Multidimensionality ~ GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Peggy Black and the 'team~!

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________ Message from the "team"_________

~ GALACTIC LOVE REPORTER Peggy Black and the 'team~!




This transmission from the 'team' is long yet I feel it is a very good one,
may it serve you.



We are here; we greet you with the deepest appreciation and love. It is our honor to connect with you in this manner, acknowledging your magnificence and growing awareness of your own multidimensionality.

We realize that when we express our acknowledgment of your multidimensionality, it might trigger some questions within you. What does it mean to be multidimensional?

How do I know that I am multidimensional? How do I become conscious of the many multidimensional aspects of who I truly am? Multidimensional is not a term commonly used when you introduce yourself. Just the idea that someone could be multidimensional is a real stretch in your beliefs and old programs. The universe is more complex and more expanded than your 3 dimensional realities can embrace.

We are inviting you to begin to think of yourself as multidimensional. As you begin to consider the possibilities of this truth you will begin to see and sense the reality that you are truly operating on many, many levels and dimensions at all times. As you allow this possibility to be included in your conscious awareness you will begin to expand into the actual experience of yourself on many timeframes and dimensions.

You are always straddling multi-realties, the shift that is happening now is that you are awakening and becoming aware that you are doing it. You are aware of your physical surroundings, those frozen in your perception, and you are also aware of information you are receiving, and with very little effort you can travel to any location in the galaxy.

Let us acknowledge your main sense of reality for a moment; we realize that your focus is primarily in the physical dimension. Yet even in this physical reality where you are focused there are aspects that you are totally unaware of, aspects that are of great importance to you and your physical well-being.

We will begin by using your physical body as an example: You are aware of the names and positions of your body parts. You are aware of your brain, your heart, your liver and other organs. You basically know where they are in your anatomy, however you know very little about their processes and how they operate. Yet your very life depends on each of these aspects of your physical body doing its job and doing it well.

Your human body is always operating in multi-realities. Every cell is aware of your feelings and vibrations and making the necessary adjustments. Every cell is aware of the noise within the body and outside the body and is making the necessary adjustments. Every cell of the body is reading the position of the sun, moon and stars and making the necessary adjustments. Every cell of the body is monitoring all input from all dimensions and making the necessary adjustment. Every cell of the body operates at a multidimensional level and awareness.

Consider for a moment that you could connect with your body in a very real and conscious manner. It is a part of who you are as a multidimensional being. It is an aspect that you pay very little attention to unless there is a malfunction and then all your attention becomes focused to the area that is in pain or discomfort. You could actively take part in its well-being and healing. Begin to connect with your body like your best friend; imagine you could communicate with each part of your physical body. Realize that it carries your divine consciousness as well.

Another expression of your multidimensionality which you pay very little attention to is the awareness that you are vibrations of energy, conscious energy. And as energy you can travel anywhere or to any timeline. You are not limited to your physical body or this physical reality; these are only a small part of who you are as a divine being.

As conscious energy you feel the energy fields, the vibrations of everything and everyone. It is time that you own this realization as an aspect and feature of yourself as multidimensional. The evolution of consciousness that is taking place now is triggering and expanding your focus.

Everyone has this multidimensional aspect. Most never awaken to this awareness. They enter this dimension, cross the veil and never recognize or acknowledge the many levels of consciousness that they could be aware of. Let us give you this. Imagine the human is like your radio, each station or frequency invites one type of music. Most people stay on the same station their entire life, never moving the dial to explore the other signals, the other connections. The focus is limited to only what that one frequency provides, what information that one frequency offers.

A person who is aware of their multidimensional self is able to move the dial from one station to another with ease. They allow for more stimulation, more information and a broader spectrum of consciousness. They are more adventurous and open to the realization that they are capable of shifting their focus from one reality to the other and integrating the many frequencies into a harmonious whole.

We are encouraging you to step out the door and embrace the countless realities that are only a frequency or a vibration away. Allow yourself to imagine traveling to the stars. Allow yourself to imagine a time in history and see or sense yourself being present with the events. Allow yourself to imagine being a tree, a rock, the ocean or the sky. Allow yourself to imagine that you are floating above your physical body. Allow yourself to see energy in its different forms without an overlay of your beliefs. Allow yourself. It is a practice. It is an intention.

Each individual will find a different and unique path to this connection and this unfolding. The path or method is not important, the results are what is important. The inner knowing and the deep connection with the other realms, other realities and other dimensions is the true authentic goal. Realize and recognize that you are free. Free to be wherever your attention and intention is focused. Shake off the limitation of your solid form and playfully stretch your awareness. Make it a game, give yourself permission.

You are as free to travel the other realities and dimensions as always. It is just a matter of where you place your attention. Remember energy follows thought. So shift your thoughts and shift your feeling nature and you will throw off your limited beliefs that would keep you anchored to only one reality.

The important thing to remember here is that constant interaction with others can be a distraction to the subtle ability to alter your awareness and shift your focus to the nested dimensions in which you dwell. That is why it is valuable to mediate, walk, allow quietness and creativity to flow.

It is in those places that you gently slip into another dimension. You have all experienced slipping into an altered state of consciousness, into another reality. It might have occurred when you have been focused on a creative project and you felt connected to all, or perhaps while listening to great music or shamanic drumming. Perhaps it occurred while you were in nature and there was a shift and you realized you were in a different space and time. Remember that there is stability and balance offered as well as gentle and natural expansion and contraction within the grander greater cosmic reality.

There is much assistance being given at this time to awaken humanity to the rich tapestry of multi-realities, multi-dimensions. It is a bigger playground, a freer playground. It is riding the energy flow and it is reading the energy signature of the moment, it is opening the door to all possibilities and stepping into each new awareness and owning your multidimensionality.

As you increase your personal vibration and frequency you operate at a higher resonance. This invites the expanded reality to open to you. and appreciation are vibrational tickets that allow you to ride into realities of wonder and awe. You are each masters, highly qualified, skilled beings who have cloaked themselves with flesh and stepped into this dimension, this reality, this game in order to transform the dense dysfunctional energy that is being generated by humanity. This is your assignment, your service.

Humanity on your planet has the grand opportunity to awaken from the illusion. You are being invited to join the galactic families and other starbeings who are holding the vision of the healing of the earth. Many realities and dimensions are watching because what happens here on your planet will affect the whole, it will affect those realities and those dimensions.

There is assistance being offered to earth from the starfamily, the planets, the great central sun, the holiest of holy, and the divine mind of the creator. We invite you and other awakening starhumans to hold the anchor and focus for these energetic gifts that are being showered upon you as we speak. We are grateful for who you are and your continued willingness to offer yourself in service and in love to the whole. Know that you are acknowledged and appreciated as you transform any and all challenges that are before you. We acknowledge you as a divine multidimensional being of pure conscious energy. The 'team'

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