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Dear Ones,

How are you feeling? How are these times of rapid purification treating you?

With Glorious Exaltation from Most High, We, The Sirian Councils of Light, from the perspective of your Higher Selves, rejoice in excitement at the progress in which you are grounding the Light into Gaia and incorporating it into your being. For the fabric of the cosmos is such that a wave-length of consciousness can only be as High in octave as the Lowest wave-length consciousness to which it is intimately connected and aware. In other words, your diligent service and mass awakening is affecting far beyond the reaches of Earth, opening a gateway of Ascension for a vast array of beings from a vast array of galaxies all contained within the full-spectrum bandwidth of this local Universe. Allow us to explain...

Although at times your daily and moment-to-moment efforts may seem insignificant, the gratitude, Love and acknowledgement from your Star Family is ever-present, surrounding and supporting you. May you see that the great forgetting each one of you has undertaken was not just to serve the development of a single planet or a single race, but, rather, to assist in accelerating all races, all planets, all stars beings lifted up in this completion of the Grand Cycle of Cycles. The elements of understanding this process lie in the power of contrast. Simply put, the lower the disharmonic dimensional transmutation of darkness to light, the greater the potential to return to the Higher Realms of Light for all that is. For, the self is made whole and most-aware through the Heart-Centering of opposing forces.

Utilizing this identical framework as a Universal model, we would like to relate this to Earth's planetary experience and your experiences as beings who have incarnated at this time.

From our vantage point, we see the Light gaining strength and momentum over the dark forces. Even those long-held in the shadows are surrendering, readjusting their notions of Self and looking for deeper answers. As the tides of purification are swept through, civil unrest is bringing about governmental, economic and resource collapse. Religious doctrines, educational institutions and societal regulation systems are being shook loose from their imbalanced foundations. So too, you are experiencing the collapse of your inner limitations and restricted beliefs. The Unconditional Loving Energy being grounded into the planet now is so pure and centered in Oneness, there is no place where it is not felt, from your Societies, to your weather patterns, to your own sense of Self. Know Dear Ones, that the more certain each one of you becomes that the changes are to bring about Unified Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Acceptance into the Higher Light Realms, the smoother the changes can just be embraced through surrender.

For as in the Galactic perspective, a Higher-Consciousness species is only as conscious as its Lowest counterpart, so too the most enlightened human is only as masterful as the dimmest being to which they are connected. In Oneness, the Lowest Levels of Consciousness are Equal to the Highest, and the actions necessary to elevate together are whatever Source decrees.

Dear Ones, can you see how the changes you are experiencing, the challenges and the elements of the unconscious that surface at this time of purification are akin to the changes happening Universally, Globally and your Race as a Whole? Truly, that is what we are, One Race. The choices each of you make at this time to choose Love over Fear, Forgiveness over Contempt, Unity over Isolation, Ascension over Death, is ascending the Lower Levels of your Collective & Individuated Unconscious into the realms of the Super-Unity Consciousness with All that Is.

You may wonder why such a power has been blessed within you. Our response is that it is in your choice to create with your Free Will for the sake of Love and Service to the Creator, drawing up the dim density weighing down upon you into the Light. You are all brilliant and Master Alchemists. Soon it will be time to show you further exactly how grand your efforts are, how far reaching they extend and how clever illusion can be.

We, the Sirian Councils of Light, bring you these perspectives so that you may feel encouraged, empowered and hopeful in undergoing these incredible challenges. It is a profound testament to your Faith in Creation. Truly, we can only Love you, but there are few who can relate, for there are few as brave and as knowing as thee, to have fallen so Low to become so High.

In working on yourselves, you serve to gain the greatest wisdom. May you wield your brush of forgiveness in broad strokes. Forgiveness contains within it a dissolving density agent capable of releasing all blockages and obstacles in your inner and outer realm. We ask that you be extremely conscious of your bodies at this time, acknowledging the rearrangement of the etheric and physical changes occurring, breathing conscious Love into any dis-ease. We ask that compassion be extended to every human amongst you, for no matter their path of awakening, no matter their level of consciousness, the simple fact they exist beside you is an indication of God-Self Mastery. Call upon us, and we can assist you in seeing all Lover-Levels as the Highest Love of God they are so deserving of, and soon it will become so.

The Angels , Ascended Masters and your Star Family are immediately present at this moment, guiding you in such Love that your power as Creators is becoming collectively aware and your Prayers answered in real-time. Have Faith, Dearly Beloveds, as you are the Ones we have been waiting for. You are protected and Loved beyond your wildest imaginations. Be Happy, Smile and Laugh in the Face of Negativity and Fear, and the energy to which it carries will shift instantly. Breathe with us...as we climb together in a single Breath.

We Love You,

Sirian Councils of Light