A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council~

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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council~





Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. We are with you and we are around. Some of you know us well even though you may not recognize us completely you can feel our energy. We are making our presence even more known.

We appear to look a lot like you. We are humans. We are larger than you in physical size. Our energy is different but we have learned to fit in. We find astonishing things happening on the Earth. We are a part of the solution and so are you. We expect a lot of our ground crew. We work with you and you work with us. We are finding cooperative ways to do things even if we can’t make our appearance visual quite yet in your dimension. We are with you.

Do not waste your time or energy wishing you could have things be your way. They will be the way they need to be until something better comes in its place. This applies to all areas of your lives including your jobs, institutions, governments, planet, weather, environment, challenges, etc. Know that you can create whatever you want and so it is about you changing your own circumstances. Whatever is going on around you impacts you however, you can also have a powerful impact on it.

There are many vulnerable spots on the Earth that are in need of healing and attention. We monitor them constantly. This vulnerability affects all of life including you so we know that you need to remain stable and calm if these vulnerable areas are near you. Use your own good intuition and common sense about where to do and what to do. Know that you are being looked after and that you are protected. It is our job to sound the signals within your souls and minds to keep you tuned in keenly to what might occur around you. Do this with a sense of understanding not fear. Look after each other for you will be coming together in a stronger sense of unity and community in the coming times.

Remember that the media does not give you the truth about most events. They are a part of the beings who still want to control you. Their aim is to keep you afraid enough so that you will follow them. Stay separate from that and keep to your own inner guidance and truth. This is how we live in our planetary system. We have learned to empower ourselves and to use this empowerment with each other when we have to make decisions. You will need to do this also.

We are preparing you for the changing times. It is most important that you believe in the power and strength of who you are and that you have faith, the faith to move mountains if necessary.

We see many potential events on your horizon. What is necessary to remember is how humanity will respond to these events. We know that we can count on you to always come through doing your best. You are finishing up lifetimes of issues that you brought with you to be healed in this incarnation. When this is complete you will rise to all of the occasions that will present themselves. You will find your freedom and joy. You will be pleased with your progress and will be aligned with your New Earth.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

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