Self-Defense Against Negative Thought Entities

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Self-Defense Against Negative Thought Entities

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I created an extended 4 part Lesson this semester at the request of both the universe and several students of the course, all about the negative thought entities that plague humanity and effective actions to take in order to protect oneself.

What do I mean by negative lower vibration thought entities?
I am referring to the non corporeal consciousnesses whose actions are not based in love, and who cannot ingest unconditional love, so they incept negative thoughts in humans in order to elicit lower vibrational emotional reactions (i.e. sadness, anger, grief, anxiety, hatred) upon which they feed.

This portion of the Lessons comes towards the end of the course, and that is because the earlier Lessons are all about the importance of unconditional love as a foundation for the use of ones higher psychic faculties. It is very important to create a firm stance of unconditional love before focusing on the subject of negative thought entities, because love is the key to vanquishing them.

This Lesson teaches not only the self-defense techniques, it also gives students a perspective for this personal battle within the context of Galactic History, answering many questions about humanity's origins and why humans are in the position of having to Ascend from a state do separation and duality to a state of oneness and unity.

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Many thanks, Aurora