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This is a very mystical, intuitive and loving New Piscean Moon.   It is very very watery and dreamy…with visions, Angels and the psychic realms all available during the days of this New Piscean Moon.  Neptune that rules Pisces is sitting with this Piscean New moon along with Venus emphasizing the energies even more.  Neptune is known for unconditional love for all and Venus is known for romance and love!  This is a lot of Love energy on all realms!  Even though there are a few challenging aspects at this New Moon…with all of this Piscean energy…we tend to be drawn more to the energies of Love, creativity and fairy tale dreams.  Embrace this energy ….. take time to get in touch with it and feel it!  Pisces/Neptune are also extremely intuitive and Spiritual…so it is a time to go inward and Meditate, Manifest and think of ways in which the peacefulness and unconditional Love part of Pisces can be brought out into the World.  This is one of the strongest New Moons to Manifest on….to create the reality you want to live in.  Meditate, dream and listen….Manifest Love, and Peace!


The World is still in chaos, fear, transformation, division and at times it can be a little volatile. Things are still being put in our faces…so we can’t miss them….so we know what it is that needs to be changed and transformed. This is happening all over the World, and recently in England along with  our own country…. within our own lives and all humanity.  Remember…Transformation isn’t easy…if it is easy, than your not doing the work!!


But for now….Enjoy the soft, peaceful, intuitive energy of Pisces and take time to turn inward for reflection, meditation, and revelations.  It is time to find our Sanctuary….time to surround your Sanctuary with Soulfulness and Peacefulness.  Your sacred space where you can go into meditation and feel the high Spiritual energy! A space where you can dream, where you can communicate with your guidance….a place where you can manifest and create!  This is of upmost importance at this time in our evolution!! 


NEW MOONS MARK THE BEGINNING OF A NEW CYCLE  and this Pisces New Moon is super charged and brings us opportunities for insights…..from all realms.  New Moons, are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. They invite us to go inward…to Listen to what we hear and feel.   It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create! With this Piscean New beginnings can be in areas of high creativity, Spiritual awakenings, dream work, empathy, and unconditional Love.  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future.  It is also a wonderful time for setting intentions.  Ask your higher self what it is that you want to create….for yourself, for humanity and for the Earth itself!    Mediate on what it is that you would like to manifest in your life and in the World, and set the intention during this powerful and very intuitive New Moon. Take the energy of this  Piscean New Moon and manifest a beautiful and peaceful world. 


THIS PISCES NEW MOON (SUN SITTING WITH THE MOON)  is very watery and fluid.  Pisces energy is about spiritual understanding, meditation, enlightenment, manifestation, and the ability to experience and travel to other levels.  Piscean energy is about unconditional love for ourselves and all humanity.  It is about Love and Compassion!   Compassion without Judgment.   We are all one… a statement of Pisces…..we have never been separate from Source…..we are all one!  There is a feeling, a need to unify with God/Goddess, Creator, Source, and Spirit.  Pisces is also the sign of very high creativity.  The kind of creativity that is channeled in….like our poets, our musicians, our artist….where the inspiration and abilities come flowing in. Pisces energy is very mystical and magical….giving us the ability to have a direct connection with God/Goddess, Source, Creator, Spirit, through meditation,  high creativity and manifestation.  It is about dreams and imagination.  Pisces also represents our unconscious and the collective unconscious, beauty in nature, mysticism, 6th sense, empathy, and intuition. With this very intense energy during the days of this New Piscean Moon… may find gravitation towards your Spiritual Tribe. Remember to be cautious of the gray side of all this Piscean energy, like being lost in the fogginess, addictions, confusion, laziness, avoidance, self undoing, procrastination, and escapism in all areas. Meditate and Manifest on how to bring these energies together during this Powerful Pisces New Moon ……at this particular time in the shift…….as we are in full participation of…… co-creating  the “new” with high channeled creativity. 



Neptune rules Pisces… making the Piscean energy even stronger and more intuitive.  Neptune is very creative….channeled  creativity.  Neptune’s energy transcends the physical world.  It delves into the mysteries and the magic of spirituality and creativity.  Neptune/Pisces messages come through dreams (this includes day dreaming)…feelings or intuition.  Again Neptune/Pisces is about unconditional Love!  We are all one!  


Venus (our love, relationships, creativity, money, and attraction) is also sitting with Neptune and the New Moon.  More Love and creativity!   This is such a powerful New Moon for Love and creativity.  Venus conjunct (sitting with) Neptune is the most romantic transit in astrology….accented even more with them both being in Pisces!  This is a reminder from the Universe that we are truly connected with our hearts…and through our imagination and dreams…we can find beauty and magic everywhere!  


Most of the great things that we create in our lives are initially born in our imaginations.  All of this magic may not turn into reality overnight…but dreams can come true given time.  When you bring a Pisces New Moon conjunct Neptune conjunct Venus all together in Pisces….anything is possible!


Even though it is a wonderful time to experience incredible inspiration and dreams.  It can also be a time of confusion and delusion….so ask you Guidance to help guide you.


THIS NEW MOON ALONG WITH NEPTUNE AND VENUS  FORM A T-SQUARE WITH THE NODES.   A T-Square is about friction and  stress…with the ability to grow through it.   So everything I just talked about in the above paragraphs…is forming a square to the Nodes.  This is like a skipped step or something that you need to finish learning in order to get to the North Node.  The North Node is in Gemini…meaning that what we are learning and heading towards (both personally and all of humanity) is the ability to look at both sides of everything.  To listen to all sides…gather the information and share it with integrity and respect.  With the square…the Universe is saying that we need to take this Pisces New Moon/Neptune/Venus energy of Love, Peace, Heart energy, Dreams, unconditional Love, meditation, manifestation etc. and share it for all….with integrity and respect…unconditionally…from the Heart.  Seeing it from all sides….sharing it with all of humanity….from the heart and Soul.  We are all one!  We need to accomplish this in order to get to the high Spiritual North Node.   The Universe is really getting serious here.  They have laid it out in black and white!  Can we do it??


