Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/13/12 ‘Ascension Science’

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Holding you back in some ways is your resistance to change in some areas. There are for some of you new concepts and new ideas that are foreign to you, strange to you. You do not resonate with them, for you have never experienced anything like this before in any of your previous or recent incarnations. We of the Galactic Federation of Light wish to assist you smooth this transition for yourselves and assimilate these changes more efficiently and effectively, more positively, more securely and more confidently.


At this time, some of you are demonstrating great difficulties when reading our messages to you. These individuals are displaying behaviors not suitable for higher dimensional existence in many ways. These individuals are demonstrating for all to see that they are not yet prepared, they have not yet enabled themselves to rise above the frequency levels of a 3rd third dimensional existence. This is their choice and we, as we always do, honor and respect the choice that all will make, however, these beings may wish to understand that they will not, because they cannot, ascend into the higher dimensions until these deficiencies in their personality constructs are purified, are corrected, are brought into alignment with higher dimensional consciousness.


This is a rule. It is the way that this multiple dimensional universe is governed. There are no shortcuts, there are no backdoors, there are no pass keys given for those who have not raised their individual frequency levels to sufficient pulse rates. This is an absolute, this is law, this is rule, this is science, this is spirituality, and this is how one rises up into a higher dimension than the dimension they currently reside in. Do you all understand this very basic concept of how your multidimensional universe is governed? One does not ascend because one wishes to ascend or one chooses to ascend or one thinks they will ascend. This is not how it works. How it works is one rises to challenges throughout their incarnations, they learn from these tests, these lessons and these experiences and they add them to their collected consciousness structures. When one adds these lessons learned successfully, an increase in their vibrational frequency level is experienced. This raising of one's vibration continues on through many successive incarnations until an individual raises their personal vibrational frequency to at least equal to the minimum requirement for this being to connect to the frequency of the dimension above. It is then and it is only then that this being can then ‘plug in’ and become one with the higher dimension through a matching of frequency.


We hope we have been clear on this, for we see quite often throughout your online communities those who clearly exhibit third dimensional behavior who speak about ascension as if it is a guarantee, as if it is a lock, as if it is owed to them, as if they demand it that it shall be handed to them. We never wish to be the bearer of bad news, but we from our vantage point feel it is our duty to report these things to you, to share our wisdom and understandings with you. We do not wish for any of you, our brothers and our sisters, to walk another mile confused, spend another day unaware of certain factors that govern your existence and your lives here in your current 3rd dimension. We wish to always be honest and frank with you, and we feel we are doing this today. We do not wish to make anyone feel badly and we do not wish to embarrass anyone. What we wish to do is educate, to spread awareness, and that is what our intentions are when we speak of these matters.


We also share our advice for those who wish to accept it and act upon it. We do not give orders, commands, or directives to you. We simply offer gifts, and it is up to each and every individual as well as your people as a collective if they wish to accept them. Today we offer the gift of a greater understanding of ascension, as we are quite aware that there are very many of you who wish, and in many cases expect, to ascend in the near days ahead. We wish to be as clear about this as can. We say to you now that there will be those of you who do in fact ascend in the near days ahead. By ‘near days’ we mean months and not years. This is as clear as we can be as to when some of you will ascend, as there are many contributing factors and you will not be punching out with a time clock, as it were, when a particular hour strikes. This is not how it works. How it works is a melding, if you will, of vibrational frequencies is achieved between you as individuals and a collective and the higher realms above you. It will be as if a swirling whirlwind envelopes your essence and delivers you through a doorway on to the fertile grounds of a new and blessed reality for you to begin anew your journey.


That is how it works, and now that you understand this a little greater, would you say if we asked you today that you would be waiting for a particular date to arrive? No, you probably would not. There are many of you with your eyes to the calendar. You see December of 2012 as a date when magic may happen. This is very true, but let us emphasize the word may. It may happen for many of you in that month of this year, but just as likely it may not happen in that month of this year. It is all up to you, and we suggest to you today to work today in making your tomorrow become what it is you want it to be. Do not wait for a date and do not wait for outside influences to come and carry you away. It is you and you alone who must forge your own wings to take flight into the higher dimensions of this universe.


We cannot be any clearer on this, and we hope very much that all of you reading these words perfectly understand this, as this is one of the most important things for you to understand at this time. We understand how important your ascension is to you and they are important to us as well, as this is one of the reasons why we are here. We are here as your shepherds, your chaperones, your escorts, your guides, your doormen, so to speak, into the higher realms, and we wish to do everything that it is we can do to assist you make this greatly successful and we will continue on in our efforts in this light.


For those of you who are now beginning to doubt whether you will indeed ascend come this year or sometime afterward perhaps, we say to you do not give up so easily, but work on the deficiencies, if you will, that you may possess. Work on what it is that you feel you lack or that you possess that you would need to clear yourself of like a heavy anchor weighing you down. What is it that you feel about yourselves is not conducive, is not a match, is not a partner for higher dimensional life? What is it you are doing that you feel others in higher dimensions do not do? What is it that you are exhibiting to others that you feel you would not witness others exhibiting in the higher realms? This is a very likely place to start, and we wish to read your comments today and learn just what it is about yourselves that you feel you may need to change before you are gifted with the blessing of ascension.


This is your assignment, and we ask as many of you who wish to assist us to leave your comments today and share with us your thoughts about this. Let us know if you have learned something about ascension today and its properties and its laws that govern your travel, if it were, and share with us your insights into what you think you may need to work on, change or discard within yourselves. Let us know which areas in your lives or in your behaviors that you feel needs improving to allow yourselves the opportunity of ascension. This is all we have for you today and we, as we always do, look forward to reading your thoughts beneath our message today. Have a wonderful, beautiful and blessed day today, our dear friends.


