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At this New Moon/Solar Eclipse we not only have a very active/powerful intense New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius…but we are a week away from one of the most anticipated transits of the year….and this New Moon/Solar Eclipse is leading the way! A week from today is the Winter Solstice and at the Winter Solstice there will be a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter forming what many are referring to as the Christmas Star. It will be quite a scene to observe…so look in the Western/South Western sky about 45 minutes after Sun set and you will see the 2 plants shinning together in the sky. Saturn and Jupiter will only be one-tenth of a degree apart and both will be at 00 degrees of Aquarius. This is the first conjunction this close of Saturn and Jupiter since the early 15th century….about 800 years!

As the 2 planets move into 00 degrees of Aquarius at the Winter Solstice December 21st…they also will be starting a 200 year cycle in the element of Air! They begin the shift from the dense 3D Earth energy…into the light and moving energy of Air! It will be a much faster energy, manifesting change…through Mind energy and thoughts. Creating in the Air energy will be much easier and faster…in other words…our Words and Thoughts will become even more powerful!! Manifest positive thoughts and energy at all times as what you say, think and energize can manifest so much faster now. So by the end of the week, the 2 planets will have moved into Aquarius and at the Winter Solstice they will be in the closes conjunction in 800 years! How Grateful that we are able to observe this phenomenal event at this time in history!

We have been living through some intense and interesting times…and I believe that the “New” that we are co-creating, is only going to get more interesting. The energies have been very chaotic and unsettling…and throw in a bit of the “Wild Card” feeling…. and you have this fleeting month of December.

One thing to remember and meditate on during this time is….staying out of the fear!! There are a lot of Fear based things going on everywhere. Consciously stay out of all the fear as the more we stay in fear, division, and anger etc…the faster we can create more of it…with Saturn and Jupiter moving into the Air Element of Aquarius. We want to create the higher energies of calm, light, community, Love and Peace.

WITH THIS FIERY SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON … There is a spark of wisdom seeking and a quest for truth….that gives you an opportunity to expand your mind and your consciousness. New Moons bring new beginnings and can function like a reset button…giving us the opportunity to do some Soul searching and return to our basic original Soul intentions. New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. Giving us an opportunity to Manifest, Meditate and Create our own truths and visions….of our “New” lives and that of the World. Sagittarius is also about fun and optimism and gatherings and parties! Thus the “Holiday Season” is also the season of Sagittarius! This Sagittarius New Moon is the last New Moon of 2020

Each new moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. It is also a time of setting intentions. Mediate on what it is that you would like to manifest in your life and in the World…….and then set the intention during this powerful New Moon. Sagittarius is also about the law with a focus on international law and Cosmic Law. Travel and freedom are also part of Sagittarius…..the Soul of the Gypsy. Sagittarius calls for you to be the truth seeker and asks you to share your knowledge with others.

HERE IS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT ECLIPSES: Eclipses are a powerful pin point of energy that creates a “blip/wobble”, or a disruption in time, energy, and the natural flow of light and dark. It also stirs up what is in our subconscious, bringing it into consciousness. An Eclipse affects our Pineal Gland and also affects the magneto-receptors in our DNA, along with radio waves, and X-ray’s. They also activate shifts in the electromagnetic fields of the Earth itself and all of its inhabitants. During an Eclipse, a portal to the Universe is opened and information, thoughts, ideas and Evolutionary instructions…can be downloaded from the Universe at that time. The energy of an Eclipse affects us for the following 6 months. How this Eclipse plays out in your life depends where your Sagittarius energy is in your chart. Eclipses are doorways to alternative realities. They also can trigger major events…good and bad….and often times are associated with the deaths of people in the public eye. A Solar Eclipse, especially when connected with the South Node (as this one is) requires us to let go of something to make room for the new.

THIS SAGITTARIUS SOLAR ECLIPSE HAPPENS AT: 10:15 am on December 14th, Central Time Zone, at 23 degrees Sagittarius. It is a time to open to the universe, with your guidance, and Feel the energy and down loads as the portal is open during this Eclipse. It is a time to be quiet and Listen…..what do you hear? What visions are you receiving? What do you feel? If you are asleep or busy during the Eclipse….know that your Guidance will make sure you receive the down loads and messages that are important for your Soul growth…if you ask them. Then the next day….mediate and ask your guidance to bring what down loads and messages you received… that you are now ready to hear….into your consciousness….so you can embody them.

