A quick thought

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A quick thought

Imagine a place born, where you/one where born, in space, where everything was as is, and one wouldent be told, one could only see and experiance, what we never had a chance to when we were born on earth. In space this being, of human nature would look around and see floating in the vast darkness of space illumined by stars and see Earth, we know what it looks like, but this being would be same as us, just never been ON Earth. All we know on this planet, is none of what he knows all religions beliefs, systems, way of life, languages, what we perceive "as reality" would just be none of his or her thought up in space. He would basically be born without beliefs, thus all information that comes to mind would be of nature in space. Philosophicaly would just be without limits you know? Think about it. Would learn by him/herself using only what is around and not thaught by any one, all his her questions wouldent be answered and wouldent be ask in the first place, ratter it would be experianced, felt. Haha imagine him coming on Earth to find exact same of his kind from where he was born, and basically start learning in all ways that we are from acknowledgement, he would simply be rearanging all he was from up there. There is just no way to explain what he would feel up there in space.

You can even imagine a different senario where he would go on another planet, let's say Uranus and find different beings and from scratch would learn from his surrounding all that was on Uranus beliefs, systems anything would be what he would live "in" if you understand. But because he was from space, he would of already experianced what has no limits, so how he chooses what beliefs he see's on either planet depends on what is experianced and innocence seem's to leave when one is choosing a way of life.

If your born in space supposedly you dont have a "beyond the void" cause the "void" might just be what is on earth, what we live in created by all acknowledgement that we perceived as reality.

...Well I went outside and just though about this randomly and decided to right it down, I never know how these things are going to turn out, it usualy get's me thinking haha,

Peace, namaste.