The New Children ~ Crystal and Indigo Energies By Melanie Hubbard

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The New Children (aka Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Star Children) are everywhere. They are highly evolved souls incarnating now to help ascend humanity into unity consciousness.

Anyone interested enough to be reading this probably has a role in assisting the New Children in some way - even just through your awareness and appreciation of them.
As we move towards 2012 and beyond, the New Children are becoming even more consciously aware of their true selves and of their mission. The early-wavers have worked hard and in very difficult challenges to break down old energies enough to allow the new-wavers in.

Many of the early-wavers have been the ones labelled with ADHD and ADD or have had difficult childhoods and adolescences as they have broken down old educational, familial and societal structures.
New Children are still human

The New Children are very special and precious, but they usually look and act like 'normal' children for the most part. But we have become accustomed to these children gradually and often believe their more assertive, loving, sensitive, creative, telepathic, disruptive and/or wise natures are just a product of a new generation.

However, I'd bet that if we went back to our parents or grandparents generation, and even our own childhoods and hung out with kids for a while, the contrast would be easy to see.

It is so important to know that these children still act like children - they cry, whinge, fight, tantrum, fail, get scared, and love the usual kids games and toys.
They are in the human experience too so they are working within the matrix of the collective human energy and have lower egos. If you feel your child is of the New Children, but doubted it because they seemed too 'normal' then please remember this.

Not many of them are doing things that are obviously magical or spiritual. Although they are telepathic, psychic and have abilities to do things like levitate, practice telekinesis and even teleport, we don't usually see much or any evidence of it in day to day life.

You may see them waving their fingers or hands around, or do things like bend their forehead to yours, as they shift energy and do their healing work. A lot of their work is done during the sleep state.

Some of them are guardians and holders of the light that is flooding the Earth now to ensure that it 'sticks'.

Highly sensitive to energies
They are all sensitive and this means that they can get easily overwhelmed. Because they are so empathic, their own energy soaks up the energies around them and this can make them behave in very agitated, erratic and hyper ways as they struggle to cope with the overwhelm.

This can turn into a difficult cycle where their behaviour gets them labelled as 'difficult', when really they just need to get back into their own balanced energy.
Instead of acting out, other children may retreat from any conflict and turn the other cheek whilst absorbing negativity and then trying to transmute it all.
Either way these sensitive children need protection from negativity and tools to help them balance their energies. Just teaching them to ask themselves, 'Is this energy mine?' is very useful.

Help them stay balanced
It is important that parents realise they are guardians of very special souls who find it difficult to be in dense energies. If they are immersed for too long in heavy energies, they can forget their true selves and lose their path, or at least go off on an unpleasant and disruptive tangent.

This is the risk that these courageous souls take in incarnating in a density they are un-used to, so anything their guardians can do to help them stay balanced and in touch with their true selves is vital.

Lots of time outdoors in nature, swimming, clean foods and water, avoiding the rigid adherence to strict routines and disciplines, more flexible educational structures and of course lots of love help them keep balanced.

Unique gifts and qualities

Each soul has its own purpose, so each child reflects different qualities. Some are very outgoing, assertive (bossy even) and energetic because that will best serve them in their purpose. Some are quiet and relatively inactive because that might serve them in their role. Some are intellectually gifted, some are highly creative. There is no norm for the New Child.

As parents and caretakers of these souls we need to be aware and supportive of their true tendencies and passions.

Most of all they need love. This is why they search for validation and acceptance from the world and will do everything they can to ensure that they get it. If they don't, they can react by withdrawing their energy, themselves and their love.

We must be aware of projecting our desires and fears on to them. If a child from a family with an intensely academic and professional focus seems to rebel and want to be a garbo or a gardener, s/he may be serving the purpose of breaking an old matrix pattern of rigidity and inauthenticity. And maybe just following their passions. Every time an old and unhelpful system is broken down it serves the whole.

It's weird to label these children but just look at it as a way to understand them more:
Indigo - these are the first-wavers of the New Children and are known as systems busters or spiritual warriors. They started coming in as early as the 1940s, with large numbers coming in the 1960s and 70s. We now have quite a number of Indigo adults around.

A huge influx of souls carrying indigo energies arrived in the 1990s, and more so since 2000.

Some of these kids have given us the ADHD and ADD phenomenon - they are busting up crusty old systems of education and society that were based on control and limitation. Doreen Virtue reckons ADHD should stand for Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. These kids cannot and will not be controlled with inauthentic power. They respond only to real respect and love.

They are very brave souls and have faced great difficulties in their roles. They have often experienced a lot of anguish and conflict in being so sensitive and in busting up the old, and in some cases being put on drugs like Ritalin to try to control them.
Their families, teachers and supporters also deserve our appreciation for their invaluable role in this change. It has been hard for them too and they have often not known how to deal with the indigo energies.

