascension. They tell us that we will be healed, and so I am eager fot that!


Thank you for your message.