We are your family and your friends who have found the keys to ascension that existed within us. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.




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Learn to forgive

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As you request, let me put what I think I need to learn. I need to learn to forgive. Forgive myself and others for what have been done. I need to learn to love myself and in the long run learn to love others as well. I need to improve on these matters.


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 should not doubt our ability to collectively change the future as we co-create a new living and sustainable earth

I used to think that I would

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I used to think that I would ascend, now I really have my doubts. Everything in my life seems to be getting worse instead of better.

wow I'm really confused as to

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wow I'm really confused as to the discrepancy of all these messages. what the gfol says is really quite different from what Sananda and some of the others say. who do I believe? what do I believe? this is all very confusing.

Thank you for the gift!

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Today I realized to behave how I would in the higher realmsThis has been a great wake up call for me. Today I also realized its my universe. I have to make the move myself and not wait for someone to make it for me. I must do what right for me and everyone! Thank you Greg and everyone for the the this great gift of a key to unlock yet another piece of the puzzle that has now given me a very big boost closer to ascension. I Love this gift!


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I am trying I will say that. In most ways I feel I am still on the path, but at times living in a 3d world with the cabal controling our existance with thier games is getting old. I do not have the ability to function in this system anymore, so basically I am sitting on the fence in day to day life. I have troubles manifesting money into my life as I do not have the desire or energy to play this silly game that is our 3d world at this time anymore. freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose, and trust me I have nothing left to lose, but possesions to me are just another form of slavery so I am cool with this. So patience and not losing faith on who is winning is my biggest challenge right now. I have experienced to many miracles not to believe that you exist. I had one et actually manifest for me to show me of your existance. I have been telling truth for 10 years, most scoff or mock me for my thoughts. I keep waiting for truth to manifest and I am confused why disclosure is delayed over and over. I am ready to get this show on the road so to speak. I know I have some 3d habits and patterns that I still go to at times and I am working at releasing these. I also have a heart that is full of love, but I am tired not physically but spiritually and so ready to move on.

not alone

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You sound just like me! You are NOT ALONE!
Sending love to you!

im workin on it

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I am not going to stop commenting in fear of sounding 3d. I am what and where I am. Each day I strive to understand more and open my mind and heart more than yesterday. I have made great progress. I have been dedicated to evolving as early as I can remember. Whether or not I ascend comes second to my service to myself others in helping all of us learn our own truth and power.
I have been created as God saw fit: a perfect being. I am surrendered and beyond judgement, as are you, and all of creation.
My only wish is to fulfill my creators dream for me. Of course I wish to ascend in the sense of further evolution of myself, however if "I stay" in 3d I will continue to do my work for the benefit of all. I welcome any and all help in doing this, from any and all sources.
Thank you for posting this reality check so to speak, to affirm why I am here.
I only have love to offer despite any distortions I may inadvertently project.

self reflection

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I believe my heart is crafted in the love and light of God.  But I am not sure I have done enough on this Earth to earn ascension in terms of physically moving myself to help others.  I am always good about spreadings smiles and laughter, but I do not go out of my way to seek opportunities to put my time and effort into assisting others.  I could definitely grow in this area.  Perhaps I just need more time on Earth to create positive change on a larger scale.  I am currently working to create a name and image for myself that will give me the presence needed to operate on a larger scale to do good things for the masses. I look forward to seeing how I will grow and adapt in the near future.
Thank you for your enlightening article and most importantly for your willingness to help spread love and truth on this planet.


  Garret Wade

show yourselves or give us better solutions

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If you really wish to aid us in this ascention, why is it so important? Stop giving me metephores and give me tools i may use. and where did you all come from? Howcome ive never seen or met you in this lifetime? Give us better answers. Maybe stop channeling and visit us on the planet. Thats what i want to see from you cause i have no clue whatsoever how im going to rid myself of deficiencies. Im barely just learning to live this life and now i have to ascend? For what? Why? 20 years is too damn short. Another thing i have a hard time doing is trying to prove your existance to others. Even speading simple ideas and other reject it. Im at a point where im beginning to think this is a hoax. Prove me wrong. Maybe thats my deficiency. please tell me who ypu aee and what ascension is and why i need to ascend. Then help. Why keep sitring behind the virtual screen. Visit us. Im not afraid im sure others no matter how suprised would be happy that other life forms are visiting. Thanks for listening to my rambling. If you still choose to spread your messages here, they wont get to many peoples ears. do something that will act as a catalyst for ascending. What ever that is even supposed to mean

Am I ready?

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I have forgiven so much, and helped people in subtle ways, so subtle that sometimes they did not know I was helping them. And that is the way I wanted it, to assist in ways that would help make people stronger. I still do. But I am having difficulty forgiving myself, and I hope that does not keep me from ascending... I also wonder about the fact that I have physical illnesses for which I take many medicines, and I hope that those medicines do not keep me from ascending. I long to be ready. Am I?





 In these past tumultous few

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 In these past tumultous few months I have assimilated one very important thing, that all that has been transpiring leading up to 21 December is about each individual's own spiritual evolution from egoic , competitive mind centered existence to heart centered, cooperative realization of the u nderlying unity of all.  This has been slowly working it's way down from my centers of "intellectual understanding" to be put into practice. It is not easy to reverse lifetimes of operant conditioning, but my will to connect with my higher centers of being will   make letting go easier.  We all need to see and feel across the globe your presence letting all  of us know we are all family. The dark has had centuries to lock us into a dark place of their making. We are and will emerge but still feel we need, and INVITE you all to take a more direct, and active role in our awakening, OK?