WE ALSO HAVE SATURN SQUARING URANUS…Saturn (the father figure, integrity, respect, maturity, responsibility, The Elder, and hard work) which rules Capricorn (government, military, banks, corporate America, integrity and respect….all our structures)…and Uranus (we the people, outside the box thinking, the genius, the constant of change, sudden things happening) are in a square which is stress and friction energy.  This aspect will be continuing throughout the year.   You have Saturn which is about following the rules and Uranus which is about not following the rules so much.  There will be breakdowns and breakthroughs with this aspect.  Things happening fast and out of left field so to say.  Saturn also rules the government and corporate and Uranus is about the group…the people.  Saturn is more the CEO and Uranus is more We the People.  It will be interesting as we observe this aspect throughout the year.

ALL OF THIS IS HAPPENING ON THE BACK DROP OF THE ONGOING CARDINAL SQUARE between Pluto in Capricorn squaring Eris in Aries!   Pluto (planet of transformation, deep Soul work, sex and death/rebirth).  Squaring Eris (Chaos, Discord and Competition…(which can be both good and not so good…so keep it on the high side),  also a “wild card” energy….it is hard to know which way those energies will play out).  These energies were running strong during the January 6th event at the Capital and they are still in effect now…but at that time they were triggered by Mars (warrior energy, anger, passion, initiator).  So now with all the Love energy of this Pisces New Moon…we are not feeling the transformative energies as much.  Just remember that they are still in effect.  Remember we are still on the path of accelerated and evolutionary transformations.


The Universe is getting serious…..we need to head to the higher side of all these energies while staying within integrity and respect for all living (including the Earth) things!

It is as if the Universe is saying:  Put down all devices that over taking your mind/thinking and connect with your guidance!  Meditate and feel what you feel, listen to what you hear….and pay attention to the pictures/insights/and images that you receive.  That is how you will know what YOUR next step is in your life journey and in the journey of humanity and the world.  


THE UNIVERSE IS GETTING SERIOUS…we need to head to the higher side of all these energies while staying within integrity and respect for all living (including the Earth) things! We need to move towards the higher energies in all areas and not worry about the past.  We need to stay out of fear (crises thrives on fear) and know that we can intend, visualize and create a better way.  This Piscean New Moon is the perfect New Moon to make these intentions and send this high spiritual and loving energies out to the world and all humanity.  Call in your guidance to assist you and Manifest a better way.  Start demanding integrity and respect for yourself, both giving and receiving, and in all areas. 

The Universe is speaking loudly….are you listening?


At this time we are being asked to look at many areas of our lives. The Universe is bringing patterns up, and some very deep belief systems that we have….. so that we can look at them and see what isn’t working anymore, and then giving us the wisdom to heal these old patterns or release them.  It has been and still is a very challenging time for many of us.   We are being asked to move away from people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where we are and to do it in the kindest way possible, as they or the situation may grow into the higher energies.  We are being asked to develop our Tribes…to meet up with those people and be in those places… that alien with our Souls!   There is a thin line between the “old” and the “new” energies.  You no longer want to be a part of Drama or the 3D chaos that seems to be all around us.  Move away from it and stay in the higher energies.  Detach….. Realize that you have to let others make their own choices.   Many lessons are being played out in families and other relationships right now.  Trust that in the big picture……the upsets, the challenges, and the changes are for the highest good of all.


 Purging and cleaning out are still major themes with this Pisces New Moon. Cleaning out the house, closets….and many other areas of your life.  Cleaning out all the old…so the new can come in…is very important with this Pisces New Moon, as we head towards the rest of March which includes the Spring Equinox! Things can feel unsettled, Urgent, intense and Chaotic…but remember…Chaos gives way to creation!


THE MAIN THING TO REMEMBER ABOUT THE ENERGIES OF THIS NEW PISCEAN NEW MOON IS..,to focus on your Heart! Think with your Heart, come from your Heart…in all areas of your life.  This can also be a time of Miracles…when you step aside and let the Magic unfold, as you connect with God/Goddess, Creator, Spirit and manifest/create your own beautiful reality!   Remember all the Love energies that are being sprinkled around with Neptune and Venus sitting with the Piscean new Moon!


Be careful and cautious during these times, as we are trying to incorporate many different energies,

and down loads. Manifest daily for the world and help to create a beautiful reality for yourself, your loved ones, the community and humanity.   Manifest and envision Peace throughout the world.


Remember at this Piscean New Moon…to connect with your Guidance and stay in the Love and Peace energies.  At the same time be willing to accept the changes and challenges that are happening with gratitude….knowing that you are being given everything you need, to support your Soul Growth, while aligning your Soul with the high energies, as we move forward into this “newness”.  Even though things can feel very chaotic and kind of wild…. Visualize and create something new and different, wonderful and magical, for our new world, and the new you.  Meditate on all the guidance that you are receiving from your guidance and others…and make sure that it benefits all beings, and not just yourself.    Reach for the optimism and Joy that is waiting for us, as we make these changes.  Meditate…Manifest…. Embrace your Dream!


These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.


Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, your life; through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 


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