Sharing My Truth

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Adama said to make a list of things I absolutely know to be true about myself. So here goes:
I AM Pure Love!
AAM: Do you feel this absolutely?
ME: YES!!! I know this for sure because You are pure Love and I feel this perfect love permeate every cell, every atom, every electron of my being. I feel held within the arms and hands of this perfect love. I feel cocooned by the wings of a great angel! It is the most magnificent feeling I have every felt!
I AM Pure Light!
AAM: Do you feel this?
ME: Yes I do.
AAM: But what about the resistance you’ve been feeling too?
ME: I feel sure that the resistance is not a part of me, it’s not my energy. Yes, I know now what it is! It’s the shadow, the illusion and it’s not real!
AAM: Exactly!
ME: I think too many people identify with their resistance and in so doing they give it their energy which only serves to make it stronger! they keep releasing and releasing and wondering why it’s not working! It’s because they believe the bad stuff is a part of their energy! It’s not at all, it’s illusion. It’s not real, it never was!
AAM: So you are saying people shouldn’t own their bad stuff?
ME: No, not at all! Why would they? It’s crazy. Only love is real. Every time I’ve asked you what is real, you tell me I AM REAL! Therefore I must be love! So how can I be the shadow if I am love? It’s impossible to be both! Therefore I must be the Light too because Light IS LOVE! Right?
AAM: Absolutely!
ME: Thank you so much! You’ve been the greatest teacher and the best guide any girl can ask for!
AAM: Be careful what you say here….. I’ll have all the girls wanting me as their guide!! And teacher!!
AAM: What else did Adama say about this list?
ME: He said the list will not come in words from the mind, but from the heart as a vibration. He said the vibration would grow stronger and clearer until you experience a tone of such unmistakable truth that you will feel the totality of your entire BEing expand. Only then may you add an item to the list because then you will truly “know”. He said the list will continue to evolve as you awaken. He said the waves of energy this list creates will travel through all time and space and dimensions that comprise your souls evolution, and he says that most importantly, this list will carry your true energy. He said to live it in such integrity that no one in all of creation will dispute its truth. It will become a blessed tool for your mastery. He also says that your negative ego will come to the surface with this practice, and that self-compassion will become your loving companion who asks in a gentle voice, “Is this the real truth of who I am?”
Note: Shared from the book: “Telos – Volume 3: Protocols of the Fifth Dimension”
Adama reminds me of you…
AAM: Maybe he is me…
ME: Yes I know… We are all One right?
AAM: Yes we are! Names are merely labels that cease to have any importance in the Presence of Oneness. That doesn’t mean you cease to exist in your unique Essence. It means you express yourself through a Oneness of BEing, through One energy Source which is Pure Love and Light.
ME: What is being in the Oneness feel like?
AAM: It feels a little like a blissful marriage union. You would have to feel it to fully appreciate it.
ME: Thank you! Words cannot adequately express how grateful I AM to you for your Presence in my Life!
AAM: Try using your feelings then. Feelings are the language of the Soul, not words.
ME: Can you feel me?
AAM: I can, thank you! Can you feel me?
ME: Yes I can!
AAM: Stay within your Heart and you always will in every way.
We Love You!

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Although Deborah was attuned to the more traditional method of USUI Reiki healing in 2013, she has never practiced it. Instead she was guided by her Master Guides and Guardian Angel to a new way of practicing ReiKi which fits in with the 5th Dimensional teachings she has been receiving. She calls this new Reiki Diamond Light Reiki. The Diamond Light frequency of energy is of the highest frequency of Light available on the Planet in this present moment and it is extremely powerful! Expect Miracles!


Deborah Faith ~ Messenger for Archangel Michael

Deborah’s personal experience with Archangel Michael began in 2012 when he began telepathically and intuitively communicating with her as her Twin Soul Essence, Principal Guide, and Guardian Angel. They have a strong energetic bond and deeply personal relationship which in expressed through her writing and teaching.

USUI Reiki Energy Healer & Master Teacher, NLP (SA) Practitioner, Energy Re-Sourcing™ Therapist and Intuitive, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Messenger for the Realms of Spirit.