There has been a phenomenon of suicides by some indigos who have become too overwhelmed with life. There have also been some who have really gone off the rails and committed very violent acts.

The light side of these dark acts has been in the breaking down of systems that were not working and the raising of awareness of how children and teenagers are educated and treated.

Crystal - the crystal or 'Christed' energy is heart-based. Children carry different levels of indigo and crystal energies, with some being very indigo and some very crystal, but many carry both.

Crystal energies are very loving and compassionate...but they can also be very feisty and angry. They are in a human experience after all.

Their very loving natures are what shines through most, especially when they are balanced and in pleasant surroundings. They often love talk of hearts, angels and love, and are affectionate and loving in a delightfully free and natural way.

Children with a lot of crystalline energy are more likely to withdraw themselves from day to day life if they are overwhelmed, as opposed to indigo energies which are more likely to act out. The surge in autism and Asperger's is linked to crystal children who are living in a very different dimension a lot of the time.
Many crystals are slow to talk because they are so telepathic they don't see a need for it.

They may think in such different and creative ways that are not aligned with traditional 'old school' education methods. More flexible approaches to education are so important for these and other New Children because they will not respond well to rigid and fixed regimes.

It is lovely to acknowledge the New Children, either verbally or telepathically. Thank them for coming to Earth and for what they are doing here. Acknowledge that you know they are a highly evolved soul in a little human body and that you appreciate them.

It is a big love-fest and brings much tenderness, love and appreciation between you.
Melanie Hubbard is an energy and spiritual healing practitioner dedicated to helping us strengthen our connection to our authentic selves. She has a particular passion for helping children keep their energies balanced and healthy and their true spirits buoyant and has a weekly Good Vibes for Sensitive Kids column ( ) at

Since 2005, Melanie has been immersed in energy and spirituality and practised pranic healing and Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (an energy balancing and self-empowerment modality).
She is also trained in journalism and spent 10 years as a corporate communications professional before leaving to have her two sons.
Melanie is a passionate student and practitioner of the teachings of the ascended masters - particularly Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene - through the talented channel Michelle Eloff.




I didn't know they came so early in time. I am one.

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I had thought they were only younger. I was born in 1954 and this describes me to a T. I have learned to help others like me who were less fortunate in being thrown under the bus. I can psychically communicate and let them know they are unconditionally loved. I had no idea. They have known such adversity and only want love and acceptance. I have had to hide out most of my life to survive to give back to those in need. Thank you for the understanding you have brought me.


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My Name is not Ryan, but that is how i would like to keep it for now.


I just need guidance, after reading about indigo children.  I have seen so much, felt so much, i have been living a life alone in silence with what i see and know, i rarely find others who understand!


I have been told i am a free spirit?


Ok....i see colours on people, but mostly animals, i am highly sensitive to energy, and if i allow myself to really let go, i can pick up what somebody is thinking.  Troubles have sent me on a different path in the last 4 years.  Away from who i am supposed to be.  I know i am wasting my time with all this Matrix rubbish, but i guess i am supposed to help those that are completely overwhelmed with it.  I always wonder if i could be doing greater things with what i know?




Early in time

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Cherie, I was born in 1951 and I also recognize myself in this description. I recall seeing a homeless man on the street as we were driving by and silently trying to send him love and thank him for taking on such a difficult job... and he turned and smiled at me.


I also avoid the spotlight and used to spend a lot of time hiding in my closet as a child. My family just thought I was strange, and they didn't like that. I felt trapped and got away as soon as I could, only to find there were even more difficult lives out there, and cooking thanksgiving dinners for people when they got out of jail. But I was happier there than in my family of secrets. I've recently re-connected with my sisters, but it is still difficult... I have to watch what I say.


It's been a very unusual life with lots of synchronicities, and this seems to explain it.






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Just remember Astreia, we pick our family's before we reincarnate on this planet. You picked yours to help you with your experience here and your particular family were equipted to help you with your higher purpose in mind. Give thanks for them everyday! Xxx


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Oh, yes, I did reconcile with both my parents before they died. I'm very proud of both of them and sure they are having a much easier time of it now themselves! And I recently reconnected with my two sisters, that's been difficult but it is getting easier. But I really don't like being in-body and it was very difficult, still is, I have always felt trapped in-body. I probably chose that family because I was overly ambitious, lol. Or maybe I chose them in order to help them, because I did do that. I helped them a lot! I never meant to "diss" them. Life was difficult for all of us.





