Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/17/12 ‘The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven’

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Saint Peter holding the 'Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven' (Matthew 16:19) . The keys

symbolize frequency, as frequency can be expressed as a musical tone, pitch or 'key'. 


Resurrecting your dreams, your hopes, your accomplishments and your new home will be an achievement beyond any that you have ever made. What you have to look forward to is something that not many beings, if any at all, throughout this entire universe are blessed so to experience. We have planned for you and see for you so many wonderful things that so many of you who today may feel tied down to an unrewarding, un-pleasurable, unexciting, un-wondrous and unloved existence will, like a springboard, catapult into an entirely new reality, fresh in its grand tapestries of excitement, adventure, mystery, beauty, wonder, reward and surprise.


This is what so many of you have in store for yourselves just up ahead beyond the next-door that you will successfully step through. Do not allow yourselves to feel glum now, to allow yourselves to deflate, as it is this air of expectation, of childlike excitement and anticipation that is the air that fills your balloon that will lift you up and out of your current fairground of reality. Do you understand this, that it is your attitude, your inner emotions that are such an important factor in helping deliver you to where it is you want to be and what you want to experience? Your mindsets are preciously important factors at this and all times. It is entirely necessary for each and every one of you who wants more for yourselves, who wants something different and better for yourselves to safeguard and cater to your mindset, your attitudes, your demeanor, your outlook, your expectations, your mood as well as your physical health at all times, for all of these things factor in to your journey.


What you are thinking and feeling at any given moment is painting for you the portrait of your life that will be complete and gifted to you in so many days ahead. This is how it works in this universe. It works no other way. This is how it was designed and this is how it functions at this present time and will continue to function like this until such a day when your Creator decides that he wishes to change these parameters, these rules of operation. If you understand this, then we say to you start today, start painting a brighter, more promising and more positive outlook for yourselves. This doom and gloom scenery that many of you are painting with each brush stroke today may not be the portrait many of you have in mind to hang on your wall of your new reality.


We have been reading your posts and comments and communicating in other ways with some of those that we have connections to and we have a fairly good idea what many of you wish for yourselves, and it is safe to say it is not more of the same. Do you think that you must therefore change what you are feeling inside, what you are thinking inside, what you are creating for yourselves inside? These go hand-in-hand; your thoughts today and your future tomorrow. There is no dividing these two, they are eternally linked. If it is tomorrow you wish to change, then it is today you need to change. This you must understand, this you must remember, this you must focus on each and every day, or each and every day you will be creating the same days to line up like railroad tracks long and far into the distance that you will travel. It is time for many of you to begin laying new tracks that will take you to new destinations of your choosing. That is all we have to say about that. We wish you to always remember these words, as so many of you deserve and wish for yourselves better, and it is better that is available to you now.


Moving on to pressing matters in your world, we are observing tides turning in the great collective consciousness of your people. We see no longer a race who wishes for war or for violence of any kind. We see a people who now long for and call for peace and love, global brotherhood and cooperation. This is such a wonderful site to behold from our vantage point, and we say to all of you that you will have what it is you wish for yourselves and your families, this will not be denied. The world that you now long for, a world where there is peace that silences the war and the fighting will be yours and prosperity will be the new call of the day.


There will be prosperity where there was bloodshed. This is what happens when the guns of war are silenced. Like a vacuum something must fill the void that has been vacated, and when war and violence is done away with and no longer consumes the creative energies of a collective only good follows in its place, for this is the natural course. You will not be experiencing more of the same in different persona, a different mask and cloak. You will be experiencing something so different, so unbelievable, so liberating, so beautiful, invigorating, joyous, uplifting, satisfying and rewarding. You will be experiencing a world where money is not a commodity that is fought over. You will be experiencing a world where money is not rare and is not the ultimate target of so much energy, focus and fighting. You will be experiencing a world where money and wealth is shared freely and equally among all of you, where no one will be left for want or need for anything.


This is the world that you are creating today, and we say to you do not allow yourselves for one day longer to be pessimistic, to live in doubt, live in fear, insecurity and uncertainty about your tomorrow, for we tell you we see the tomorrow you are creating today and it is wonderful, it is magnificent, and each and every one of you will prosper so greatly in so many different ways. We say to you do not give up now, do not let your guard down, do not allow yourselves to stumble upon the old ways, habits and the tendencies and the attitudes that created for you the world that you are now leaving behind. You now all see the negative, unproductive, unrewarding, un-free, unloving, unfeeling and unsafe world that can be created through negative thought, action, intent and dream.


No one in this entire universe can tell you better, the people of Earth, what kind of sorrow, misery, hardship, sadness, fear, loneliness and destitution that can be created when you allow yourselves to begin to create such a world through your negative vibrations and your powers of creative manifestation. You all have learned this lesson and you have learned it the hard way, the hardest way anyone in this universe must learn a lesson. You learned it by living through it, in not just one lifetime, but many successive incarnations before you are permitted to return home to where it is you originally come from, and this place is not, in almost every case, the place that you visit after each incarnation, for where it is you truly come from, where it is that is your home is, is not the place that you have been visiting for a short while after you leave one physical vessel to be born into a new vessel.


Do you understand what we are saying here, that it is not through the death experience that you can ‘escape’, if you will, this reality and into a new? It was not designed in such a way that someone could simply take their own life or wander through it and ‘graduate’, if you will, into a new reality. It was not designed such as this for several reasons. We say to you one of these reasons was to make sure each and every one of you who signed up for this mission, this journey, this experience got exactly what it is from all of this that you wanted in the first place, what this entire reality was created for in the first place, which was for each and every one of you to learn all the lessons necessary to allow you to grow wings and take flight into the higher stretches of this universe. That was the purpose of the creation of this entire reality.


This reality you call Earth in the 3rd dimension is not an abomination, was not a mistake, was not a miscarriage of creation. It was a beautiful, wonderful and perfect creation and it has served each and every one of you perfectly well for what it is you wished to experience for yourselves, and now it comes the time for many of you to receive just what it is you wanted from all this. This is the day that now stands just before you so soon it is only a blink of an eye, the beat of your heart relative to the long eons that you have been away from your home and have been on this journey. Do you understand how very close you all are and that losing patience now when you are just another breath away would be unwise and imprudent, as to remain as positive as you can to help usher in your new day is so vitally important?


We want each of you to remember this; that your vibrations must be kept as high as possible to allow you to connect, to plug-in, to blend into the higher vibrations of this universe. This is one of the reasons why we, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light, paint for you our pictures of how wonderful, beautiful, exciting, rewarding and promising your new world and your new lives will be, for we want you, because you need to, keep your spirits high, keep your vibrations high, for there is nothing more important that you can do today than to keep your vibrations as high as possible. This is so important for you to remember and we will stress this point again to you often throughout the days ahead, as we wish you to keep this thought in the forefront of your consciousness; your vibrational frequencies are the key that will unlock the door that will present itself to you in the not too distant future.


This is all we have for you today, and we say to you preserve and safeguard the keys that you possess inside you, for they are priceless and they are what will unlock every dream, every hope and every desire that you have ever had.


We are key masters as well. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.




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I wonder what happens to the

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I wonder what happens to the rest of us - if you're too broken and tired already and just feel nothing and are unable to do this? I read on a posting here that duality was an experiment - which seems a little crazy to me. My post appears to have been removed, which is sad in itself. I guess people don't want to hear that not everyone is feeling so great and happy. Love and peace to all