Q and A With A Higher Self Channel

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LaurenOctober2014Hello. My name is Lauren and I am a Higher Self channel.

Being a Higher Self channel was something that came into my life, probably as a bigger surprise to me than to any person reading this article. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that I had never heard of it or even imagined it, and that the first time I encountered someone doing it, I felt a mixture of fascination and extreme skepticism. The first time I channelled Andrea (my HS) for someone else, I was again fascinated, skeptical and also hugely resistant. The process of understanding and embracing this part of myself has been a fluid and flowing spiral that has taken years. I’m truly thankful to the special people I have met in my life who encouraged me, supported me and had a stronger understanding of the importance of accepting this part of myself than I did.

Though I talk about the concepts of Higher Self and HS channelling regularly with my private clients and students, it was not until recently that I sat down to try to verbalise the “who, what, how, and why”. I hope to be able to relate some of the understandings I have come to over the years, and possibly provide some clarification for those who are wondering just exactly what a Higher Self and a HS channel are.

What is a Higher Self?

A Higher Self is the higher dimensional aspect of you. We live in a multi-dimensional universe, and all of us are participating and interacting with multiple dimensions all the time. Our physical bodies are our third dimensional representation at a soul level. However, our souls are also expressing themselves and interacting with many other dimensions simultaneously. Some people, such as myself, have awareness of our multi-dimensionality and regularly interact with it. We all have that potential, depending on how much time and attention we want to give it.

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