~Stress Solution: Joy, Laughter, Fun, Love~ ~Messages from the Great White Brotherhood through Galactic Love Reporter Patricia Beirne~

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~Stress Solution: Joy, Laughter, Fun, Love~

~Messages from the Great White Brotherhood through Galactic Love Reporter Patricia Beirne~


Dear Ones,

“Weather the storms.” That is what you’re being asked to do right now. Bend like the willow in the wind. Expect the unexpected without fear. As the days continue to fly by, and weeks turn into months you wonder where the time is going? Everything seems to be moving so fast.

Though the Earth is slowing down in her movements and repositioning herself, time seems to be speeding up. Most of you feel you never have enough “time” to do the things you want or feel the need to do.

Many feel like you’re running out of energy. Fatigue is plaguing you, and your physical bodies are showing increased signs of stress. There is a lack of patience at many levels; irritability and agitation make you feel at odds with those you love most. Remember, judgment defeats, criticism destroys. Love and understanding will comfort and see you through these trying times.

Dear ones, we suggest you take time to breathe; slow down and enjoy what you have around you. It is in the quiet times that truth dawns upon you. You will sense an inner calm that cannot be found by scurrying from one event or project to another. Commune with Nature; the Deva energies, and Nature Spirits are also aware of the transformation that Mother Earth and you are going through – they too are a part of it, and desire to assist mankind and the planet in whatever way is helpful. Animals sense the smallest shifts and are anticipating what is to come. Your pets help by taking on human symptoms and process them for you. Watch them carefully – their unusual behaviors will bring you insight.

Your Central Sun is undergoing her own major transition right now, and you are strongly being affected by the Solar Flares, and the eruptions taking place. Every cell in your bodies is mutating in response to the voracity of these solar eruptions. All of this is in correlation to what is happening at all levels of existence, in preparation for the Great Shift that is imminent. Your solar system is very active right now; your scientists are aware of what is taking place, but are keeping the release of information to a minimum in order not to alarm you.

Find ways to lessen stress in your daily lives. This will assist you and the planet greatly. Spend more time with your children; they can help you to remember what it feels like to play. Joy and laughter sheds layers of heaviness, much of which is no longer needed.

Live for today, dear ones, and you will enjoy everything you do much more. The more you lighten the energy around you, the more positive experiences you draw into your lives. Again we remind you – there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. The heavens are open wide in love and support of your ascension.

We rejoice with you in unity and Oneness! Blessings to you from our point of Light. ☼