My Birthday Present Affirmation!

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August 16th, 1945
The day my twin brother and I were born, or should I say surgically removed from our extraordinarily beautiful mother, The United States dropped the largest bomb ever created on Japan killing thousands to attempt to halt Word War II.
It seems we have been dropping powerful bombs and killing one another ever since. We have not applied the knowledge into wisdom that war does not work. My twin brother died from the results of a war of which he never recovered and we never really won.
My birthday intention for humanity is that we stop killing one another worldwide realizing this behavior is an unhealed love of self reflecting out to others. Can we stop the insanity and simply ask, “What do you need?” Knowing there is plenty for everyone when we stop the few from controlling the many.
Let us stop fighting over land and resources we did not create nor own. Let us fill our hearts with gratitude for the privilege to be stewards of this paradise planet, stop abusing her, knowing we are all made of the same stuff and need the same things: to be love, to be lovable and to love 
all the time.
In gratitude for ALL THERE IS,
Phillip Elton Collins & William Ogden Collins
Birthday Wish, 2014
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