~Saul: Many of You Believe, or Have Believed, in Heaven and Hell~

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~Saul: Many of You Believe, or Have Believed, in Heaven and Hell~

April 28, 2011, http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com

As you continue your journey towards wakefulness know that you are fully supported on that journey at all times.  There is never a moment when you are alone because, as all are one with each other and with God, to be alone is impossible.

However, you may well feel alone, and the intensity of that feeling is directly related to the strength of your belief in the illusion – the stronger your belief in it, and all the fear, misery, and pain that seems to be part of it, then the stronger will be your sense of aloneness and your need to struggle to defend yourself from the ever-present threats to your survival with which it surrounds you.  Deep within you know it is an illusion, and when you experience love in any form – compassion, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, acceptance – an awareness of that knowing begins to arise.  Even observation of others receiving love nudges you towards that awareness, and when you feel love you do not feel alone.

To be alone is impossible because in Reality, where you have your eternal existence, you are one with God and with all of His Creation.  Aloneness, separation is an illusory state you built and continue to maintain, as do your sisters and brothers collectively experiencing the illusion with you.  This imaginary state induces intense fear driving you to attempt to protect and defend yourself against others who it seems wish to take from you what you value most, and then destroy you.  This is the illusion from which you need to awaken, and from which you will awaken.

God’s Love for you is immeasurable, totally beyond your ability to understand while you maintain your belief in and support for the illusion where you think you can create peace and harmony by right living.  When you live with love, forgiveness, and acceptance in your hearts, the illusion, and all that it presents to you as real, solid, measurable, and therefore undeniably believable, will dissolve. You will find yourself at Home and at one with God and your sisters and brothers, all of the divine Creation, in an unending song of infinite bliss, a place of supreme happiness, where infinite perfection enfolds you and no other experience is possible.

Many of you believe, or have believed, in heaven and hell, good and evil, happiness and suffering as states of existence into which you may move when you separate from your bodies at death, depending on how you have lived, and on how God judges your life.  That too is an illusion!  You are infinitely loved by your heavenly Father, and His Love for you is eternal and unchanging.  What you experience in the illusion is illusory, non-existent, it never was.  There is only God and His infinite Love of which you are all essential, permanent, and irreplaceable parts.  Nothing can change that, and He longs for you to awaken and know that.

While you remain asleep in the illusion, but stirring towards wakefulness, practice seeing only the good, the loving, the compassionate, and the forgiving in one another.  Forgive and love yourselves so that you can do the same for all others. Release your egoic need to be right and prove others wrong, and experience the peace that brings you.  In the illusion there is no right and there is no wrong – there is nothing, only make-believe – let it go, and it will dissolve.  Then you will find and recognize Heaven, All that God ever created, where you experience blissful existence permanently.  You are divinely loved, utterly safe, and of infinite value as perfect divine Creations.  You were created to experience this eternally, and no other outcome is possible.

With so very much love, Saul.