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As the moment to your planetary Ascension draws closer, there is a need to explain to many about the new higher laws, the ones that in truth are about your freedom, freedom of expression and ability to live without interference from others.

It is about living in complete honesty with who you are in this exact moment of time, in a heart centred- non ego way.

One that ecapsulates your essence into the everyday things.

These UNIVERSAL laws are Intergalactically known across many universes and dimensional planes of existence, but for so long have been kept from you. Yet in truth your highest selves know this.

So lets all step aside from ego and live via our spiritual essence and truth, for it is here we find our truths and inner peace.

1) LIVE TO HARM NONE : This means to do nothing that would create harm to either yourself, or any other being, in all senses. Physical- such as fighting, hurting one another, killing, maiming, sexual abuse, physical abuse. Emotional- using fear to make someone scared and frightened/ unsafe, deliberately making them emotionally hurt. Psychologically- this covers all manner of mental abuse, putting someone down, not honouring them, torture, neglect. In so much as we dont do these things, we must be aware and actually action it. If we see others who need our help it is up to each individual to not neglect our duty to help. As neglect and non action can often cause more harm than good. This goes for ourselves too.

2) HONOUR ALL LIVING BEINGS : Plants, animals, and other beings all deserve the same care, love and comforts you do. In honouring yourself, and caring for your own needs, then you in turn honour all life itself no matter what form it takes. To truely understand this one must go beyond the call and actually TREAT ALL LIFE AS THEY WISH TO BE TREATED. If you put yourself in that animals posistion in the slaughter house, would you want to be there? How would you feel? Every living thing has feelings, memories a spirit/ essence of Godess/God. Honour that in you what is also inherently in others.

3) KNOW THY SELF : To fully know yourself, and every inch of your heart, thoughts, and reasons behind your actions is to be truely aware. Love and accept yourself with no judgement, just accept that you are who you are. You are all divine sparks from the ONE SOURCE. Discern in your heart your truth, trust yourself to make the right choices in that full knowing.

4) DISCERN TRUTHS FROM LIES : Your hearts are pure, they are tools used to help you discern truth, how often have you kicked yourself for knowing something was truth but choose to ignore it? Listen to that inner wisdom, it is where your highest self speaks. It will make your heart vibrate when truth is told you. Practice this everyday. Make little statements one truth, one untruth and feel the difference between the information, as you get better practice on bigger statements, and articles. If something feels truthful you will know it, if it is resonating as truth, then it is. TRUST YOUR HEART BEYOND ALL DOUBTS.

5) PRACTICE LOVING KINDNESS : This is one that you will all love, as it starts with the self. Practice loving kindness towards yourself.  Forbear your own limitiations and see them as ego expectations. It is in honouring you, that you in turn learn to honour and forbear others. In extending this loving kindness to all beings you grow exponentially. Everyone has things they wish they did or didnt do. No point in wishing, just choose to be who you are in complete kindness to youself and in turn extend it to all.

6) PRACTICE BEING STILL FOR CENTERING EVERYDAY : When you are centred and calm, no-one can hold any sway over your emotions. It is the emotional body that gets you riled up, angry and frustrated. This in turn leads to negative thought, then action. In remaining in that clear calm deep heart centre in everyday life, you master your own self. All illusions of fear, hatred, jealousy, frustration and anger fade away. Be still, meditate everyday, and learn to stay in the heart centre. Its not an easy path, but one well worth mastering, as you open up to the divine self and that takes further hold in your everyday, you see miracles happen around you.

7) HONOUR THE PLANET YOU LIVE ON : As you are all planetary Guardians and Caretakers, it is your responsibility to look after this home, to care for it, to nourish it, to live in perfect harmony with it. Bless it, do not take undue reserves or poison its air and waters. You might be sitting here thinking well ok then.. but how.. Look around you, feel nature and the planet, take back your own power as a Guardian keeper of the planet, and feel what steps to take. Honour the planets seasons, dont pollute her airwaves with undue noise. Stress related illnesses have become hugely increased by modernation and noise pollution. Honour and follow the circadian rhythyms. Learn to put yourself in the planets posistion, would you want to be drained of your blood? Polluted and drilled? Would you want to be subjected to noise all day and night with no let up? Learn to LIVE TO HARM NONE, this is the highest rule. In honouring that you learn to live and be free.

8) LIVE IN PEACEFUL HARMONY, SHOWING NO JUDGMENTS OR HATRED TO ANOTHER : This again is where we look at self, are we at peace with who we are? Are we in harmony with our highest self? The mirror of internal truth is showing externally. Do we sit and judge ourselves? Criticise harshly? Are we sitting there doing so to others? Look and listen, sit inside the self and actually see why it is. What is it we are seeing about our own self that we dont like?

9) TEACH YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE START TO HONOUR AND LIVE IN LOVE : Your children have the right to be taught to live by the highest rules and to not be taught to do opposite. Honour them and teach them from the very beginning, love them, be a family with them. Take time out to be with them and discipline them in love. Learn from them. They are very often more aware of the higher rules than adults are. To teach them from the very beggining you dont need schools and education, you need to be willing to spend loving time with them.

10) ALL UNIVERSAL LAWS  ENFORCE FREEDOM, HARMONY, UNITY AND ABOVE ALL ELSE BE MADE TO SUPPORT THE HIGHEST UNIVERSAL LAW : TO HARM NONE.  All other rules are debunk and void. No other rules count. Only personal and collective freedom, harmony and unity should be created with certain rules of living. But above and beyond, if everyone takes a personal responsibility to pay it fowards, the LIVE TO HARM NONE, is encompassed in the whole dynamic reality.

In love and light, the honour and choice is always your freedom to express and choose. Lets make this new Earth a REALITY NOW.