THE SAGITTARIUS ENERGY can be a little more uplifting, fun and inspiring…..bringing us Joy and laughter, in gatherings of all kinds. Hope, faith, higher learning, the masters, knowledge, religions, philosophies….are also part of Sagittarius energy. Sagittarius is also the sign of moral conduct, higher truths, higher education, law and judicial systems, foreign relations, long distance travel, publishing and broadcasting. Watch out for the grayer side of Sagittarius energy: the one that believes the only truth is their truth, the narcissist, the preacher (any subject) that begins to believe their own preaching (example: one who preaches about God…then starts to believe they are a God), aimless travel, the eternal student. This Sagittarius New Moon operates from a place of enthusiasm and excitement; freedom and optimism… your mind and speak your Truth! Giving us the opportunity to deepen our Spirituality, and our belief systems. What a wonderful time of year…for the Universe to surround us with, the gifts of Wonder, Joy, and Optimism! Elevating our Spirits (not our egos) and allowing us to share our truth, our laughter…our Love and our passion for giving…and the sharing of our beliefs.

WITH A NEW MOON….we are reminded that in everything there is the light and dark and that they can be balanced and merged into one. Balance is a major theme of this Shift that we are in. When we look at the shadow side, it can bring up some fear, some of our “shadows” that we would rather not look at. Some of these shadows and fears can be…speaking to others about things that are not of Truth, exaggeration, over promising, the compulsive liar, becoming the eternal student…..and never actually presenting your wisdom’s out in the open to others….therefore resulting in your wisdom’s dying with you….what a tragedy! It is time to bring into balance your gray (shadow) side with your high bright side in all the Sagittarian ways.

Meditate and pay attention to what is brought up to you and what you hear. We have everything we need and all the strength that we need to face the shadows and move them into the high side…. for yourself, your community/tribe and all humanity. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and with the power of Jupiter we can embody ….Trust, faith, optimism and truth,… we evolve towards the ultimate goal of pure Joy! What is your shadow side and how can you bring it into balance with the high side of Sagittarius?

THIS NEW SAGITTARIUS MOON ASKS US… to think about and question our own fundamental belief systems …in all areas of life. It asks us to stand up for our Truths and to seek the truth in others as well. Sagittarius brings us the philosophers. Those that think and ponder the meaning of life…..and what our role might be…..what our little part of the whole is. It is about being loyal to your own sense of what’s true. It is time to let go of outdated beliefs and set our own goals for progress, truth and what satisfies our own Soul.

What is true for you? What does the meaning of Life….mean to you?
What areas and beliefs in your own life are you willing to stand up for? These are all areas to meditate on during this Sagittarius New Moon….and throughout this powerful month with many active aspects!

JUPITER IS THE RULER OF THIS NEW SAGITTARIUS MOON and it is spending its last days in Capricorn before moving into Aquarius on December 19th. Jupiter will then be in this Air sign for 12 months…giving it an even lighter energy to the already fun, optimistic and joyful energy of Sagittarius. So take advantage at this New Moon, and the days before Jupiter enters Aquarius, to manifest what it is that you want to create with the high energies of Jupiter…and create ways to bring Joy to all your surroundings.

WE ALSO HAVE THIS SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON SITTING WITH MERCURY AND THE SOUTH NODE all closely conjunct! Mercury is about our voice…what we talk about, think about and share! Mercury in Sagittarius is about quick thinking…talking the Truth, with some joy and optimism added in. Then Mercury is sitting in between the New Moon and the South Node. The South Node is past life things (our personal past lives and the collective past lives) that we didn’t get quit right….that we didn’t finish or accomplish having a lot to do with our Truth. So there are things that we and the collective have done on the grayer side of Sagittarius (described above) that we now need to release…we now need to move away from, heal and head to the higher energies of Sagittarius…the truth seeker…with a little optimism and Joy thrown in. The Universe is speaking loudly here…

WE ALSO HAVE THE SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON ECLIPSE SITTING ON THE GALACTIC CENTER…a quantum leap to emphasize the energies of Truth, Love, Joy, Optimism, etc…and have these energies embody us and guide us on our Journey of evolution and throughout the Galaxy. The Galactic Center is a portal to the Universe and the center of our Galaxy….the Milky Way. When the Galactic Center is activated by major astrological configurations, it widens….helping with the birthing of the “New”, which is still in progress. We receive down loads of knowledge throughout the Galaxy! We also receive a lot of energetic support from the Universe, through this portal! To help humanity, the planet, and ourselves, release old belief systems in all areas…so we can move into and co-create the “New.” As planets transit the 27/28 degrees of Sagittarius/Galactic Center and move on into 0 degrees of Capricorn…it is known as the World Axis…the meeting place between Heaven and Earth. The Axis where communication from lower earthly realms ascend to higher ones and from higher ones back down to Earth. A Powerful portal in our Universe. I also feel that the energy of the Galactic Center is very creative (to create the New) and therefore the perfect place and time to manifest and create! What a powerful opportunity the Universe is giving us!

