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Message from Naeshira

Telepathic transmission 16 March 2011

This week you are being informed genetically that the time has come for your codes to fire; those which link you fully with the larger tides of the ascending energy of Gaia.  As this information is released within your body, openings to newness will emerge and unfold which help you to shape your future life unfolding with greater clarity and ease.  That which is not harmonious will simply fall away from your focus and the letting go will have a different quality than that of the past--more like quantum shifts--immediate and complete.  This will give you a resiliency you have not had up until now and will be a great relief to many of you who have felt the waves of endless clearing to be challenging and exhausting--physically, emotionally and mentally.

The new you which is actualized as these codes are fired is really an old you, so to speak!  It is the cosmic you coming forth into greater freedom within the local focus of your physical body and in the domain where you find yourself.  You will note a greater ease in being yourself, speaking your truth and honoring your heart as a result of these upgrades, or gifts, the liberation, really, of this weekend's full moon and Equinox energies.

Transforming your relationship to the Earth will also give you greater access to tuning into ascension pathway information and updates on your own!  Increasingly you will trust your own sense of what is taking place, what you need, what to expect and find yourself far better prepared for the highs and lows of the intensifying energy cycles throughout this year and able to trust the signs and ideas which pop into your experience that alert you to adjust in preparation.

As you begin to experience the ascending frequency waves with greater confidence and alignment you will begin to light up others pathways in a profound way.  This was, after all, your intention; to awaken and then to inspire and pave the way for the next group to follow.  These initiations are taking place in increasingly closer time frames as the energy of the Earth heats up and the timelines converge, the veils between dimensions thin and you are increasingly metamorphosizing into an entirely new species.

You may not always realize the significance of the enormous changes in your body for they are happening slowly, rather then all at once.  Or perhaps it does not feel slow to you, but we say, they are happening in stages and you can only sense the wholeness from a perspective that reflects this back to you in the present.  Time-jumping and reflection from others, re-reading your journals and tracking the changes in your life are all ways to realize your amazing accomplishments.  It is good to do this now and then; it buoys your spirits and gives you a jolt of recognition as the realization of the enormity of the changes which have already happened emerges into greater clarity.

It is hard to hold this perspective for too long for you are once more "on the ride."  Worry not; it is good to be wherever you are and perfect, as all unfolds in quantum correspondence with the larger cycles created by your planet which has committed fully to enter emerge from the photon band and align with her new location in time/space.  The resolve is complete, you may trust in this.  As part of the energetic system of Gaia, you are informed moment to moment of all that you need to do to stay in harmony with this trajectory.  It is literally an energetic vector created by intention and focus which has converged into a timeline as it materialized into form and now the process of metamorphosis is entirely underway.  You are all within this process and participating in your own perfect way.

You are each different; none the same.  This is as it ought to be to preserve the glorious diversity of the Earth and bring forth the creative qualities of contrast into the newness.  You will find that there are many layers of shifting taking place--it is important to remember that none of you is in exactly the same place, although you reside for periods of time in shared bands of frequency.  Some who are following are not that attuned yet to perspectives which are already natural for you.  Some who have paved the way for you, see that you still carry emotional qualities of duality which are rooted in limiting one another.  These will dissolve if you allow them to.  Realize that any way in which you think one of you is not fully capable is a landmark of where you are still enmeshed in limitations.  Anyway in which you do not love you, or one of you, impacts your experience and ability to live fully in the bands of frequency that the New Earth will radiate and unfold.

In this newness which emerges this weekend, take the time to get your bearings and consider that come the start of the new day following these intense alignments, the effects of the energetic upgrades will still be integrating and may still be felt (you do not all approach or experience a time/space location entirely at the same point). 

It is increasingly important that you learn to live within your own experience.  To know and understand the energy that is within you--in your own words in your own way.  It does not matter if this is not resonant or the same as another's version of reality.  In fact, how beautiful that there is this plurality of experience.  Begin to relate to life from your own seat.  Know the view from YOU. Qualify your focus with the standards that are truly your heart's desires and ideals.  To live from any other place is to abdicate the responsibility, freedom and power which is yours.  Harmony is created by the informed balance of each of your perspectives.

All around you the Earth and your civilization are dealing with the understandings of power.  Old ideas of the meaning of power are being revealed and the true idenity of each of you--empowered and divine--comes forth as you allow.  Begin to create a coherent solidarity with mother Gaia within yourself; own your power, own your love, own your beauty.  Be you.  Navigate from within.  Traipse not into another's landscape saying you know what's going on.  Listen and share when invited or when you desire to connect.  Be the one person you are meant to be: be you.

I offer to you these ideas in celebration of your endless new beginnings and our shared focus of love.

I AM Naeshira.

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