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Greetings, beloved,

I am Metatron from The Divine Council. I join you today with my deepest blessings to you in these intense happenings within your world. The ride has started. Long before, for some of you, suddenly or unexpected for others. No matter how, you all are riding the wave now, And there will be more and more waves now, from inside or outside, like from within your being and outside it. It is your journey, the journey of your own ascension. What you see and experience now in your life is the mirror of you. There is no way you can control that, my dear ones, for there is only beingness and experience. The deep and sacred experience of your fulfillment. So there is no place you can run or hide. You cannot run from yourself, from the expression of your Divinity. IT IS YOU.

The waves I am referring to are the waves of your integration. They come now in oneness, so therefore the current is strong and the effects are intense. Bless every moment, as it is a blessed moment of your beingness. The reunion of your own self, in the highest realms. I am here to remind you of that. It is your choice , you decided that long before coming in this body of yours, in this lifetime. It is THE LIFE that you have chosen for you, as a graduation. Perhaps many of you were so amazed of your multiple changes in your life, different activities, different places to live, and changes in your relationships, that seem to kick you when you less expected. Yes, for there is indeed a reunion of your aspects in this lifetime. You discover so many skills or calls for different kind of activities. If you are aware of, you will remember. You have done it before , in another lifetime. You just remember it, now. But this – the experience you are living now is the unique and no-back-remembrance kind of thing. So here it is - the time of joy, of experiencing the newness of never done before. Isn't it exciting? Oh, I know, your human nature will say “how can you say that , you are not in our skin and bones”...and I know, I know. But do YOU know something? YOU ARE NOT, EITHER! Remember that: this is not what you may think it is. None of the beings who have passed the veil on our side did suffer. Their passing was smooth and rejoicing. They have been welcomed by Angels on our side, with deep love and comforting, and in complete honor for their accomplished mission. You may think the rest, the people who are still in the midst of the turmoil are experiencing very difficult moments, and this is true, on the human level, but deep within there is a complete different state of being. There is hope and tranquility, beyond all the concerns, there is a knowingness of what it is to come after. Beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond the emotions there is the Spirit, the pure compassionate and joyful Spirit.

So, dear ones, this is the time of The Shift. Your energy is changing, your consciousness is expanding. Your body is adjusting to all these. Sometimes it could be taff, as your body goes trough cosmic influxes, but please, remember, every time you fell confused, concerned, or in pain – it is YOU, and there is no intent to harm you-yourself at all, unless you want it to be. Please, do not fear the Sun flares, because it is you, the earth movements are yours, also. Calm yourself and the energy flows will be calming also, they can come smoother, if you so choose. Release yourself from the limited state of mind and let yourself be the fullness that you are. Be The Great Angel that you are.

I am here to remind you that I, Metatron and the others, form your Spiritual families, can see who you really are. And you are so beautiful, so strong, so amazing! Your light shines already, whether you are aware of that, or not. The Earth looks like a brilliant star now, from our side! You are never alone, you never have been. There are legions of divine beings in all - what you call – dimensions, waiting to join you in full conscious creation. Let it be so, and so it is!

In joyful love, and appreciation for the work that you do,