THIS SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON ECLIPSE IS ALSO HAPPENING ON THE BACK DROP OF THE CARDINAL SQUARE …consisting of Pluto/Jupiter/and Saturn in Capricorn. Squaring (stress and friction energy) Mars/Eris in Aries!

This aspect can be challenging and demands action! Mars (action, passion, the pioneer, anger, and warrior) and Eris (chaos, wild card energy, discord) and we can see this happening daily. They are squaring the Capricorn group of Pluto (plant of transformation), Jupiter (master teachers, truth seeker, international, joy and optimism, judicial) and Saturn (rules Capricorn, corporate, Government, structures). We are in a period of chaos (Eris), and transformation (Pluto) within all our structures (Saturn)….and because of the Cardinal Energy…we are also in a period of Change, Birthing of New, and Urgency! We can feel this energy daily as we walk out of our front doors and into the reality of the world today.

This aspect can become a volatile aspect….especially with Mars being the ruler of Aries! Try to stay out of dangerous situations and fear during these next several days…as Jupiter and Saturn
begin their move into Aquarius. Saturn on the 17th and Jupiter on the 19th….the energy will begin to move into a lighter Air energy.

This Cardinal Square formed in the Spring of 2010, signaling the beginning of the Shift…. which is still strongly active today. Square energy is stressful and has a lot of friction tied up in it and requires a shift in perception. The shift is concentrated in the sign of Capricorn…which is about, and throughout the World…government, corporate, integrity, respect, and in all our structures.

Then add in the Chaos and discord of Eris and you have a very active situation that could become either volatile….. or initiating a cause with passion. This Cardinal Square demands that we take responsibility for our own actions and recognize the consequences of our choices. Remember out of Chaos comes creativity….so let’s create a peaceful and loving energy everywhere we go though out the World!

CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION CAN BE A LITTLE SCARY….and uncomfortable at times (remember…if the transformation doesn’t feel a bit scary and uncomfortable….then we are not doing the transformation that Pluto is initiating). WE have been asking for change….. Now we need to pull on the energies of this Sagittarian New Moon and look at life as an adventure and trust that the Universe will arrange things in a way that manifest whatever our heart desires. WE need to take that leap of faith (Sagittarius) and pray for wings. Trusting that the Universe will take care of us!

IT IS A TIME TO BE…. cautious, to watch where you are walking and how you and the other person is driving. Watch what you say and how you say it. Etc. etc. This is a time of change, chaos, and transformation. Anything and any area that you have let become stagnant will be put in your face right now….so you can really see it and change it, transform it and heal it. There is also the possibility of “burnout”….as overextending yourself is a possibility…..especially during this Holiday Season. This is also a time to be courageous and stand up for…… or speak about…. things that you have held back, but in a kind way. Find that courage and take action with that first step….to your “new” future!

With these powerful aspects at this Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse…..we need to remember that we also have some lighter energy. With this Sagittarius Moon for instance…..we can help to defuse this powerful Cardinal Square and other challenging aspects and keep them on the “high” side, by pulling on the high Sagittarius energies of Joy, Optimism and fun… during the Holidays. Even though this will be a challenging Holiday Season with Covid around and changing many Family traditions….this is still where you need to focus! Be aware of the challenging energies but do not linger there…..come back to the whimsical energies of Sagittarius and spread those all around.

Even though we have some rough aspects with this New Sagittarius Moon……we also have a lot of help, if we ask for it. Remember that we are being given everything we need.

Meditate and release what is no longer working for your higher good. Manifest and create a better way….a better world. With Sagittarius we can develop optimism and confidence through the expansion of our thoughts and the expansion of our Hearts! Sagittarius is bringing us the ability to see the ultimate goal…….pure Joy!!

Meditate and manifest on how to bring all areas of your life into Balance!!

Also meditate and manifest on ways that you can help to bring the community, your tribe, humanity and the World into a Peaceful Balance!!

It is time to meditate and ask for guidance in how to integrate all these energies. Listen to the advice you will receive when you are in quiet and in meditation. Remember prayer is talking with God/Goddess…..mediation is Listening to God/Goddess!!!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).

Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety! AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2020 Cathy Lindsey All rights reserved.
Cathy Lindsey
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