Senior Military Officer States There Is “Zero Doubt” Non-Human Intelligence Interacting With Humanity Exists And Warns Of Catastrophic Disclosure

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Written by Christopher Sharp - 21 May 2024

At a prestigious New York City investment event, Colonel Karl Nell, a distinguished retired military chief formerly associated with the U.S. government’s Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Task Force, asserted unequivocally that non-human intelligence exists, is interacting with humanity, and that unelected government bureaucrats are aware of this.

Speaking at the ‘SALT iConnections New York 2024’ event in a conversation with Alex Klokus, Founder and Managing Partner at the SALT Fund, Nell stated: “So, non-human intelligence exists, non-human intelligence has been interacting with humanity. This interaction is not new, and it's been ongoing, and unelected people in the government are aware of that.”

Asked by Klokus how confident he was with the statement, Nell responded, “There’s zero doubt.”

Nell, whose experience includes roles at Bell Telephone Laboratories and Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space, provided several reasons for the government's reluctance to acknowledge the existence of non-human intelligence and the potential presence of alleged illegal retrieval and reverse engineering programs.

SALT iConnections Conference, New York City May, 2024 | Karl Nell (Full Interview)

"Zero Doubt" Non-Human Intelligence on Earth - Col. Karl Nell & Alex Klokus | SALT iConnections NY