Sekhmet~July 5, 2011* Ascension Energy Tools Call~

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Sekhmet~July 5, 2011* Ascension Energy Tools Call





"Well good evening, good afternoon, good morning, wherever you are … this is a most enjoyable time. We know, ups and downs and bumpies in the road, and sometimes you feel like you are on a roller-coaster, and it’s just never going to get back up to the top where you just were a moment ago. And that is the main focus for our discussion, and we want to thank our family member named Graham who sent that question in.


"We shall digress just one moment about the drinking …… it would be advisable not to get into the habit of drinking this water.**  It’s not toxic, you take in way more through your skin than you drink in a normal day.  What we are saying is if you shower with it, that is enough.  You might want to do a little foot bath later in the day.  You might want to take two showers, that’s all A-OK.  But we would suggest that you not direct it immediately to your digestive system.  Those of you who are engaged in any kind of detoxing know that there are ways to do it which are gentle and in a harmonious flow for the body, which is the route that the Voice is choosing, or you can just do it all at once and that can be rather difficult.  So we are suggesting that you not overdo.  Alrighty, we are saying don’t try to push it all at once. 


"Also, there is an element of enjoyment and nurturing, and even if you take the so-called 'military shower,' which is fast, if you are in water conservation where you have to get in and get out quickly, you still can take time to say, 'I thank my beloved body, and I am about to give you some nurturing which you so deserve.'  Take your shower and thank your body for responding when you finish.  


"Because you are doing something for the entirety of you from the very outside in, and quite frankly, Beloved Ones, this is an area of the body,*** no matter how much you put on creams and lotions - by the way it is not a good idea to lotion up or use the creams that have smothering capabilities - You all know about petroleum products and there are some others that we are just going to give you the name of to look for on their labels, and it would be wise not to use them – you can drink it or use it internally if you have some drops or something that you ingest, but it is wise not to use it on the outside of your body because it smothers your cells. Remember about getting oxygenation in, not just through what you breathe in your nose, and your mouth and into your lungs, but through your skin.  And the name of that item is called glycerine. It s-m-o-t-h-e-r-s.


"Alright, so, we would just answer the question. Now, we want to talk about upsie-downsies because it is natural and normal. You are part human, or at least you have some human components because you've got the human uniform on. But you are also Starseed, powerful, ah yes, and so when we come together we uplift, and we have glorious empowering moments, and St. Germain**** will be with us very soon, and we’ll do an upward flight together.  But, you know the difference between being up and not being up.  When you’re flying up, as the lovely Athena has said, you don’t feel the pain.  The Voice doesn’t feel any pain at all when she’s doing her mission, which is to be the Voice, so that I could come and perk you up, or whatever.


"So, the big question is: 'How do you maintain the Upliftment?'  Well the more you do, the more you maintain. We are going to present a concept here, or we should perhaps say, a method. It involves Freedom. So, stay tuned, because we're going to get to it.


"St. Germain traditionally speaks about Independence, Freedom, Sovereignty, at this particular time on your calendar which you call the Fourth of July. And he’s got a biggie for us all!  Today may be the Fifth, but that’s OK.  We are still in the energy of the July Fourth.  And this is a real biggie because we are at a turning point, a turning point in the whole history/herstory of Planet Earth. We are on the Ascension path and everybody is moving along at their own pace, and sometimes people have big ups on the path ….aaaah … and it feels absolutely glorious.  And sometimes there is a dropping back into 3D.  Now the good news is with all these energies coming in, you are at least aware of it.


"So when you set your intention for the day, you can say 'I choose to be in higher dimensionality no matter what is going on around me. I choose Love, I choose Freedom, I choose my Sovereignty, and I also choose to be aware, to have perception and perspective, to be the compassionate observer of my sovereign self, so that if I have a little dip in my vibration, I’m going to know it right away and I’m going to do something to bring myself back.' That’s the secret. That’s it. It’s that simple. 'Know thyself.'


"That’s pretty good advice, in a nutshell or less.  Know what you are feeling, know where you are.  Remember we gave the Joyful Upliftment*****  tips and hints and how-tos, and we also taught in that particular 'Yes I Can! 101' segment, to test: 'Where am I on the scale with my JU quotient, or percentage or number.'  And you can say, from 1 to 10 or you can say percentage from 1 to 100 or however you want to devise it, and you can test.  And if you start the day with a JU of 70%, raise it, right then and there.  Use some method to raise it. If you have your wand handy, that’s a dandy.


