Pisces Full Video Forecast by Gaia Earth Star - Listen to your Soul

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Gaia Earth Star shares her insights on the upcoming Pisces Super Full Moon of September, 8th, 2014 at 6:38pm PST. An auspicious time for creativity, tapping into the power of your imagination. Meditation, allowing time to be with yourself. Channel this creativity from Source through writing, singing, playing, creating and being. Remembering, that ultimately Source is guiding your way on, and the more you surrender to this flow of unconditional Love, the more you will enjoy your human experience as a spiritual being. Allow yourself to be human my Dear Ones. Your sensitivity, vulnerabilities and feelings are your true gifts. Cultivate and nurture them with compassion. Allow yourself to go beyond the ego-mind-prison and you will discover a true magical world right in the here and now, on Planet Earth.

My Unconditional Love to You, Always.

Mother Earth Blessings
Gaia Earth Star
Soul Astrologer, Pleiadian Channel 
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