I am having the same experience

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I was born in '55 and I thought the indigo Children had blessed this world much later.  I too always felt the desire to change the structures of education and experienced a love of life, a deep love for humankind.  I have always been outgoing, and seemed to be questioning everything, and fighting everything that seemed opposed to love and peace.  I have experienced so much adversity, but it never changed my outlook, and I always strived for love and acceptance, but because I had so many weird ideas (according to others) it was almost painful.   I have dedicated my entire life to serving others, trying to make them happy,  I worked as a server in restaraunts most of my life, because I loved to be around people and enjoyed pleasing them.  I received a double bachelors degree in Social Work and Sociology, because I wanted to help and I wanted to understand.  I went on for a Masters in Counseling again because I wanted to help.  I always believed there was a correlation between ADD, ADHD, other labels and even Schizophrenia, seeing these not as diseases but as very special individuals who had connections to higher function that we could not understand.   I go on and on.  It appears that perhaps being an Indigo Child explains a great deal of who I am.

I am really resonating with this!

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Thank you for article. My boyfriend is a Indigo child he is 26. When he met me he thought maybe I was a crystal or rainbow. I heard about Indigo children but I didn't know much about them. Now that I have been with him for 2 years and know him pretty well I can look back at my life and see that I have known and been surrounded by many Indigos. I have had many stangers and such ask me if I am indigo, rainbow, or crystal . I have read a little about them but all the info I find on them was about the younger ones and I am 38. I know that I am different. After I read this I am certainly resonating with being a crystal. Im very intrigued by this, thank you for clearing some things up! If you can, can you post some good  places to find more info on these types?


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Just google THE NEW CHILDREN INDIGO AND CRYSTAL ENERGIES for more information or google INDIGO CHILDREN OR CRYSTAL CHILDREN for more information. There are lots of links that are very informative.


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Well, now I am confused again. The "library of Halexandria" said that indigo children began to appear in 1988, which is the year that my son was born. Certainlly he is an extraordinary being, but he thinks my ideas and beliefs are "airy fairy..." and he wants scientific proof. (Which certainly has its place as well...) Yet the indigo child description does not remind me at all of him, but it does remind me of myself. Maybe it is because I always treated him with respect and we negotiated things instead of me telling him what to do. He does have a sense of purpose, of wanting to help people and the planet, but if he is capable of telepathy he is keeping it hidden from me.... then again, who would want his mother to read his mind? LOL





Indigo/ Chrystal / Rainbow

 TiaBDia's picture

Thank you Oh So Very Much for reminding people, and bringing awareness to this subject. I am Indigo/ Chrystal/ ADHD diagnosed, Self confirmed Aspergers, OCD (no doubt), diagnosed Bi-Polar (no...), Anxiety, Depression,Way too sensitive! (They say...Rrrr...), and all this has paved the way for a very traumatic life of being misunderstood, alone, and in chronic suicidal mode. Your perspective on the subject is a breath of fresh air. Thank You.

Thanks, the mystery of me explained!

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Thanks Melanie, now i know what i am. I wish i had a pound for every time someone called me weird. But the description of Crystal children has me down pat. Christ as Jesus even appeared to me when i was 20 as real as this laptop i write on now, to show me that we are shot through with infinite love all around us and all/everything is unified into One in that love. In fact we can confidently claim that the answer to the question what is the Unified Field Theory is Unconditional Love. I was born in '51. With love from London, LSB.

StarSeed Indigo Cusp Experience.

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As the 1960's aged, I moved through my teen years in harmony with those times.  The decade before was not a time of kind memories.  The experience was on hindsight, typical of StarSeed out of phase with the average Earth People existing through a motion that seemed artificial and programmed, lived by people whom were a part of a global control that seemed wrong and inwardly, not what I was there fore.
The 1960's felt different and the darkness of night skies captured my attention, yet the conversations and answers where dismissed as being wishful to a reply of my questions.  However, a desire to be alone and explore parts of the bush-lands that were implanted suggestions, which led to experiences that I was to understand later, were with those not of this Earth.  The increasing desire of isolation from the lacking of skills to be social with people who when among them, felt very different and out of place by being here.  Those who cussed harm to me usually suffered some form of accident which I felt was my fault.  Though the inner voice point out that I was not them and do what I knew was right, leaving the guilt of other peoples failings to be left with them.  I aged on and learned of the Astra's meaning beyond just a name I was aware of.
In 1982, I knew and could see a different type of people were on Earth and felt a connection to them as their body frequency and energy levels matched mind.  The telephonic though expressions and connections on that level.  Opened a path of connecting to working with Higher Spirit energies and Earth Medicine which led to fitting into the Earth Peoples energies of those today, who are living outside of the existor's on Earth.
It is easy now to see those who are StarSeed, Indigo, Hybrid energies in human forms.  Many mothers' of those children are so unaware of their child's uniqueness and knowing of why they are here.  Many mothers find it hard their children what to-morrow to have happened three days ago.