"Call upon your mentor group, your guidance group:  'Alright everybody, let’s have a big hug this morning.'  That’s an easy one isn’t it?  Doesn’t even take what you call 10 seconds, even in the speeding up collapse of time that is going on right now.  So, there are ways to do it.  Many, many ways.  And you all by now have your own methods. If you want to do a meditation to start you day, wonderful. Get yourself up high.  But then notice, put it out to the entirety of you through your energy fields - this is your guides, your higher self, everybody - to give you a little ringy-ding if your JU percentage or number drops.  Learn to feel or listen or discern in some way and then, get yourself back up.


"Now St.Germain’s**** going to have a dandy plan for you to use, that will help you tremendously to establish the habit of remaining in the joyful high vibrations of higher dimensionality.  And he’s going to tell you about it and put it out there as a proposal.  And then of course, we’re going do some flying.  He’s so excited to present this, because this is an aspect of Sovereign Freedom!!!  You’ve always deserved it, you’ve always had the right to it, but you are just starting to get the understanding, the feeling, the perspective or the observation from the compassionate perspective.  Not from being down-in-the-dumpies as the victim, or the controlee, or however you might have seen yourself when you’re in the 3D box, but from the higher perspective, flying free from the box, and living in the higher dimensionality.  Aaaah. You can breathe.  You can be joyful unto yourself, no matter what is going on in the world, and you can spread the Joy, which is your primary mission here.  Just spread that Light, spread that Love, beam to the World.


"And Beloved Ones, the more time you spend in that Joy, the more you walk through whatever lesson presents itself and get yourself uplifted, because you recognize the difference between being up in that Joy and not, the less of the down-in-the-dumpies you are going to drop into.  It’s time to be compassionate with yourselves.  Stop the judgment.  Ho’oponopono your beloved selves.  And then you can share it with the world.  Don’t share your victimhood, your matrydom, your past lives or whatever.  Share your Joy!  Do a 30-second beam when you know you are up.  And guess what?  It comes reverberating or spiraling right back into your fields too.  You know there is a lot of truth, here’s another one:  'Tis more blessed to give than to receive,'  because guess what happens? You receive Joy when you send it out.  It’s like a boomerang, you know.


"And these are the times when, because of all of these wondrous energies coming in, you might be feeling as though the lessons are the hardest ones yet.  Well they are the last ones.  When you detox, you save the worst of the cruddies for the very end because it’s in the bottom.  You know how stuff kind of sinks to the bottom.  Same with your lessons, the very hardest ones are now, but not for long. And there is a lot of Truth.  When you are in the middle of the lesson, and you can uplift to Joy, you transmute everything that is icky, sticky low-vibration about that lesson, into high-vibrational Joy.  And when you can say, 'Thank you, I got it, I understand it, and I am so blessed to have had this experience, that I don’t have to have any more, because I just freed myself from it.'  Well now you are living in the higher vibrations more and more.


"So, Beloved Ones, we are just about to, shall we say, move aside, because we don’t leave, we are here all the time.  And those of you who have been seeing more of the ships, come on out and say 'hello' more and more.  And the more you do, the more you’re going to connect with us because we are here with you, but we are on the ships too.  It’s a little difficult, we won’t go into how that works, but just know that our energy is everywhere and it is with you.  And the more you call us forth, whether you’re looking up in the sky or looking into your own hearts, the more we come forward to walk hand-in-hand with you.  And even during the most difficult of times, call upon us to help you to lift up and feel the Joy, because we feel the Joy of you all the time.  And all we ask that you do, is to allow yourselves to feel that Joy for yourselves. So be the compassionate observers, and smile when you look in the mirror, and know Who You Really Are, and let it shine, because we see your shining all the time.


"So let me just say that I love you, we all do beyond words.  You are Love, you are Joy, and yes, you are Courageous Family Members, Ashtar Commanders in human bodies and we salute you.  And we say to you, Namaste, and now …. Here’s St. Germain! … I just love to introduce these Beloved Ones …. Ta, ta!"



**   This refers to the water flowing through the purifying and energizing beads in the handle of the Germanium Showerhead we offer. Sekhmet is looking at possible future capabilities of our crystalline bodies, but under no circumstances do we recommend drinking the water, since our bodies are not fully crystalline yet.  We only recommend using the water on the skin, which is its intended use in the showerhead.

***  Referring to the skin

**** The transcript of St.Germain's talk will be published soon.

***** Joyful Upliftments


Transcription by Deborah Urquhart

Given through Susan Leland, July 5, 2011.

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