Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse - Living your Dream

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Gaia Earth Star shares her insights about the New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 20th, 2015 at 2:36am PST. Life is but a dream my Dear Ones. This Eclipse is empowering us to dream consciously, to align our will with the promises we made with our Soul before incarnating to assist the Ascension on Earth and beyond. Yes, this time can be quite confusing, as our Soul rearranges our lives for our higher good…trust the process, welcome the new and know it is for the best. Allow yourself to fall in total surrender into the ever embracing arms of Mother Goddess. What stands between your happiness and yourself? Your beliefs and your fears. Do not feed the fear. Change your beliefs and you will receive what your Soul longs for. We only can receive what we allow ourselves to receive. Remember, you are fully supported and unconditionally loved and a powerful co-creation of Mother Goddess. Use your power of imagination wisely to create the reality you desire. Allow yourself to soar to new heights of consciousness. We are ascending to the New Earth, birthing within our own Heart and Soul my Dear Ones and there is no looking back…We are ONE.

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New Moon in Pisces special on the Pleidian Oracle Ascension which includes 3 meditations each. Enjoy your cosmic journey beyond Earth...

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Pleiadian Ascension Oracle - Healing Ray

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