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Saturday, 16 July, 2011  

July is awakening to match energies of being free to recognize who you are and how you stand up to and for yourself. And by standing up I am seeing the waves of rainbow of energy that is flowing in all directions around us. So take a seat and really take a look around you at everything that is going on.. Even as beings of light we can be aware of so much more than ever before.

New beginnings and a fresh start is what this time of year is all about. That is what the independence of our lives is all about. As we start July off here in the States with recognizing those who stood up to declare we are independent, we look at what it took to get us this far and how all of it came about. In doing so it is not to negate the independence of our sisters and brothers who live around the world. For you too can feel the vibration of freedom with us on so many levels. You understand what all of this takes and make the difference and changes that are needed. The men and women who stood up to say enough is enough and we value who we are to get things started and to see it through. To find what was inside of each living and breathing individual whether it be good, bad or indifferent to take the chance to make the change.

As we look out among the world populations we see so many who have decided enough is enough and they are willing to make the changes that are necessary for their own well-being, their own independence and their own life. A kinship and understandings to those who have walked before them and those who not only walk beside them each day…but for those that shall walk in their shoes in the future…The path that is laid down today is the path that has been walked many times before. it is in the communications that change can be effective and pure to raise the vibration of energy even higher than before. The path that you walk today has been established yesterday…

Now it is time to re-establish the path that shall take all of us into the future…..

Let’s take a look at the tides of Energy that is with us right now as there is so much to get to and it is on many levels. It will all depend on which level of vibration that you are, to get what is needed. And that is what is wonderful about this energy, it not only shows you where you are but has you feeling and seeing it right before your eyes. Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru talks more about this in his Channeling this next week.

What I love about it is that as I teach that each of us are connected just as each of us are our own unique individual, separate and the same. When I have a development class and as each individuals walks through my door I can see their energy level the vibration in which they live. I see how they are all gravitating together with a common bond and at the same time they have an expression of individuality that is truly their own. That is why no two messages will be the same, no two channelings will be the same, no two ideas will be the same, no two energies will be the same as with each breathe you take will never be the same as the one sitting or standing beside you. For in everything that is around us has its own identity and uniqueness about it. Even though they will feel the same, they will seem familiar.

What do you feel that is different when you have taken a walk outdoors, how about in the park, woods and gardens? When was the last time you gave yourself the opportunity to just be at the same vibration of energy as your surroundings? Even if you are a workaholic, a home body or have a busy schedule, this energy is also about noticing the vibrational shift. Everyone notices how the animals seem to notice the shifting by their actions which may be different than the day before. Well yes, we all know the energy changes each second of the day; otherwise we would be in a constant state of staleness. And yes, sometimes I know you feel that way. As if here we go the same old thing as yesterday. And at the same time you know it is as if you are running out of time and have a tremendous amount of something to do, not always knowing what that is or are you ever going to get it done.

Well the elemental realms have been placed energetically on high alert and they are gravitating to all light workers. They have been told to hold onto the light of humans and to not let go for the energetic wave that is among us can rip many foundations apart. So as you are connecting with Mother Earth energies you may feel that tug of old that you have not felt for a long time. You may feel and know they are more with you than ever before and you are right. The doors opened a clearing of energy that they are clinging to light workers than previously know as they know they are safe to one degree and then again they know we are in need of many things right now. We all know how independent the elemental realms are and at the same time they have their unique personalities that make then non-beholden to humans on many levels. So this is a time of understanding that we are all connected and need one another.

Over the past few years I have seen where the energies of light had been established between the realms and as Ascended Master Lord Amin-Ru has stated in his Channelings to us, that we as a spiritual community need to bridge the gap together working as one to show how all of this really does play out and if we say we are spiritual then the time to be and do so is now. No more divisions between us. And looking back over the past two years I have seen the elemental energies of individuals come out and start banding together. It is as if they got the memo before anyone else realized what was going on. And as awesome as the elemental realms are they did what they knew was to be done. I would go to meetings and events and see their rainbow wave of energy being pronounced vividly from the individuals I was meeting and talking with. I watched as teach sector of elementals were coming out in numbers to connect. I would just sit back and watch this play out to see what the next step would be. And as they came out in numbers to link with one another I saw the exchange of energies and then I watched as the ugliness also came out to play. The disguise of natural energy was amazing to see, and they usually did one of two things when around me. Either they stayed away but kept me in their line of sight as they knew I understood what was going or they would approach with false praise to acknowledge who I was but seeing where I actually stood and if I would call them out.

I had to laugh at the interexchange as I was there as a silent observer, to each his own with no harm to none. What I did not care for was their approach of business with others and what they actually took away from others when they did not believe they would be noticed. Almost as if watching a gnome collecting his prizes which were not his own and then running away with them so no one else could take them form him. And interesting game…

As much as I love all levels of the elemental realms I know what they can accomplish and how they do business or play their games, I also had to be aware of every step that was being played out. Just as we all have our identity to be a part of in this lifetime in the realms we have chosen, the elemental levels are just as important. So to observe and take notice of what is going on the ground floor is something we all need to be aware of. We all know we have that connection that kinship with them and most have an understanding of the different levels of elemental realms that is around us. It is a growing relationship to know the differences and the similarities. And yes we know that together it creates a welcome balance all the way around. And as with all levels in every realm there too is also a hierarchy in the elemental realms that cannot be ignored.

I remember as a little girl being guided and mentored by Mother and the Angelic Wise Ones that they would have me interchange with the elementals. I needed to study, learn and be one with them to then be respectful to and with them. And I had to laugh on one hand and be aware of what they could accomplish on the other. I found that through the hierarchy just as humans have, they are accountable and they are subservient to a point. That they believe they are so much more superior to the humans and at the same time the humans had dominion over them that they were limited to a point of exchange as they believe humans were a greedy lot and they did not like that at all. They knew that there must be a relationship that is congenial and welcoming. So they could be mischievous to a point but could not quite cross that boundary of law. And at one point I did watch them as they tried to flex their muscles to show how important they are to all of us humans and watched as the chaos began to only last long enough for them to see the value and importance they play in the human existence.

So now with a great interest, I have been watching the energy grow and then a huge tonal shift just arrived and they are being guided to attach themselves to the human light worker. Almost as if they are wrapping their arms around your legs and are going for a free ride around the yard. I know you feel this just as I do. They know what is about to go on, what has been going on and as I said earlier they got the memo and know to listen and expect the next wave coming in.

So enjoy the nearness of the elementals and understand they have their own work to do, their own style in which they do so. As I always teach when you invite the elementals into your home know they have their own way of doing things that just may not be as you would do. I will always have a place for the elementals in their own environment, I honor them each day with what they like and have created that friendship with them to watch over me and mine as I shall always watch over them and theirs.

And getting back to the elemental energies emerging with human’s energies which have been creating a load of ugliness in individuals who do not know how to get out of what they have done and created, so they will keep seeing it forward even though they shall have to pay the Universe back ten-fold. These energies are not to play with as much as they are to enjoy.

May the Blessings of the Sprites be with you for an endless supply of Joy and openness!

Love, Laughter & Light, Adele Marie

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