Son of former US Senator & Secretary of Navy reveals a lifetime of UFO Secrets

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28,253 views Mar 23, 2023


28,253 views • Mar 23, 2023

John Warner IV is the son of former US Senator John Warner III who was also Secretary of the Navy during the Gerald Ford Administration. His mother was Catherine Mellon whose grandfather was the famed banker and philanthropist, Andrew Mellon. John Warner spent a lot of time traveling with his father and got to meet many VIPs and see many things that gives him special insights into the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrial life and secret space programs. In his first Exopolitics Today interview, Warner discusses his unique background and shared his insights on UFOs, reverse engineered extraterrestrial spacecraft, the US Navy’s secret space program, President Kennedy’s knowledge of classified UFO projects, manufactured alien threats, different groups of extraterrestrials historically involved in human affairs.


Clifford Stone's 22 Years in UFO Crash Retrieval Operations

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Clifford Stone served for 22 years with the US Army, during which he was called away on multiple assignments with covert US Air Force programs called Project Moondust and Bluefly. Stone was trained to be part of an advance team that would enter crashed spacecraft to communicate and render first aid to the extraterrestrial occupants. Investigative photojournalist Paola Harris first met Stone at the 50th Roswell UFO Crash Anniversary in July 1997, where she began a decades-long friendship with Stone. Harris was among the first UFO/exopolitics researchers that personally interviewed Stone and got to spend time at his home, where she saw documentary and physical evidence of his involvement in projects Moondust and Bluefly. Harris’ interviews with Stone appear in his autobiographical book Eyes Only – The Story of Clifford Stone and UFO Crash Retrievals (2012). In this Exopolitics Today interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Harris discusses her long friendship with Stone, the Top Secret UFO crash retrieval operations he participated in, his interactions with extraterrestrials, and the extensive evidence supporting his extraordinary claims. Stone passed away in February 2021, and Paola Harris is dedicated to honoring his memory, and reminding the general public of Stone’s experiences of first-hand contact with extraterrestrials and participation in covert UFO crash retrieval operations. Paola Harris’ website is: