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Dr. Angela Barnett
channeled from Mary Magdalene

Please join us at our site to read the hundreds of testimonies of those who have purchase their Individualized Eternal Life Album and other albums. Testimonies have ranged from curing cancer, raising the dead, immediate income increase, increasing perception far beyond the visible into the invisible light spectrum, etc. etc.

When we create an Individualized Immortality Album (ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM)

the frequency signatures within the Individual activate so strongly that the songs of the Soul can be heard throughout the Universe. The Seven Seals in the Body connect to the locations where chakras intersect into the entire multi dimensional set of spheres within spheres within spheres, which are the Music of the Spheres. This music causes a reaction in the body which allows it to absorb more light and sound because the Seals begin to glow so brightly as the chakras intersect with each and ever morphogenetic sound wave within the Music of the Spheres algorythms.

The Seals glow brighter and brighter and this causes the body to become less and less dense because there is much more room within the cells. The cells expand into a lighter density. The cellular memory connects out beyond the galaxy and into the universe.

The skeletal structure of the body changes because the alignment with the galactic portal can be seen as a structure reflected by the eternal blue print which God has placed in all of His ideas.

The Kundalini activations become very obvious as the First Seal at the bottom of the Spine sends streams of Spirit through the Strands and the spine activates the neurotransmitters that communicate to all of the organs of the body.

The body becomes activated. The light glows brighter and brighter. The subharmonic strands of the DNA connect with millions of strands of consciousness through the one strand that connects the Soul to God. The connection with the Mind of God becomes more focused by listening to the music and staying focused in the mid brain and feeling the connection with the Soul and with the Heart.

The albums are designed to do these activations plus much more. 

The Spirit of Mary Magdalene is within each breath of the music. The tones are connected from beyond the Universe where Mary and other Creator Beings created the Music of the Spheres trillions of years ago. As the Music echos through all dimensions of the universe, the Life Force Energy from God is always moving through His ideas and His Creations.

Each breath in the music is a breath exhaled from the crystal light energy spheres within spheres that reflect from the crystals in the Cosmos, which are purely etheric in design, but they can be seen as the after effect of the violet harpstring that attaches all to the strand of God's Consciousness.

The activation of the Divine Blue Print creates the potential of a Full Spectrum Light Reality where the invisible and visible become united. This allows the Consciousness to expand completely into the Universal, Cosmic and Source Domains of Infinite Reality.

Please remember that this is creating Potential. The Guarantee of it happening lies within the Individual becoming willing to see the Invisible growing from the specks of light into Orbs and into rainbows until they can see a complete Morphogenetic Field growing around them pulling them into the Frequencies of the Ultra Violet Blue Wave and the Gamma Wave and into the White Light of a New Creation.

The new atmosphere of our Light Bodies and the new Hydrolaise Atmosphere of Aquafaria are appearing more and more as our New Reality each day. It was a steady process of seeing a few more specks of light each day. We could at first stare into the Sun and see tiny little specks of light energy. Next, we could see the specks growing into tiny little orbs. Next, we could see little entities inside of each orb. They looked like tiny little embryos. It was like watching a birth of tiny little fairies all around us. We could see these realities more and more each day until we began to see fairies and unicorns. We could see the hydrolaise in the atmosphere. The hydrolaise is a completely different chemical structure than exists in our third dimensional atmosphere.

The training that I received from my Elohim Team who appeared in our living room one evening and told me that I would learn to bring the highest frequencies to Earth through music, taught me to hold these crystal spheres of energy in my hands and in my heart and to breathe into my hands the reality that I wanted to be created by the crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel. These spheres of energy contain the creative power that removes pain, transmutes and transforms into a new reality and creates a new reality.

We achieve this by aligning our Consciousness through the Elohim of Hearing and then oscillating the strings of frequencies through the process of transmutation of the lowest being pulled into the highest. However, each individual frequency signature or petal is completely within the multitudes of frequency signatures.

We can re-create our Divine Blue Print this way, and we can also learn to use this same process of creating with the morphogenetic spheres of creation to create our new Crystal Reality. Once we absorb the frequencies of the Divine Blue Print, we can exhale them into the atmosphere around us and walk into them. When we listen to the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS, we can hear the standing wave patterns and the morphogenetic fields of a brand new consciousness and we can walk out of the low, slow waves into the high fast waves of the complete Divine Blue Print.

 Please remember that most of the work is done in Consciousness. This means the spiritual substance of creation that can not be seen or heard. However, it can be felt and then translated into the Frequencies that most closely represent the Spiritual At onement with the individual's spiritual self. This is the key to Ascension. We must become completely saturated with the Frequencies of our Spiritual Parallel Selves and lifted into an Attunement that allows us to be At One with our Higher Self and our Inner Knowing who links us to the Source of All Knowing.

The Eternal Life Template is achieved by absorbing so much of the Cosmic Frequencies and the Coded Frequencies of the original God Template that the Body actually Shifts into a Brand New Consciousness Field of Reality.

We have been fine tuning these frequencies of Consciousness each time a new Wave of Consciousness is brought to Earth through the Universal Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions, the waves of consciousness sent through our Sun from the Comets and Coronal Mass Ejections and the Solar Winds. We use the formulas given to us by the Guardians, the Cosmic Angels of Pre light and sound and the Grand Gift of the Elohim of Hearing. We have been collecting these frequencies of transformation for two decades. 

This process requires keeping our atmosphere of our home and our recording studio completely Cosmic and we must keep our minds completely out of the world all of the time. The price of these Albums may sound expensive to anyone who hasn't already paid $250 for a one hour Akashic Reading. But, if you realize the difference between the Consciousness Level needed for the reading and the breathing of pure Consciousness, you will realize that this is very, very cheap. There is nothing more valuable than to activate the Potential of their Divine Blue Print to come into their realization and their utilization. We are talking about bringing the Kingdom of Heaven into the Lives of those who are dedicated to this mission.

Dr. Angela Barnett
channeled from Mary Magdalene